The 2024 blazer ev is the brands first mid sized electric utility vehicle and the beginning showrooms next summer will be going up against the likes of the ford mustang maki and tesla model y fox news, editor gary gastelu and joining me in the fox garage to talk About it is scott bell, the vice president of global chevrolet welcome yeah. Thank you thanks for having me this will be in showrooms next summer, its actually going to be alongside the current gas powered, blazer uh whats the thought process behind having the two models and thats a completely different vehicle as well. Yeah were excited about this one. I obviously pulled the cover off yesterday here in california, uh yeah. So look we introduced the the current blazer, the ice variant, their internal combustion engine variant of that vehicle uh four years ago, um made a big design statement, uh in the segment and and certainly for chevrolet and weve, had great success with that, and you know our Our mission has been to to provide eb for all chevrolets going to play that role here for for general motors and do it in big volume. This is one of the biggest segments in the industry, so um, you know to get an entry into this segment. Uh is critical if we want to get the masses to you, know kind of adopt the eb uh uh, you know going forward, so i this is. This is the right place for us to be right.

We we talked about silverado um earlier in the year, were going to talk about an equinox variant here, uh very soon uh, but those are the three largest segments in the industry and and chevrolets going to play that role. Now that equinox thats going to be coming out later in the year, youve said youre going to be having a model on a version of that that might be priced close to 30 000 uh, the blazer when it first goes on sale, the cheapest ones going to Be 47, then youre going to get down to 44 a couple of months later, uh gm doesnt get that 7 500 tax credit right now, which puts you at a little bit of a disadvantage price wise with some of your competitors. Uh. Do you think this pricing is going to hold up? Are you kind of hoping up, uh holding out hope that theyre going to have new, eb tax credits in a year or two look adoption is, is is critical for our success right. So we know we know. Cost is one of those barriers for consumers. Just to flip um, you know were were hopeful that the government will find a way to kind of lean in there and and and do something but were prepared, were, were prepared to go either way. So the the pricing you know were good were going to go in were very competitive in the segment and uh we like, where we stand, like you, said well, be in that 45 range up to 65 for the ss so um its right in the right.

In the place where the market actually transacts today, for the most part so were were looking, you know yes wed like to see some uh incentive help sure, but um right now were feeling good about. Where were at that ss gon na have 557 horsepower. All wheel drive train 0 60 under four seconds uh. It seems like everybody comes out with the eb these days. They have that performance model at the top of the lineup uh. That seems to be pretty important to get people excited about these right now. Yeah i mean you, look you look at the vehicle. The design is is outstanding. The tech in the in the product is phenomenal. Uh performance is a you know, one of a key pillars for chevrolet for sure the ss badge we dont we dont take that lightly. So we dont put it on just anything, but this vehicle certainly lives up to that kind of capability. So uh got a lot of hype around it here in the in the early hours of it being out and uh, but the rs is a beautiful product as well and and the lt will be awesome too. So i yes, but weve, certainly created some hype and that performance numbers you just quoted are pretty pretty stellar. Now one of the more unusual things about the blazer ev is that youre going to have it available with front wheel, drive, rear wheel, drive and all wheel drive only vehicle in america, thats sold that way and its pretty rare uh in the history of the vehicle.

Uh of automobiles uh tell me exactly how thats gon na work and which model gets what and whats the point i have in the front and rear wheel drive particularly uh yeah. I mean its its the beauty of altium right, so the altium base of this product gives us opportunities to give customers choice. Weve got a lot of um. You know a lot of variants here, so ltrs ss and, as you mentioned front wheel, rear wheel or all wheels so um. We think thats going to play well for us um its its its, not a big tear up to do like it would have been in ice variants to offer that kind of level of capability and to your point it is the first time that were doing it. So we think you know look performance is, is, is enhanced greatly in that in that rear wheel drive variant, so we like that um, but we we got front wheel and all wheel drives for for for anybody who wants it, so i um its gon na be A good good opportunity for us to give customers choice now, along with the consumer models, uh youre, also gon na have a police pursuit vehicle version of this based off of the ss. I believe this is the first uh ppv electric vehicle thats been announced so far. Although people are using uh various electric cars, including the chevy, bolt uh as patrol vehicles and traffic enforcement, type vehicles, uh already uh – i guess and youre not just throwing this out here to see how it sticks – youve – probably spoken to law enforcement agencies to see if This is something theyre interested in.

Have you been working with them on its development? We we have so thats thats the um. You know thats why we made a big deal about it last night this was not a an afterthought ill put some badges on it and call it a police pursuit vehicle weve. You know our fleet commercial team is we. We do a lot of business in that space today and tahoe is a big piece of that, but having an ss variant gave us permission to give them something: theyre looking to get their fleets electrified, so were we worked with them, uh and in the vehicle? Although we didnt show it live last night we showed some photography of it. The interior was actually designed specifically for them, so its a different interior to be able to manage their emergency equipment and things they need to carry around so uh, very purposely, built and uh. Based on the the the the hype of the that what we did last night and some of the police folks that we had the lapd he was around us last night – they were, they were all on stage late, the night last night, looking at the car. So a lot of a lot of good positive feedback from them for sure now. The range on this uh will run from 247 miles of charge to 320 miles of charge dependent on the model. Consumer reports recently had a uh survey that found that thats.

The main concern for ev buyers right now, the main turnoff is range and charging availability uh. Do you think this is uh enough to reach the total mainstream? Are we still in the early adopter stage uh as far as yeah? I think you know our research would tell us. 300 is kind of that. The magic number um many dont need it so thats you know to have variants that are less than that. That will be less expensive because they dont need the large battery packs. It will be good again. Choice for us is a good thing. Uh, but yeah 320 is is, is great in comparison to anything that is out there. Um, you know, charging is infrastructure. Is another piece of that puzzle, so we cant just you know, give them the range and think were good were spending a lot of money. You know three quarters of a billion dollars, general motors alone and infrastructure, so were doing some charging things with the bolts. Weve been putting helping consumers get that charger into their garage for those that can do it at home, uh, but weve got. Dealers working in communities were just announced to deal with uh pilot flying j uh facilities across the country to get some fast charging on on highways around the us. So a lot of work to still be done, but uh yeah 300 is is kind of that magic number and and weve got a lot of good good feedback on that now.

One last thing i have to ask you about this: the styling is very distinctive and youve described it as being inspired by the chevy camaro, both on the outside and on the inside uh theres rumors, going around that the camaro with the internal combustion engine uh is Going to be discontinued pretty soon and might not even be replaced by another camaro in the near future, electric or internal combustion, uh whats, the future of the camaro. Does it have a place in chevys lineup, or can we expect to see something else as you transition toward the electric era, if performances im not going to make any future product announcements here, but for you know, performances is a is a is a main pillar of Chevrolet um, you know for certainly ca camaro uh in in introducing a blazer ss. I i think, were gon na get a lot of performance enthusiasts that are gon na theyre gon na come towards uh a blazer, its a little bit more practical and, and you cant knock a 0 to 60 time under 4 seconds. So blazer will will definitely be a big piece of that puzzle, all right, scott bell.