To be honest, I kind of love it here and Ive. Just come up with an idea, Ive thought of another alternative to the byd 803 or the Tesla Model y or the model 3. theres. A new car thats been released. The mg4, the Mulan and Ive had a look at the details, the specs and the prices. This thing looks like it could be a real winner here is why I think its a compelling idea, but what I want to know from you guys is honestly: do you think I should consider it right now? I am definitely considering canceling my byd order and buying a Tesla Model y or a model 3, but probably a model bike, because that really suits my family better. I did originally order a model Y and I canceled that order Ill, put a link in the description below to the video, for my reasons why I canceled that order and now Im thinking, maybe the mg4 is an alternative. I should consider I want to know if you would consider it as well. Let me know what you think after Ive revealed to you, the details and the price of this new electric car Music, hello. My friends welcome to the channel on the electric Viking great to see you welcome to all the new subscribers welcome back everyone else. Thank you for supporting the channel really really great to have you here and thank you for subscribing thanks to our patreon supporters as well.

Saic owned mg motor has developed a new electric vehicle that has just gone on sale, its more advanced and premium than their current mgzsev, but its cheaper. So it kind of seems like a no brainer now when I say its cheaper. What I mean is yeah its cheap uh, its cheaper than what people realize the reason being its only just gone on sale in the United Kingdom. So in England, where my dad is from, he was born there and he came over to Australia when he was seven years old. So I actually have dual citizenship in England. I can go and live in England if I wanted to, but I dont want to because it just rains there all the time. But that said it is a pretty cool country. I actually rode my bicycle all around the UK around Scotland around London. I and I camped a lot as much as I could. I really enjoyed that experience anyhow, getting back to the point here: mg4 Mulan, electric vehicle, is it really worth considering? Well, the funny thing is, even though, when you look at it, it looks smaller than the byd 803. Actually, the Interior Space looks to be almost identical, it might even be a little bit bigger on the inside. The mg4 is 4287 millimeters long, its 1836 millimeters wide and 1504 millimeters high and its got a wheelbase, which is 2.7 meters or 2705 millimeters. So that means its about 20 centimeters shorter than the ado3 and its about 40 millimeters narrower.

But it does look to me as though that packaging is pretty impressive, because the wheelbase of both cars is almost identical in length. It seems to me as theyre the only real difference between these two cars in terms of their interior space is the boot size. The boot size of the mg4 is about 380 liters. Well, the byd 803 is 440 liters, so theres a 60 liter difference in boot. Size which goes to the 803 but theres a big butt here price from what I can see, the price of the mg4 will be cheaper than the 803. Why do I say that? Well, the reason I say that is because the mg4 is on sale right now. In the United Kingdom, at a price of 26 000 pounds, thats 45 000 Australian dollars. However, cars here in Australia are generally cheaper than what they are in the UK, so that means more than likely the mg4 will be around 40 000 Australian dollars well thats about 29 000 US dollars. So for my us friends, I want to know what you think do you think I should consider buying one of these well, first of all, before you answer that lets have a look at the details and the specs the motors, the things that matter the batteries. What type of batteries it uses how much power it has? It comes in two different variants: theyve got a standard range variant and a long range variant both have a single motor mounted at the rear of the car.

The 803 is front wheel, drive the standard range. Very its motor generates 125 kilowatt thats 168 horsepower and 184 pound feet of torque. The long range variant motor produces 150 kilowatt, thats 200 horsepower and 184 pound feet of torque. So around about 300 newton meters of torque. The standard range variant has a 50.8 kilowatt hour battery pack that delivers a wltp range of 218 miles, thats 350 kilometers. However, the variant that I want to buy, or would I certainly be considering buying, is the long range variant now that one comes with a 61.7 kilowatt hour battery pack and it gives it a wltp range of 281 miles, which is 450 kilometers, meaning about the same Range as the byd 803 and a similar range to the Tesla Model y standard variant, thats now on sale in Europe for only 40, 000 or 41 000 US Dollars around 41 000 Euros, which is, in my opinion, a bargain. How fast is it well? The MJ E4 can do 0 to 60 miles an hour which is around 0 to 98 kilometers an hour in 7.5 seconds. Thats the standard range variant. The long range variant should be a little bit faster than that Im, not exactly sure what speed it will be Im going to guess around 7 Seconds, 0 to 60 miles an hour zero to ninety eight. However, mg do have a performance variant coming out this one. Apparently, we have to do 0 62 miles an hour zero to 100 in less than five seconds.

Itll also have a motor on the back and a motor at the front and its got a challenge: performance hatchbacks, like the Volkswagen ID3 GTX. Now one thing I really like about this mg car: it has an exact 50 50 weight distribution. This means it should have really good handling, probably probably better handling than the 803, which is a slightly higher vehicle. It also gets dual pinion assist electric power steering or DP EPS. Instead of a conventional rack, assist electric power, steering one big benefit to mg4 its low to the ground. However, the weight is low. Mg said it was able to keep the cars height so low because of its exceptionally flat battery. This belongs to the one pack. Battery system called Rubiks Cube battery system in China, and this is the flattest battery that parent company saic is developed. Its actually sort of similar in size to byds Blade battery the batterys length and width are 1, 690 millimeters and 1 300 millimeters respectively, according to top electric, however heres, where things get interesting, the weight of this vehicle is quite light, its only 1600 kilos, which, For an EV makes it one of the lighter vehicles that are this size. How do they get the weight so light? Well, one way they did. This is theyve used, saics new cell to pack technology, its very similar to Teslas structural battery pack right. This makes the mg4 one of the most advanced electric vehicles ever built, so its an advanced EV, using a CTP cell to pack, technology which brings down the weight of the car and, frankly, youd think its a bit of a bargain.

Considering the price I mean: 29 000 US Dollars: 40 000 Australian dollars for a vehicle. Using this new advanced technology. I think thats, pretty cool. The other interesting thing is theres two variants: one has 800 volt capacity and the other one has 400 volt the one with 800 volt has a 150 kilowatt fast charging, which means it can charge a fair bit quicker than the byd 803, but clearly nowhere near as Fast as a Tesla Model Y, which is the other car that Im considering getting right now, theres been a number of different reviews of this car from autocar Top Gear have reviewed it number of different motoring magazines and shows have reviewed this car and theyre pretty much. All saying the same thing, that is, that theyre impressed by it the interior is impressive. The exterior is impressive, but more than that theyre saying the handling is really really good, its one of the best handling electric cars that they have tested so far. One thing auto car did say, though, was that the mg4 evs torque surge starts to lose Effectiveness after 70 miles per hour. Thats not really going to be a problem for most people, though I mean to be honest, Im not going to go more than 70 miles per hour here in Australia, unless I want to lose my license so thats, not really all that relevant to me here. There is one downside to this car, its also a downside to the byd 803.

You cant really use one pedal driving in them, because the regenerative braking isnt strong enough to use that or in all cases, in all instances, so thats, one probably advantage of Tesla vehicles, which a lot of people are not aware of. So what about specifications? Well, the base model is going to get automatic, LED headlights and automatic rear lights. 17 inch alloy, wheels mg pilot Ada, Suite adaptive cruise control. All those other safety features that you get with an Adair Suite the long range SE configuration model is going to get an active, Grille shutter, an AGS system that improves the evs aerodynamic efficiency by an incredible up to 30 percent. Im not sure how that exactly works but thats quite a big Improvement, and that apparently increases the range by 10 by regulating the airflow under the body of the car. Now that long range configuration also gets rear. Privacy, glass, rear, spoiler front seat heating, with electric adjustment to the drivers, seat, heated steering wheel while the smartphone charger, an upgraded MGI, smart system and a bunch of other features, including a 360 degree camera. An additional mg pilot which features blind spot detection. Lane change, assist and rear cross traffic alert. So when is the car coming well? Its already on sale in the UK, like I said and Australia, has been confirmed as a market where the vehicle will be sold its going to start sales mg, say in the first quarter of 2023, so yeah I would have to wait a while I mean were Looking at what the end of August right now start of September were still looking at, probably you know four to five months, maybe six months even before we can start taking delivery of these cars, but frankly, look at the price.

Now the Toyota Corolla its not the price of this car should be pretty similar to a Toyota. Corolla and youd have to be absolutely brain dead to buy the Corolla over this, especially when you consider its new Advanced cell to pack technology mg, hasnt actually released. What battery chemistry theyre using in this battery pack, but I believe its either an NCA or NCM chemistry, nickel, Cobalt, aluminum or nickel Cobalt manganese battery one of the two, but not a Lithium, Ion phosphate battery. Other things we know about this car include, you will be able to swap the battery kind of like Neos battery packs. You can actually swap the battery out and put a new battery in. So if battery swapping ever becomes a thing, then that could be an option. The other thing to remember is: if you can easily swap the battery out, it also would mean reduced cost in the future, for people say 10 years down the track 20 years down the track, wanting to potentially replace the battery pack. Its also going to come with over the air updates. So what are the advantages and disadvantage of this car versus byd, 803 or byd cars in general? Okay building 803. One advantage, in my view, is the lithium ion phosphate blade battery. I think thats a definite Advantage, because what safer battery pack its clearly going to last longer than a ternary battery, which is what is in the mg4. So when there with battery chemistry for byd size, the 803 is bigger, thats a win there in terms of practicality, its a bigger car, but it does lose on weight, so the 803 is definitely heavier so theres a kind of a win there for the mg price.

The mg formula EV should be cheaper than the 803, but not by much and if you think about it considering the 803 is actually bigger, then really that price Advantage is not much, but there is one advantage there thats not so obvious. That is the fact that mg does have an established dealer Network here in Australia and in other countries like the UK and in Europe. So that is a bit of an advantage havent, they established dealer Network. It also has a better warranty than the byd car. The warranty covers everything its not a selective warranty, plus servicing costs are quite a bit cheaper for the mg as well. So it gives you a bit of Peace of Mind. Personally, I think that peace of mind is pretty good to have when you buy an electric car to know that the warranty is covered, everythings covered and also no know that the servicing, if you want to get it serviced by the company that you bought it from, Is going to cost you an affordable amount now, one other advantage of this mg4 Mulan EV versus the 803, is the fact that the its going to have over the air updates and one other thing I havent talked about yet is the interior. I think its pretty clear from these shots that we have here of the Mulan mg4. The interior looks significantly better than the interior of the 803, so one small win to the bu8803 is the screen size.

The Mulan EV screen size is 10.25 inches. The screen size in the building is 12 inches, not a big difference, but its still a slight win. So, Im actually really really interested to know what you guys think, which one is the winner, which one is it for you, which one do you think I should get? What do you still think I should pay quite a bit more money and go for the model y Im still not really certain yet, but Im going to pick out of these three cars within the next two weeks Ill make the decision here Ill. Let you guys know why I made that decision and Ill basically give you my reasoning for it, but I think its pretty close here, the 803, the mg Mulan EV theyre, pretty similar price, pretty simple spec. Obviously, the 803 is a little bit bigger, but the mg does have some nice features and nice specs. They both look good on the outside the inside. I think the mg is the clear winner there with the interior style of the car, but, frankly, Im not so concerned about that Im. More interested in battery range performance of the car warranty those kinds of things which I think affect people more on a day to day basis. Thank you for watching.