The nimbus one is three wheeled as you can see, but it has another interesting leg up over traditional electric vehicles, its small, its light and its cheap, and it offers a driving experience, unlike any other im about to jump behind the wheel. But before i do that be sure to like and subscribe to the inside, evs youtube channel and find us on all of your favorite social media. Now lets go for a ride alright. So this is my first time in the nimbus you are experiencing it with me. In real time – and let me tell you – it is definitely an unusual experience, so its not quite a car. Obviously, its got three wheels with you know two kind of narrow track wheels up front and a single wheel in the rear, and it has a really interesting uh suspension, lean system where, if you tip into a corner, the steering wheel is actually connected to the front Wheels and uh and uh the suspension architecture to kind of like help. This vehicle lean in very naturally in corners, just like a motorcycle, which is which is a pretty cool, uh distinction between this vehicle and some other three wheelers on the market that it actually does lean over. Like a motorcycle. And yet you dont have to be a skilled motorcycle rider to enjoy this thing. It really does just kind of do a lot of the leaning work for you. You dont have to preoccupy yourself terribly much with how to drive it.

There is a learning curve for sure, and this is a prototype. So not all of the suspension settings are production, intent uh, they probably will still need a little bit of tweaking, and you can definitely feel that going over the bumps youll kind of hit a bump, and it will ever so slightly upset the leaning balance of the Car in the corner – but you know by and large its not a terribly uh, not a terribly unpleasant vehicle to drive um its just kind of takes some getting used to for sure. At the same time, though, it is a lot of fun. This is a really novel, unique driving experience, uh one that were not really gon na see too much of in in the current market, and so, if they can kind of make this happen and they can kind of convince. You know a new generation of customer to go for a neighborhood electric vehicle like this one, then that might be that might be the future of mobility. Weve heard this story before, though you know weve kind of heard the whole you know only buy the kind of car that you need. Dont buy more car than you need. Dont get an suv when a sedan will do dont get a sedan when a hatchback will do dont get a hatchback when a neighborhood electric vehicle will do weve heard that song and dance before whether or not you know the nimbus can actually make good on.

All of that is is another thing, the other. The other thing that nimbus specifically talked about was you know, kind of a neighborhood car share type situation where you get a fleet of these and you have people reserve them one at a time you know for for their specific trips, and i think that makes a Lot of sense for urban centers, you know you, you, car, sharing, isnt a new thing. Weve seen it before, but this is really kind of where it makes a lot of sense, because this is a very lightweight, very efficient, relatively cheap vehicle. You know only ten thousand dollars. Instrumentation is really simple: youve got a speedometer right here. You can activate messages on the uh the front and rear message panels. Well, do uh well do happy because thats just really adorable and we love that you can also monitor your climate controls theres a state of charge. This vehicle has four individual batteries that you can see right there that are all mounted underneath the drivers seat. They each weigh about 25 pounds. You can take each one out, one at a time to charge it uh. You know if you just need some quick, a quick jolt for the evening. You can bring the battery out and put it in your own charging dock right inside your own house, so you dont have to have a garage with a big heavy wall box, which is a really thats a thats, a huge benefit to people who drive one of These instead of uh, you know a more conventional ev.

You dont need to have a charging implement at home because you already have your charging implement just right there in your living room, which is a really thats, a brilliant idea. Thats whats going to make this vehicle most attractive to new buyers to new customers. Is they dont necessarily have to do that big, huge upfront investment of hiring an electrician to come out and run a new 240 volt line to their wall box so that they can charge their vehicle, especially if they dont own the house? You know you dont necessarily want to be investing all that money when youre a renter. This is a great solution to that. You have your charging unit right there in your living room sitting on the floor, you bring one or four of the batteries home with you. After you park the car and you plug them all in and theyre fully charged by the morning 110 volt itll fully recharge in about six to eight hours. They said uh 240 volt is much less than that itll charge it. You know uh an hour and a half youll have a full charge. So you know this is really kind of just removing a lot of the obstacles to ev ownership. Of course, there are some drawbacks. It drives a little bit funny. It takes some getting used to, but by and large you know if people can be convinced to only drive the vehicle that they need. This is a great solution with a price of less than ten thousand dollars.

The nimbus one will be one of the cheapest evs on the marketplace that plus the novel charging experience that allows first time. Ev owners to integrate this vehicle seamlessly into their lives could be very appealing for some people. Of course, there are a few compromises: the size isnt for everyone and a range of 90 miles limits you mostly to urban trips.