My name is derek reilly. Today were looking at the rks e bike and its an electric bike with a lot of functionality with that front basket and this rear carrier. Specifically, this is the xt 1, so lets get started Music. Here we are with the rks xt 1 and, as always, well walk around. It then take it out for a spin. So starting off, we have 26 inch wheels by 1.75 inch width and their spoke wheel. Some of the original promotional videos had an ally wheel, but these are the spoke wheel and theyre kind of tires: its shenanig shimano disc, brakes front and rear. You can see them there, mud guards its on some of the um brochures. It talks about being painted steel, but theyre, actually plastic fenders. Moving up, then youve got that wire that loom all tidy youve got that led front light and then probably the most contentious thing on this specific color with this specific basket, is this white plastic basket? Now you can get it in a kind of a brownie, tiny color which looks even better and then theres a black version of it as well, so very basic, probably a bit plasticy feeling, but does the job and but id prefer it in a different color. Moving up, then, you have um an lcd display and you can hold it down there we go and on that display. Then you have how much power is actually going into the actual electric motor on the top when im cycling.

How much is left in the battery? What level of assist – and you have five different levels of assist, what your kilometer per hour is and then what the overall tripometer is. If you hold that down, it puts on the lights, plural, which is something different, because youve got your front and i dont get always get them on. Youve got your rear and with these rears as well, it theres a secondary bar. When you press the brakes, which i think is great and then if you hold that car down it turns it into pedestrian mode and it powers the wheels coming along, you also have a horn and then youve got your six speed. Shimano gear set youve got your adjustable Applause, not adjustable, and this is where this is. It comes in one single size, it is a 16 inch alloy frame and what they recommend is it works for people or it suits people, age height, four foot, ten to five. For ten, so im, probably a bit tall for this bike, but i said id review it anyway, um because i am six foot two 188 centimeters moving down, then youve got that rear mounted motor and it is a rks 63 volt, 250 watt motor, which is legal In ireland battery its a 36 volt 10 amp hour battery, and that is removable – you just have to theres a little latch underneath here pop that up, and then you can slide that up.

So you can charge it on the bike or you can take it off and and the key is there, the ignition key to turn on sometimes im getting caught with this when im cycling, because its so in line with the pedals itd be nice. If this key had a kind of a folding on it, um kickstand rear uh rack, which is great to see as well. That saddle is a what the well i say, its super soft, but it actually is super soft, its um city comfortable its what theyre, calling it its a gel saddle, and you can see the mechanism there for opening it up and it is height adjustable. So it is very tall for that bike. You have your pedals, um and your crank set, so it is a 48 to 152 millimeter crank set top speed on this. Bike is 25 kilometers an hour assisted and range is youre getting between 34 and 40 kilometers charging time on the bike is four to six hours and the derailleur is a shimano. Six speed and youve got that rear carrier. Its painted steel, three different colors, white, black or blue, and so depending on what youre into and youve got that rear, brake light. Overall, weight of the bike is 25 kgs, so its not the lightest, and then it can take up to 125 kgs of passengers and cargo two year um as always im getting this bike on loan from rks e bikes, ireland.

So thanks very much that uh price is coming in at 1, ‘9.. So, on that bike to work scheme, if your employer, they can look after you with that and they deliver anywhere free in the country and its a two year, warranty thats all the features of the rks xt 1. You see the brake light on the back there. The reflector and then those plastic fenders and lets take it out for a spin Music whats. It like riding the xt1 from rks e bikes, yeah its good its heavy. It feels sturdy, so its sturdy number one but number two. It is. I feel it its a bit heavy even on maximum power assistance. It is, you definitely can feel the weight. So id love to see this in what if legislation gets brought in where you can have a more powerful motor. This 250 kilowatt rear mounted motor that key id love to see that, with like a folding key, like you see on some like a locker key, you know those ones because its fairly prominent here now, just every now and again, every maybe 20 or so petals ill. Just catch it not bad, but yeah its it. The fact that the key has to be left in is a bit of a funny one id love to see the chain covered, some kind of a chain guard and just grease and oil, and all the rest of it coming in and coming off.

But overall for 1400 euros, retail and then back to work skating or the bike towards the back to work, the bike to work scheme yeah its, not a bad e bike. Let me know in the comments, if youre interested in something like this, you want to see more affordable e bikes and there definitely are more coming to the channel its all very good and well reviewing e bikes, 3000 5000 theres. Even a 10 000 euro e bike. Thats coming to the channel at some stage, but for 1400 euros and the fact that its on the bike to work scheme, the fact that you can that its available its pretty decent value, hopefully youve enjoyed my review. Make sure you leave a comment and subscribe to the channel if you havent already done so, were on a drive to 10 000 subscribers before the end of the year 2022 and remember, if you think an ev is for you leave it to me and ill review.