, The Enyaq vRS presents a Lot more than all these things that we have mentioned. Well lets see more about the car and how it compares with others in the market.. Will it be at par below or above Stay tuned for this in depth. Review of the Skoda, Enyaq vRS. Lets get started with the design of the car.. The first impression it looks like a test car with the Hyper Green paintwork.. Clearly, its not a color for everyone and youd have to be an extrovert to appreciate it, but with the contrasting gloss black trim and the stunning 21in aero blade alloy wheels. The Enyaq Coup iV vRS is somewhat striking.. The roofline chop looks well from most angles and the Enyaq Coup iV appears sleeker than the chunkier SUV counterpart.. It seems strange from behind a little too tall, thin and squeezed.. This vRS variant also features new front and rear bumper designs and the light up grille, which is either super awesome or tacky, depending on your taste.. All Enyaq Coups have a huge panoramic glass roof which is thermally insulated, so it doesnt need a headroom robbing folding blind and body colored. Lower sills, which contributes to the chunky. Sporty looks like a Nike sneaker appearance. Overall, its a nice looking car, but you cant help. But wonder how much better it would be if it were a foot lower and badged as a Superb.. Next lets take a look at the interior of the car.

. The inside of the Enyaq is just stunning. The substantial quality of all, but the most obvious surfaces. The overall impression of strong construction and the vRSs mix of tiny inset instrument panel and huge 13 inch center infotainment touchscreen works extremely well.. The dashboard is wrapped in soft touch: synthetic suede with contrast, green stitching to match the exterior.. The front seats are also high, backed buckets that mix adequate, mid corner support with mushy long haul comfort., In other words, youll, be comfy behind the leather wrapped contrast stitched wheel as long as the battery is not dead. In between the seats is the same. Large center console as the normal Enyaq, so theres plenty of storage space., The rear seats provide decent legroom. Skoda. Claims that available headroom remains unchanged from the bigger SUV Enyaq, owing primarily to the lack of a sunblind for the glass roof.. Obviously, youll feel a little more hemmed in, but thanks to the large gap between the axles and the fact that theres enough space to get someone comfortable in the center rear seat, the Enyaq iVs natural practicality has survived its conversion to a Coup. To coincide with the Debut of the new Coup form Skoda has given Enyaq a significant software. Upgrade. ME.3 will now include over the air upgrades and owners of earlier Enyaqs will get the update too. The updated software has improved and simplified the Enyaq iVs, often perplexing touchscreen interface and menu logic.. With only a few sweeps, swipes and presses, you will get the control you want.

. However, the absence of physical controls for commonly used controls, particularly air conditioning, makes quick, precise changes, difficult. The touch sensitive volume control for the audio system, a superb 12 speaker and subwoofer system from German specialists Canton in this vRS model is quite annoying.. Still, the more tactile roller switch on the steering wheel is a good substitute.. As previously you may connect your phone to Apple CarPlay or Android, Auto wirelessly or through a USB C connection. Wireless phone charging is also available.. The software upgrade has also improved the safety mechanisms on the Enyaq iV.. These software updates enhance the lane keeping assist, so it can recognize when youre driving through tight construction lanes, and they now include an emergency steering assistance that lets you veer away from danger.. The safety systems may now collect swarm data from other vehicles in the vicinity, alerting them to any hazards or obstacles on your journey. For a more basic level. The new navigation now supports charging breaks on longer routes and enables you to choose which charging provider to use. The Enyaq Coup. Ivs construction is sufficiently different that a new set of Euro NCAP crash testing were necessary and the Coup received the same five star rating as the Enyaq with the bigger derrire.. The Enyaq Coup iV can now change lanes for you in highway cruise control.. The active parking system has been updated so that it can now geo tag frequently used maneuvers automatically swinging you into your customary parking place when you arrive.

The head up display is amazing, illuminating the windshield with speed and navigation information., The large blue arrows it utilizes to Steer you down the proper path are particularly helpful when navigating complicated intersections., Having seen the design of both the interior and the exterior and the tech features of the car lets now take a look at the way the car handles on the road.. The Skoda Enyaq Coup iV vRS, like its close relative, the Volkswagen ID.4 GTX, has a weight issue. Its pushing 2.3 tons onto the road which isnt the worst in terms of mass, but its a lot for a vehicle with the sporty vRS label.. It does, without a doubt, restrict performance. When compared to the conventional Enyaq iV and Coup iV. The Coup iV vRS gains a front mounted motor, resulting in four wheel, drive 294bhp and up to 460nm of torque.. The acceleration is good, reaching 62mph in 6.5 seconds, and the peak speed of 112mph is faster than the standard 99mph Enyaq.. It also feels snappy and although the power fades after the first burst of acceleration at higher cruising speeds, there always seems to be something in reserve which is vital for safe, overtaking or generally when you are in need of adrenaline from the car.. However, according to reports, the handling isnt the best in the world since its not all that fantastic. The Enyaq Coup vRS initially comes in fast and sharply to a given corner and if the steering is a little numb, its at least neatly weighted and appropriately tuned for Speed.

, The issue is that, after youve turned in the cars, weight begins to drag the vRS away from the apex, causing constant understeer as the front wheels try to hold on.. When you activate Sport mode, the front motor works harder to balance the vehicle, but its still too heavy to be considered a performance enthusiastics car. Its not that its not pleasurable to drive the combination of excellent power. Smoothness and stability ensures that its never less than delightful. But its just not a significant enough improvement over the slower basic model.. Indeed, the only significant benefit over a 201bhp rear drive, Enyaq iV Coup is the vRSs ability to put power down. Traction is almost absolute.. The riding quality is also somewhat poorer than the standard Enyaq iV.. Both the Coup iV and Coup iV vRS have suspension that is 15mm lower in the front and 10mm lower in the back, and when combined with the 21 inch alloy wheels youll feel a lot more bump thump than in the ordinary Enyaq.. If you choose Comfort mode, the optional adaptive suspension system can scale down some of it, but not all.. We cannot talk of the Skoda Enyaq and fail to talk about one of the most important things that everyone should consider before they can buy the car.. But before that, if you are enjoying the video, please give it a thumbs. Up. Also give the channel a sub and turn on the post notification bell to get future video updates.

With that done. Lets talk about how far you can get with this car with a single charge. Range is one area where the Enyaq iV Coup and Coup iV vRS outperform the standard vehicle.. The 201bhp Coup can achieve an official 335 miles between charges, thanks to the more aerodynamically slippery bodywork plus a small bit of battery management, technological wizardry., The more powerful heavier vRS accomplishes a respectable 310 miles, which is not to be overlooked. Because of the software upgrade the Coup and vRS Coup can now charge at 135kW up from 125kW, provided you can locate a strong enough public DC charging port. Next and lastly, lets talk about how much this car will be going. For. The Enyaq Coup iV vRS, is already on the market with a price tag of 51885 is a little steep for a vehicle with a Skoda label, particularly considering how much the perception of that brand has evolved in the last 20 years.. The equipment is extensive, beginning with the light up, grille and continuing with the glass top a controlled tailgate, the 13 inch touchscreen and heated front and back seats. For comparison. A Tesla Model Y long range costs 54990 with 434bhp and a stated range of 315 miles, while a Ford, Mustang, Mach E, extended range.