2022 ev of the year theyve made their mark on the industry, proving they can deliver beautiful cars that perform well and can compete with the likes of tesla. The ionix 6 is already an incredibly popular car concept and before it was even released, the korean brand has dropped the concept for a tuned up race. Ready version of the popular model meet the ionic 6 rn 22e join us today, as we dive into the details of how the rn22e has shocked the world with its unique engine and reveal when we can expect to see it on our roads before we get into The details of this car, its important to understand that the rn 22e is not an ev, its powered by hydrogen. Whether or not this car goes into production as a hydrogen powered or standard ev has yet to be confirmed. What most people dont know is that hyundai has been working on hydrogen powered cars since 2022, and it seems they still believe in hydrogen as a viable alternative to battery power. In its reveal, video hyundai says if rn22e can conquer the future potential is infinite, and the underlying message here is that word: infinite. Hydrogen is the most abundant element in the universe and one of the most abundant here on earth, its a gas found in water. So its abundant in our oceans, rivers and lakes, its estimated that if we could harness all the hydrogen in the universe, we could sustainably power earth for an infinite number of years.

Hyundai emphasizes that the rn 22e is a product of their rolling laboratory built on the egmp platform. It demonstrates their goals of a race, ready performance, focused range of hyundais. It creates the opportunity for the potential marketing of a high performance electric model in the future. A model that as well see in a moment directly alludes to the fictitious ionic 6n. The ionic 6s exterior design has been inspired by the world of racing with a sizeable rear, spoiler and a lowered body. The rn 22e is an all wheel, drive car with one electric motor per axle. This gives it a top speed of miles per hour 0 to 60 in under 4 seconds and an estimated range of 600 kilometers. The elephant in the room is the rn 22e, the precursor of the upcoming ionic, 6n hyundai hasnt, explicitly confirmed. This is the end version of their brand new ionic 6. However, everything points that way when considering all the traits and that the recently unveiled ionic 6 was utilized as a base. Hyundai has stated that the eagerly anticipated ionic 5n will be available sometime in 2023. The ionic 5 is anticipated to be the first hyundai electric n, but the rn 22e is based on that models. More recent brother, the ionic 6 sedan, its a full size, sedan over 16 feet long, nearly 80 inches wide and 58 inches tall. However, with a 160 kilowatt, 215 horsepower motor up front and a 270 kilowatt 362 horsepower motor outback, a total of 577 horsepower, you can bet its quick hyundai hasnt said whether the rn 22e would be sold in its current form, its still simply a concept car, the Ioniq 5n, which could debut as early as next year and an ionix 6n saloon, which could debut in 2024, are likely to be built on the foundation set by this vehicle.

Would it be better released with a hydrogen power unit or as a normal plug in ev? To answer this question, we need to know how a hydrogen powered car works. Hydrogen cars have a tank that supplies high pressure, hydrogen gas to a fuel cell. The fuel cell mixes the high pressure hydrogen with oxygen to create water. This process is called hydrolysis and during this process, zaps of electricity are produced as by products that power the electric motor and propel the vehicle forward. Hydrogen vehicles are very similar to electric cars because they use electric motors. Hydrogen is also one of the most abundant elements on the planet. Additionally, hydrogen is colorless, odorless tasteless non toxic and highly combustible. So far we know theres a 4.2 kilogram hydrogen tank on board and with a fully charged 62.4 kilowatt battery hyundai claims it has a range of over 600 kilometers at a normal non racing speed. When you start racing, it seems to be considerably less, but no figures have been released. Yet this gives it a top speed of 155 miles per hour and the ability to hit 60 miles per hour in under 4 seconds, hydrogen hybrids, typically refuel in under 5 minutes. Theyre no more complicated or time consuming than filling a standard car with gas, which can be a huge advantage, while hydrogen cars are quick to fill up. The infrastructure is much harder to install than ev infrastructure. Hydrogen is a highly combustible gas, so it needs to be transferred in pipes, preferably underground for safety.

To lay hydrogen pipes across the entire globe. To deliver gas is an endeavor that would cost billions and result in roads needing to be dug up across the world. Comparing this to adding ev charges, all they need to do is install the charging station on top of the existing electricity grid, which has already been built across the world. The risks of driving a hydrogen powered car are mainly that its a flammable gas so theres a risk of fire or explosion. If something goes wrong with the car, for example, if the tank leaks or if theres a fire in the car, the hydrogen could explode, hydrogen is very combustible. So, if theres a fire outside the car, it could easily catch on fire. Theres. No definitive answer to this question. Some people believe that hydrogen will be the fuel of the future because its a clean and renewable energy source others believe that electricity will be the fuel of the future because its more efficient and easier to store than hydrogen. Ultimately, its up to consumers to decide which fuel they think will be most successful in the future. Elon musk has a strong opinion stating that hydrogen is an incredibly dumb idea and that electric vehicles are the future hydrogen cars are also heavier than gas and ev cars. So hyundai has had to be clever in overcoming that hurdle. Theyve used innovative four wheel, torque vectoring additionally, theyve used 3d printed components everywhere to bring the weights down the all wheel, drive equipped rn22e offers optimum torque distribution following various drive modes, allowing drivers to select how much torque is applied to the front and back wheels.

Hyundai recognizes that robust and reliable brake performance is necessary when a vehicle is heavier hyundai, says n, concentrated on cooling and braking to increase endurance to provide rn22es race track performance. The track optimized settings offered by rn22e allow users to enjoy the course without degrading the 400 millimeter hybrid disc and four piston monoblock calipers of the rn 22e will enable it to support the weight of its power electric or pe system. The rn 22e will also be used by hyundai n to research ways to produce dynamic movement with regen, braking that precisely controls, yaw and corner attacks. The end division also recognizes that the emotional driving experience for electric cars is lacking, so theyve added fake race sounds to thrill enthusiasts, like audi did with the e tron gt and ford with the mustang mach e hyundai created engine sounds and played them via the cars External speaker for a dynamic driving experience, the rn 22e offers n sound plus, which produces sound from the interior and exterior speakers. Additionally, an e shift combines n, sound pluss vibration and shifting experience these emotional driving experiences will be further expanded via rn22e as a rolling lab, where hyundai end continually develops cutting edge technologies allowing drivers to choose their enjoyment. Let us know what you think about the ionix 6 and if you would want an ionic, 6ev or an ionic 6 powered by hydrogen, if youve watched until now. Thank you very much.