This video is brought to you by, and the writer of this article was damian. Ocarroll am reading this in his or her narration Music. The newest brand to arrive in new zealand is chinas byd. It stands for build your dreams, which is undeniably cheesy, but the companys first offering here the auto 3, all electric smaller suv beauty is distributed in new zealand by attico automotive, which also handles ram fiat alpha romeo, maserati and jeep here, and is a relatively young brand By global automotive standards, the company was established in 1995 with its automotive division, not starting up until 2002., but it has grown incredibly quickly with its share of chinese domestic market growing from zero point five percent to five percent in just three months. Shortly after it was started, and now accounting for a massive 30 percent of the same market bid is first and foremost a battery company supplying motorola from 2000 and nokia from 2002 with lithium ion batteries, so surprisingly puts a lot of emphasis on battery technologies in the Ato 3. and it is impressive stuff, with byd being able to get lithium ion phosphate. Lfp cells work at a far higher efficiency than any other battery maker, while most other ev manufacturers use nickel, manganese cobalt batteries. Uad says this makes its blade modules so called because they are made up of long thin flat cells as opposed to the cylindrical cells that are most common, far safer and less susceptible to catching fire.

If the battery is penetrated, the blade batteries also take up far less space or often more capacity in the same space than traditional batteries, while also degrading at a significantly slower rate, its all very clever stuff and a seemingly huge achievement for a relatively young company. But it pays to remember that byd isnt, actually that young in chinese in chinese market terms has backing from american billionaire warren buffett. It is a publicly listed company with no backing from chinese government and is currently the third most valuable car company in the world. In terms of market value, sitting behind on tesla and toyota, so the small suv that has just landed here comes from a very big place. Raising expectations beyond the usual just another, cheap chinese eevee once and and the auto 3 effortlessly meets and even exceeds even those higher expectations. The auto 3 otherwise known as the yuan in its home market, is roughly similar in size to the hyundai corner and in a handsome, if slightly obtrusive, looking small suv that is vaguely reminiscent of a volkswagen id4 first impressions are the that it appears very well put Together with consistent panel gaps and a quality paint finish the white of the car, we draw reinforcing those vag volkswagen illusions, but things get considerably more wild on the outside, with a heavy sculpted interior of deeply impressive quality. Okay, so things do tend to get a bit over designed and fussy in places and may well turn off as many people as it appeals to, but you cant deny it has presence.

The interior is designed around the idea, fitness and athletism with things like the center console, referring uh treadmill and air vents being weight, its all very fresh and interesting. But things go a bit far from for me with the dash that is supposed to represent muscle and comes complete with a soft touch finish, that is, that feels creepily like artificial skin and, to be honest, is vaguely unpleasant to touch. It is, however, very high quality and the whole cabin may be apart from the icky dash is a tactile delight, including the weird but cool little door, banjos that stretch from the speakers and form and form a flexible part of the door pocket. They all produce notes vaguely around e. However, so you can produce much of a tune on them, but the absolute rockstar feature of the interior is the 12.8 inch central touchscreen. While there is divided options in the industry as to whether a portrait or landscape or landscape orientation is better for a main screen by d has simply given you the option for either with its central screen rotating between the two orientations at the touch of a button. It also packs some impressive computing power and is sleek fast and utterly satisfying to use from byds freshly opened showroom in aucklands new market. The company has two four open now, the other being in hamilton, wellington and chris church, with three more opening before september and further eight by mid 2023, we were given free rain to head wherever, wherever we wanted for the afternoon that was after we were served up.

A delicious brunch of bacon rolls and banana peanut butter and honey smoothies all created using appliances plugged into the auto trees dc charging port using the v2l connector that will come standard with every car. Well, it will eventually come standard with every car, but theyre not quite ready. Yet byd new zealand is still waiting for it to be certified but says it will get them out of anyone who buys the car when they are. While we are on the subject of cool things that come standard, but you will have to wait a bit for ota or over the air updates. There are also on the cards via onboard 4g sim, but not functional. Just quite yet meaning things like wireless android, auto and apple carplay will be added to customer cars later date as well. Uid says a local app store is also being set up, and each auto tree will get 2 gb of data per month for personal use not used for ota updates, which will be free for the life of the car like streaming, music, videos and downloading apps. Of course, the weather was utterly atrocious. We so we headed out to grab some photos in a sheltered spot before south out of auckland to try it out on a few favorite roads, as well as a bit of motorway cru cruising to test out the adaptive cruise and other driver assist uh. Of course, the weather was utterly atrocious, so we headed out to grab some photos in a sheltered spot before hammered south out of auckland to try it out on a few favorite roads, as well as a bit of motorway cruising to test out the adaptive cruise and Other driver assists with all uh, all of which were nicely calibrated and not intrusive or annoying in the slightest.

While the other threes echo triers, the brilliantly named atlas batmans did offer up the occasional slip under heavy acceleration. The tread the traction control system was nicely calibrated and tidy things up far more softly than other chinese competitors. The ride was suitably impressive as well, while the stability on the motorway is in high. Winds was exceptional. In fact, the ottos biggest part party trick on the road was just how utterly convincing it was as a car, never mind for a chinese car or for an ev. This is just a very, very good car full stop. Auto 3 is only available in two models. Both with identical and very high equipment levels, with the only differences being battery size, the standard range version, packs of 50 uh 50 kilowatt hour battery and a wltp range of 320 kilometers. It costs 52 990 dollars before a full, clean car rebate and features uh 70 kilowatt charging. The 57 990 dollars again before the rebate extend range version, gets a bigger 60 kilowatt hour battery good for 420 kilometer range and bumps up the maximum charge rate to 80 kilowatt on road costs. Arent included, but both models are eligible for the 8625 clean car rebate. Pushing them down to 44 365 dollars and 49 365 dollars respectively. This means that selecting the best model will depend on your range requirements without having to worry about missing out on any good gear, and the other three is extremely well equipped as standard making it remarkably good value for money.

Put it this way, you can easily pay comfortably more than 50 dollars odd grand for an ice powered vehicle from another brand with the standard kit, the auto 3 packs, let alone an eevee, because you want exceptional and well equipped. Small suv that looks great. Has fantastic interior is comfortable well built and is solidly convincing to drive the auto 3 comfortably dispels. The evs are too expensive argument in terms of new vehicles by offering a more standard equipment, equivalent equality and comparable interior space to a mazda cx 5 for cx 30 money. Oh and there are no supply issues due to computer chip shortages, because byd also makes their own semiconductors. Why wouldnt i buy it? You can get past the dated view that you would never buy a chinese car because of quality concern, or you are utterly repelled by the slightly creepy feel of the dash, and that is the news.