Nothing can bring me down today, and you know why, its because im driving what i consider to be the most important ev, which has been released in the last few years. This is the mg4 and it claims to be an affordable electric hatchback with no compromise. This is the car that weve all been crying out, for this is going to help bring more evs into the mainstream thats. Some bold claims isnt it is it too good to be true, well thats, what im going to find out today, hello, electro heads, im, tish and welcome back to the channel in todays video were going to be taking a closer look at the mg4 telling you everything You need to know about this new electric car. If that sounds good, then please stay tuned, and if you do like electric car reviews and also everything electric from bikes to mobility, then make sure you hit the subscribe button to see more videos from me and all the team electro heads. There are currently two versions of the mg4 to choose from both with one electric motor driving the rear wheels. The entry level standard range version is only available in the se trim line and gets a 51 kilowatt hour battery an official range of 218 miles and is said to cover north to 62 in 7.7 seconds. The mg4 long range gets a bigger 64 kilowatt hour battery, offering a much more impressive, 281 miles from a full charge, as well as a more powerful 201 brake horsepower.

Electric motor this model is available in both the se trim that i have here and a top specification trophy. This version of the car is heavier overall due to its bulkier battery, so its actually a little slower on paper than the standard range model. The long range covers nought to 62 miles per hour in 7.9 seconds, so lets start by talking styling, because its not something that mg has always been well known for the mg zs ev when it was first released, was okay. It was a little bit soft around the edges, it wasnt particularly interesting, and then it got a facelift which bought some new alloy woe options and just a slightly more futuristic feel about it, and then there was the mg5 estate. That was a pretty good all round. Car but those wheels, my god, they were awful this right here. The mg4 shows a brand new design language for mg and its a pretty exciting design language isnt it. This looks smart. This doesnt look like a boring ev, its really sharp theres, some really nice details. I love this scoop on the bonnet youve also got the sharp headlights and youve also got the contrasting black diffuser, which is really quite low and aggressive. It makes this car look quite sporty, and so it should because this has some sporty makeup. Youve got the contrasting black gloss details around the air vents with the matching gloss black door mirrors, and if you do go for the top specification car, you also get a gloss black roof as well.

Theres no hubcaps to be found here. All versions of the mg4 get alloy wheels as standard and theyre in this nice, two tone design youve also got mgs new design language in the led front, headlamps and as standard you get leds on the front and the rear of the car. I also quite like this plastic trim that runs along the bottom of the car, its quite practical. It stops you from getting dings in the car parks, but it also just adds to the style. The mg4 is quite a long vehicle, its comparable to the id3 slightly bigger than the peugeot e208, and also the voxel corsa, which gives you a bit more interior and boot space which ill talk about in a minute, but around the back. You can tell from its styling that it starts to feel a bit more crossover around the front, its very much aggressive hatchback, but around the back. You can tell that it has an extended amount of space theyve added again those sharp design elements with the light bar, which runs along the back youve got this really nice, scooped, spoiler and youve got again the sharp led tail lights. If you do go for the top spec trophy version of the mg4, you also get a very smart little double spoiler, but other than that. This entry level car still looks really smart. As i mentioned, the mgs dimensions are most comparable with the id3, despite the fact that its just a little bit lower, however, mg have chosen to prioritize interior space in the volkswagen you get around 385 litres inside here, youll find 366 still a respectable amount around the Same as the renault zoe and quite a lot bigger than the corsa or the peugeot, you also dont get an adjustable boot floor, which is a shame, but you do get a handy carry case as if you already werent smug enough that you own an mg mg.

Have chosen to take that extra wheelbase and give them more rear interior space, making them more competitive in this department than the corsa, and also the peugeot e208 theres plenty of legroom and ive got an okay amount of headroom and, unlike these cars, because this is dedicated Ev doesnt have a transmission tunnel, or at least it has a very, very small one, and that means theres loads of leg room for the middle passenger as well, making it practical for three people back here. Yes, okay, they need to be quite small people, but it is possible and far more possible than in some of its rivals. One of my favorite things and its a bit of an odd one, is back here, theres a usb port. Nothing strange about that, but its the fact that its a usb and not usb c see. I understand that the future is usbc but theres, nothing more frustrating than getting in a car and not having a usb c cable and not having anywhere to plug it. In wheres the lam sauce, just as weve seen with the kia ev6 and ionic 5, the mg4 offers a vehicle to load system for using the cars battery to power external devices. This is available on all trim levels and the adapter will cost around 150 pounds. So so far so good, but what about inside the interior of the new mg3 yeah its all right, its, not bad its actually better than expected.

I expected some cheaper materials to be used like gloss black, and there is some appearing in different areas, but actually theres. Some nice soft touch materials as well. Ive got a nice leather, wrapped, armrest leather steering wheel. Ive got some nice blue stitching as well on the armrest tons of storage. I mean youve got this open storage area. Here you could easily pop a handbag down the middle here. Youve got a little hideaway section if you wanted to tidy some things up. Youve also got this little netted part here that you can pop your mobile phone in youve also got two usbc charge: ports underneath this center console and what that means is. You can actually run your cables up and through that little area there. So if you wanted to tidy things away, you could i mean im not really showing that off. Very well am i it looks a little bit messy, but you get the whole idea. I also like that inside the cup holders, youve got the little bouncy parts that stick outwards and holds your cup into place. Yeah, it all feels more than adequate. I wanted to say adequate, but its not its more than adequate. It feels a lot better than other cars in this class. As we know, the id3 has absolutely been ridiculed by its interior quality and i think that the mg4 is up to par with that car. The only thing that does lay it down slightly is these cloth seats.

They look nice enough. Youve got little bits of leatherette inserts. The blue stitching helps, but i dont think they feel particularly hard wearing theyre a little bit soft in places. I can imagine the bolstering. Might wear over time, but if you do go for the higher specification models, then you do actually get part lever seats instead, which would mean that would no longer be an issue, something which previously mg was quite heavily criticized for was their infotainment system. Now it has improved on this new car, but its still not perfect. I would give you a review of the satellite navigation because thats usually very slow to load up, but actually on the entry level. Se, you dont get satellite navigation as standard, but you do get apple, carplay and android auto, which is always the quicker function to use anyway. The rest of your systems can be found by pressing home, and then you get this little round up where you can get a few of the things that you use, often on your main screen, including, unfortunately yep its the climate control dials mg. You couldnt get everything right, could you they had to do one thing which was negative and that is to not have physical climate control dials, which is a real shame, and also on the rest of these systems. If you swipe across thats, where youll find some of the other functions, including all of the car settings, now these yeah, they dont, respond that well to inputs.

If you havent noticed, which can be a little bit frustrating now. Mg have said that these cars are still going through some of their updates, so these are things which, hopefully, will be bugged out, as the time goes on. Im also wondering if the functions of the multi functional steering wheel might change over time, because very tesla esque theyve not actually labelled them. So perhaps for the time being, you swipe this up to turn your volume up, which okay, apparently now ive got climate control working through what on earth. So this did seemingly start as my volume and is now my climate. Why is that? But it seems like these can be customized, perhaps one minute later, you can set the left and the right switch to do either ac. Arguably, when talking evs, there is one very important driving function, and that is your regenerative braking its fitted to the mg, and it comes in four different strengths that you can choose from everything from low to strong, with medium and also adaptive in between. Essentially, what adaptive will do is using your maps. The car will plan your route ahead and then it will change your regenerative braking accordingly. My favorite option is the strong option, as this means i have to do as little effort as possible, but unfortunately, if you are looking for a one pedal drive the mg4 cant. Quite do that, but it does help take some of the effort out and also put some energy back into the battery.

The one disappointing thing is how you get to those regen options: theres, no paddles behind the steering wheel. You do have to enter the touchscreen, which, still, though improved, can be a little bit slow at reacting when it comes to prods, but to get there, you simply have to press the home button swipe across to the vehicle settings. Hope that the touchscreen takes an input of one of your prods and there youll find your regenerative braking modes. The mg4 returned around four miles per kilowatt during my time of it. Despite some sprightly driving, this means based on a usable battery capacity of 61.7 kilowatt hours. It would have returned little under 250 miles from a full charge, thats within five percent of mgs claim. The standard range mg4 has a maximum charging speed of 117 kilowatts, while the long range models top out at 135, kilowatts, which is on par with the speed youll get from the id3. That means, if you plug the mg4 into 150 kilowatt rapid charger, it will take around ‘ minutes to top up the standard range models from 10 to 80 capacity. Fully charging the smaller battery at home will take around 8 hours from a 7.4 kilowatt wall box or 10 hours. If you go for the larger battery, the most exciting thing about all of this is the future of mg4 doesnt stop here. They already have plans for two more models that includes an even longer range car, with 369 miles, crazy and also a performance variant.

Now i dont know if you guys remember, but if youve watched my cooper born e boost review, one of the things that i said was i just felt like they could have done more and mg have proved this. Their performance variant is going to have 330 kilowatts of power, and its gon na do naught to 62 in 3.9 seconds. Now that is worth getting excited about im so excited okay, someone needs to find out, whos been leaking volkswagen secrets to mg. It wasnt me because im trying to find something i dont like about this car, but mg are leaving me coming up empty. This is a really great car and it drives good as well. Yes, theres small complaints in the fact that it does feel a little bit brittle, especially on these oxford back roads, but overall, its engaging the brakes are pretty good. The steering is well weighted and also its rear. Wheel, drive like the id3, so unlike cars from the stalantis group, youre pushing from the back, which makes it a little bit more engaging you feel like you can play around with it a little bit more. This car is just ticking all of the boxes and i promise im trying to find things i dont like, but its really hard Music, but you know what the good news doesnt even stop there. The mg4 also gets mgs 60 000 seven year, warranty plus theyve just released the residual values and its said that the mg4 is going to keep over 60 of its value after three years, thats better than all its rivals.

So as if its entry level price wasnt already good enough, that then means that pcp figures, the main way we pay for our cars, are then reduced with four thousand pounds. You can get the entry level se car, with a smaller battery for just 300 pound a month. That really is what we needed from the industry and though this is a brilliant car which i hope lots of people will buy. It also sends a very important message to the rest of the industry that it can be done that affordable evs can be built with no compromise. This gives me big hope for the future, but let me know what do you think of the mg4? Are you disappointed, or do you think its lived up to expectations? Let me know in the comments down below if youve enjoyed the video as ever hit, that like button and also if you want to see more videos from me, then hit the subscribe button until next time.