I saw this on aliexpress. I thought it looked really cool and i know that x, car toys do take in mind, scale proportion accurately so its not hot wheels where they all just fit, you know or atomic or they just do it hand, hand size. So you get like small minis that are the size of vans and stuff um. This brand do make them accurate, so im interested to see what it looks like and how it came out. So lets try and get this box open. Ah, okay, i will get this open okay, so here we are, that was pretty tough um, okay, its there on instagram wechat and some other stuff. Okay, here we go. Oh thats, tiny. The hat is cute and tiny okay, so this came in like theres like a yellow and the green ive got plenty of those already those kind of colors in cars, and i wanted something a little bit different. So here we go. Lets take a look at this. Oh thats, not so smooth Music, okay, its time to go, not the smoothest car i have to admit, which is a shame. Lets have a zoom in lets. Take a look at this stuff. So here we go. I think i supposed to say 164 here, but its come out a bit blur so wooling thats, the name of the car brand metal base even got a screw here. Sometimes the hot wheels just bolt it on, and then you have to do customs.

You have to drill in and replace it with a screw, so ive been probably done that its quite handy, though, is if you want to customize this thing. So here we go absolutely tiny um. I know one two two and a half three centimeters Music and you know to get something with all these details at this size. Some skills involved and got some tiny printed characters here here. Ling there we go got number plate here, buy this its painted heres, the roof and heres the front. So there we go – and this is a nice touch of the plastic insert and these actually look like lights. You know other brands like tonica and siku when they do the headlights. They always have this weird thing that makes it like cartoon eyes and im glad that this does not have that problem, because that just ruins a car, a diecast car. So there we go. Okay. Lets take a look inside theres, no moving parts or opening doors or anything steering wheel, front two seats here got a couple of back seats or boot space here and there you go. These are the tires you can see. Theyve got like a pattern on them and uh yeah. There we go lets get this on the turntable and um ill, bring in a few other objects. So you can. I can show you a size comparison. So lets get this around its quite its quite cute. In pink and white, i have to say so: um lets bring in a three and three quarter size action figure.

So there we go thats blaster lets bring in lets, find the hot wheels okay. What have i got here? Oh yeah, so you go kit concept. Hot wheels thats the size of that. This is a really tiny thing. Lets take blaster away and put it there, so really small. So what i really like is um the accuracy to scale once you get a few other x car toys and put them together. They look really well. They look really nice together, because yeah theyre, all in scale and theyre all fit so um yeah. I look forward to showing you guys some more x car toys which ive got. You know. I asked them on aliexpress for a catalog of what else theyre gon na show, but they didnt do anything so its a shame. I dont know whats coming next, so we just have to wait and see like everyone else so yeah.