You havent seen the ads getting into it heres the neros exterior, which is not the refreshed, look with updated badging, its sort of like a reverse mullet party in the front, pretty standard business everywhere else, the front with the covered, grille, wrapped headlights bent fog lights and Bright blue accents give this a modern, ev look and then the sides look like a lot of other small suv crossover types, even though this is debatable. If the nero is one of those standard body lines, chrome accents around the windows and traditional door handles, which should be no surprise since the nero ev is based on a gas engine car – and you can now get a nero hybrid, a neural plug in hybrid – and This the full neural ev. So if you like, traditional small suv, looks with a few punches of accents that say: hey im, hip, then youll probably love the look. The ev comes with 17 inch alloy wheels, regardless of the trim you choose. The charging port is on the front of the car. This location of the charger is pretty much forced due to the conversion and multiple engine options of this car, but it does leave it in a vulnerable position to accidents and potential expensive repairs. If theres ever a front end accident, the newer kia evs seem to be moving their charge reports toward the back for better or for worse lets jump inside. To do so, you can use the key fob or use their mobile app.

The mobile app can also be used for climate control, charging settings and other cool features inside you can see. The overall style is nice. Having a lot of the updated traditional looks as well as a couple of eevee features and hey those blue lines from the exterior, followed us inside to remind everyone again that hey im, sporty eevee and fun tactile buttons are abound for those that hate touchscreen, centric climate And controls, though there is a nice 10.3 inch touchscreen for those that, like to tap on glass, repeatedly overall, a solid look with great sight lines and a feel in quality. That is just good enough for the price point for features. It has a lot of standard features you find in most new cars driver side, electric seat controls, though only manual levers on the passenger side and no seat controls for the rear seats manual, vent and air controls, side door, compartments manual, glove box, a large cup holder Area and good center console storage, some features to call out include the wireless charging area, as well as other wired charging options. Another feature is the array of buttons in the center console area and below the touchscreen. The main control is a dial that you turn to select your gear, including park. You can also set your heated and vented seats here and your heated steering wheel if you get the winter package and youll also notice that you can set a couple of driving options here, as opposed to the touchscreen like so many evs.

These two driving options are popular to change on the fly, so it makes sense that the nero makes them more accessible here. These are the auto hold and drive mode buttons. Auto hold holds your car in place without the use of the brake after you come to a complete, stop drive mode, toggles your driving mode between economy, normal and sport, which changes the amount of power and regenerative braking settings on the car to either maximize battery efficiency Or speed and acceleration all climate controls can be found above the wireless charger and the touchscreen standard tactile buttons that are familiar. So, if you hate using a touch screen for such controls, youll love this. The rear, defrost button will also turn on the heated side mirrors, which is cool. There are also a couple of unique buttons on this car. There is a heat button that turns the heater on, but increasing the heat on the temperature dial will use the heater as needed too. There are also the ev and climate buttons which, when pushed pop up controls on the touchscreen, above speaking of the touchscreen, lets talk about that bad boy, 10.3, inches and very panoramic in size. The touchscreen houses, great navigation, fantastic battery and energy usage, information, music options and settings for driving and charging apple, carplay and android auto connection options are also available. Touch screen, doesnt have any entertainment or game options which seems like a thing. Kia would include at some point down the road.

The home screen is broken out into three widgets, which can be changed and arranged. Widgets include map radio, slash media, electric vehicle climate weather and clock tapping on any of them brings up that widget in more detail with loads of sub menus and options to tap deeper into. For example, the electric vehicle widget has a ton of information on the remaining range of the battery, showing a very rough map to visually represent the range, though i wish it was not just a circle and more accurate based on roads and theres energy information screens. Where you can set up how your range looks like on the map, your charging limits on ac and dc charging, you can even see a live and historic breakdown of energy usage between driving climate control, electronics and battery care, and many more. The whole infotainment system has a large array of options and functionality. The visuals are kind of meh and field dated. The map has some serious map, quest vibes and the responsiveness is good, but not great. But overall, if you enjoy lots of customization setting adjustments and lots of data points, this infotainment system is for you. Looking up, you will find some storage and lighting by the visors and further up youll discover a nice moon roof with some more lighting options. Let me steer your attention and turn towards the steering wheel, tons and tons of tactile buttons on the wheel and on the two stalks, and there are even two extra paddles on the steering wheel.

These are for setting your regenerative braking strength, so you can regain more battery with harder, regen braking or you can minimize, braking and coast a little bit more like a gas car at the expense of battery regeneration. The buttons on the steering wheel and the stocks are standard ones that you would find on most cars and is the usual layout for the kia family of this vintage. Looking beyond the wheel, you can see the instrument display if youre, comparing this to a model 3 or y. This is a really nice feature that you wont find in there. It provides the most useful info in front of you, like your battery state, which is designed like a fuel gauge. It also shows a bar that shows power and charge that basically changes every time you touch or let go of the accelerator, but the bar changes, depending on the driving mode youre in on the right, is your speedometer and the bottom part of the middle has your Outside temperature gear and odometer and, of course, towards the top, you have some standard warning lights in the absolute middle of the cluster. Is a wide array of options includes things like trip, radio info warnings, efficiency info compass and a large menu of settings and preferences for the display and the whole car. The display is excellent and definitely a standout feature of the car, bringing it back to the back seat. The nero has a pretty standard back seat with standard features, not huge, but not a small backseat by any means and is very usable.

There is a foldable armrest with cupholders rear vents, standard, back seat controls and the whole back roll folds down from the trunk that may be the norm for these cars, but its always handy to have the trunk slash, hatchback. Well, the trunk is annoying off the bat, since there is no automatic way to open it. You can unlock it with the keyless remote, but it does not open it for you. You must open it manually. The trunk is good, versatile and has solid storage space. So since this has a great use of space, the frunk must be good too right. Well, heres, the frunk, where the frack is the frunk, absolutely no space here, which is due to the fact that this model was not originally designed for an ev and they shoehorn. The ev components in this body so thats a bit disappointing: okay, but how about the primary objective of a car? How does this car drive it drives? Well enough somewhere between good and great. It drives like a lot of other similar cars in its comparable non ev class, good handling, average ride comfort, some road and wind noise, and mostly good visibility through all sides of the car. If youre looking for acceleration, there is some relative to a gas car, but not nearly as punchy as other evs, with this car doing 0 to 60 in about 6.2 seconds, the regenerative braking level is adjustable, which is very nice both to help people who dont, like The feel of it and for adjusting in the winter to provide comfort on icy roads.

It comes with adaptive, cruise control and lane assist and other safety monitoring systems like many cars today, honestly outside of the regenerative braking, it drives a lot like a non ev car which might be its selling point and what about charging well? It has a standard ccs charging port capable of level one two and three charging ive already touched on how i dont love the location of the charging port and would prefer to see it on the side of the car and the other issue. I have with the charging port on the nero ev is how more susceptible it is to freezing in the winter. As you can see, it was a bit stuck when i tried to open it here. The charging rates are a bit slower in the kia niro compared to its competitors with a level two charging rate of 7.4 kilowatts and a level three at 77. Kilowatts for comparison, a model 3 or y has a level 2 charging rate of 11.5 kilowatts and a level 3 of up to 250. Kilowatts, not to mention faster speeds, are being hinted at for teslas, while charging at home is going to account for 99 of charging. For the average person, a faster charging speed is nice to have when out in the road, while ev charging networks are expanding rapidly. Nothing comes close to comparing the teslas network in terms of coverage and speed. Here are my impressions about the neural, ev and harsher winter climates.

I think it would be okay. I wouldnt get the lower range option unless you drive very minimally each day, losing 30 to 50 percent of your range in the winter would really limit you. There is a way to pre condition the cabin and battery via the mobile app to warm up before departing, which helps out a lot on range and energy usage. So the car isnt trying to warm up the battery as much when youre driving to get this. You will have to pay eleven hundred dollars more for the cold weather package, which includes a battery heater heat pump and heated steering wheel, which i would very strongly recommend. If you have cold winters – and as i mentioned above, the charging port is a bit susceptible to getting frozen, shut in snow and ice and i will add the ability to change the regenerative. Braking level is a really nice to have for the winter months. Otherwise, it handles like any other car in the winter. Fine driving, if you take it slow and on good all season, tires, but much better driving. If you get some winter tires on it as far as evs go, this car would be fine, not the best, but it would be just fine in harsh winters. The 2022 version of the nero ev starts at ‘ 990, but that excludes a destination fee. That is most likely going to be included no matter what so lets call it.

41 245. Before taxes, the neuro ev, is still eligible for the 7 500 tax credit. So if you fully qualify with your personal taxes situation and your taxes owed, you can essentially pay 33 745 dollars for the base model with 2′ miles of range. Very solid, considering a standard model range 3 with slightly more range at 267. Miles comes in over 16 thousand dollars, higher at 49, 940 after their destination fee and its cheaper. By about five thousand dollars in the pollstar ii, the 2022 nero only has one battery size option so 2’ miles of range. It is you can get all the bells and whistles in the nero ev for 47, 840 or 40 340. After that 7 500 tax credit, which is still about 10 000 cheaper than the 2022 standard range model 3.. The nero ev also has comparable, but a slightly better warranty length than a model 3 or or pulsed r2. With a 5 mile 60 000 mile basic warranty and a 10 year, 100 000 mile powertrain, the battery warranty is comparable to both as well with a 10 year, 100 000 mile warranty. What do i think overall? I think the car is okay, admittedly its, not my style. If youre a fan of the key aesthetic, then youll probably love the look. The overall quality is average about right for the price point, its about as solid, noisy and comfortable as my model 3, which, as we just discussed, was more expensive.

The speediness and fun that comes with a lot of evs is not present here, with a slower acceleration and less zip. So if you care about that sort of stuff, you will definitely notice the range and charging is also just okay, maybe even a little lacking in range and charging speed compared to all the other evs that are hitting the market right now. But with all of these shortcomings, does the great price make up for it? I absolutely think so. I think the price point is the biggest thing going for this car, especially if youre getting a tax credit with it. The price point is very attractive and that alone will make this car a popular option for someones, first, electric vehicle, or even their second or third kia is refreshing. The neuro for 2023, with new dimensions and battery infrastructure itll be interesting to see the exact specs and the price.