So because im short, you can actually raise the seat. Now. Okay, we are now on a neutral for now neutral, so, okay, there, okay, then youll feel it glide. Okay, i love it. Sorry sorry kuya were driving in bgc and you can feel its very smooth actually and were on eco mode, and apparently it has a sort of auto brake system right yeah. So right now you are on mode two. Okay of the regenerative braking so youll feel that when youre, when youre driving a little bit a little bit faster um, when you lift off the accelerator, youll feel the deceleration a little bit more aggressive. So if you want, i can, i can set it to normal mode sure for the mean time. Okay, so youll see there, it says one yeah, okay, so now thats zero. Okay, so the sensation now will be similar to a regular automatic uh vehicle. Okay. So the main difference now, unlike an internal combustion engine powered car, you dont have gears. So when you step on the accelerator, its just a linear experience, so the range of this car is 403 kilometers to be exact. Apparently, you can go and drive up to vegan for a one way trip correct, yes, thats correct, but i looked at baguio its 285 kilometers, so you can definitely go up charge and come back down safely without whats that charge anxiety, strange anxiety. I think i would charge anxiety, no charge number okay, but yeah the car comes with an emergency, a travel charger, so in case you need to top up.

You just have to to find the the common 220 volt outlet. However, that takes longer to charge a full battery. Yes, thats correct. It will take 16 to 18 hours well, as the regular charger takes six to eight hours to charge for thats correct okay. So what does the insurance look like for these cars? 60. 70. 000. Pesos. Currently, so for a 2.5 million vehicle, its its so its about similar to others, so it costs about its a 2.5 48 million pesos. We only have one variant, one model, which is this one: the w5 full electric suv and this is made in which part of china uh wendso, yes and uh. How long does the battery last uh? We will measure it by range? Okay, so the range is 403 kilometers in one full charge. Yeah were claiming it to be for a lifetime, of course yeah, but the the battery is covered by the eight year, warranty after eight years or youre. On your ninth year. You can expect about five percent degradation so from your 403 range you can expect to go down to about 380 or 385, but beyond that the battery is still usable, so the car will function normally tell us about your batteries yeah. So the battery is uh, its a lithium ion um its underneath the car. The whole flooring of the car is the battery its ip68 certified, so it can be submerged in the water yeah at most two hours but of course its something that you know.

We want to avoid, of course, yeah, but you know thats the one of the usual questions that we get its a fair question, because we are a typhoon, heavy country, correct, thats, correct uh, some areas of makati, where i lived actually get flooded if theres hard rains. Although it you know the water goes down, but still you want to protect your car and make sure your investment is not damaged. So if its submerged, i would suppose the battery is waterproof or sealed. Yes, its sealed so theres a seal underneath and then the battery itself is in a battery pack. So theres. Actually, you can say theres two seals and then its there at the top of the or the flooring of the car already so its well protected its actually very smooth, its almost like driving an automatic fuel engine, but its just quiet and you dont feel the sometimes Youre in in a fuel engine car, it shakes vibrates it vibrates, so you dont feel that im not pressing actually on the accelerator now and its still running still running with no acceleration from my from the pedal. But you know when you drive automatic you have this compunction to look for a gear. You know first gear second gear third gear, even in automatic they buy it as a drive one right, okay, so its really like a bum car, yes yeah, thats, true yeah. Well, bum cars were electric right; they are how much would one full charge cost in terms of electricity consumption yeah? Well, the the capacity of the battery is 52 kilowatts and with the current charges of meralco at about 10 to 12 pesos per kilowatt, that means translates roughly to about 520 to 550 pesos per charge for 400 kilometers, which is good for 403 kilometers, 403 kilometers.

So um i heard with evs: you cannot its not ideal for the lifespan of the battery to discharge it. A hundred percent – yes whats, a safe percentage when you should charge it again: uh 30 at least, and then 80 at most. For instance, if youre going uh youre expecting a long drive, then 100 charges is is great. But if youre gon na store the vehicle for an extended period of time, its best to to charge it at the maximum of 80. and then for the minimum, of course, you dont want to go to zero okay, so that means youre youre stopped yeah, so yeah Uh 30 is ideal. It gives you ample uh range so that youre sure that youll be able to to go home or to reach your charger. Well, you dont. You dont, really drive 400 kilometers. If you live within metro manila, assuming you live in alabama its about 25 kilometers, yes, if youre coming from makati im talking from from cuba to alabama, maybe its uh to be safe, yeah 50. in terms of fuel consumption, well, theres, no fuel fuel costs uh the Full tank of this one is about 400 kilometers at 65 liters peso per liter in diesel, thats about 2600 pesos for a full charge. If you were charged, if you were buying fuel, but with this youre only spending 550 pesos for your electricity bill. The tires are also um. The same tires that you use with a regular car.

They are 18 inch tires its readily available here in the philippines. Tell us about maintenance. Maintenance is uh, one of the strongest points of uh evs um, since theres no engine uh theres. No need to cool to go back and you know have service and change oils. You have no oil. What youll be looking after will be tires. Sorry for interrupting you just to explain yeah, he was telling me the motorbike was almost gon na hit my front bumper. That was a decolletage warning. Thank you, collision warning, okay, so no oils no filters. Well, we have a filter for the aircon cabin filter so so tires brake pads, wiper blades, yeah thats it basically. So when i have my toyota fortuner maintained every 5000, it would cost me about eight to sixteen thousand per five thousand. It depends on what i need at the time so whats the average cost of every five thousand kilometer maintenance for these cars. Does it even have to be maintained at five thousand? The maintenance intervals will be at uh, ten thousand or once a year. The car has the fluid the regenerative braking uses. So we change that every thirty thousand kilometers and that costs how much you uh thats about? Probably uh a service interval will cost you around seven to eight thousand pesos at every ten thousand. Yes, okay, and where is your service center? Our service center was at the corner of c5 and east service.

Road thats actually going to be the hub, the service hub. So what if i bring this car to cebu? Is there any supplier or any maintenance center in cebu? Well, currently uh the only service center that we have is in here in the gig, but yeah uh? There are plans in the near future to expand further south of the philippines and even north. So we built our own team to to make sure that you know we can create this network of chargers so soon uh. You can expect that there will be more chargers for evs defined soon, um, probably in the next two years. Okay, thank you. So, okay, for example, the reason im asking about this is we have offices in cebu manila and charge. So if i bring my car to cebu right now, assuming that theres still no service station, can i just send your technician to cebu instead of bringing the car back? Yes, you can do that for pms we can theyre assuming theres. No, like you know, if the car is not damaged like not hit by anything, then yeah pms should be. We can send the technician there. We can do the service there. Well, that makes it more sense. Okay. So what are the other safety features? Um? Does the w5 possess? Well, it has the blind spot monitoring system. So there are lights there. You see here when youre running at about 60 kilometers per hour, the system activates.

So when theres a car or a motor bike behind you, it will blink to warn you that theres someone that wants someone at your side. It also comes with a lane departure warning. So when youre on the road, it detects the lines. So it will tell you if youre youre rearing away from your lane. We see that here right. Yes, this one lane departure! Oh okay, it will tell you if youre veering from your lane, yes, okay, what would it say youre wearing from your yeah it will? It will beep and then in your dashboard that line there will will blink as well, and then you have the airbags one for the driver and the passenger side, airbags and also curtain and then its come. It comes with a standard isofix for children, so you can tether your child seats. The car also received the five star safety rating from the china new car assessment program, so yeah its a safe car. So you have ready units in the philippines right now. Yes, okay, how many cars are how many w5s are on the street right now in the philippines? Oh well, right now, uh, they dont have the exact number estimate uh well less than 10 right now yeah. So they have here a big screen, its 15.8 inches 15.6. 0.6, so it controls everything from driver, assist, locking lights and sounds and all the preferences so its sort of like the the brain of the car.

I heard that, even if you turn on the aircon for 24 hours, there are no issues with clearly. If theres no fuel engine theres, no overheating correct. Okay, no, your driver can sit there in air conditioning for you. Yes, i didnt forget: can you charge like if youre camping? Can you charge your other stuff? Yes yeah? So when youre camping, your car becomes this huge powerball yay? So while everyone is pitching up their tent, you have your own air conditioned room. So were parking now and we would like to thank christoph for thank you for the time. Thank you for having us all the bells and whistles and safety controls and fuel efficiency, but theres no fuel, so it means that its energy efficient. I think thats the better way to say it.