It was a Volvo brand and its a spin off of Volvo. So lets go inside and take a look come on in okay, so the first thing that really stands out with the car, which youll see, is actually the looks its much nicer looking than the Tesla. I actually think the Tesla 3 is a really ugly car. The reason why I mentioned the three because thats their best selling car and um – in fact this is gon na – be a lot of competition in this segment. So lets take a good look at the car here coming around pretty nice. You guys can see this. I have yellow seat belts in here, which I think is a really nice touch um. I dont know if a lot of cars are doing this today. Have you seen this before Yuji Ive, never seen, yellow yeah yeah, I mean I mean I think its kind of stylish its cool all right. We can get in this thing. Um youre here, oh look when you put this on. This is actually pretty cool right. So I dont know if you have like different colors of seat belts and things that you could select. We can ask them about that. I think that would be kind of a funny thing, great now, Im in the middle of the road. Okay, great, I could probably back up a little bit here so to back up I just oh yeah, okay, so that actually shows me yeah right there, but this top down view.

Can you guys see this top TV is really interesting, its very funky, so hmm! So now Apple carplay, so okay, foreign, so um. He just pushed the buttons on us and you can see we have. The map were in our dashboard, which is really cool and then also too, when he um released his seatbelt. The computer said it was released, but this is really nice, so thats our traffic and then our gas stations ahead. Can you see the dashboard okay, its really cool, Ginger, mushy Style, youre gon na LED you are you not OLED screen screen? Oh no hold it on. You I think this is a 12 inch screen. Is that correct screening on uh eleven and a half for 11.50 yeah? So we have a 78 uh battery. I can see hmm. So what? What price is the base models? Yeah? You got ta Comfort later so thatd be 54 000., its about that and then uh Music, oh yeah, Music, Davis, China everythings made in China yeah yeah. So if you guys dont know this used to be a Volvo brand and then it was a. This is the electric spin off of Volvo and then um fifteen hundred, so not that not that many, because they they sell most for April to July in Korea. How long is the warrant foreign, Music, foreign thats a long time? Actually so so in Korea they expect warranties to last a long time then were not really driving.

Actually, ‘, I mean were just kind of were in traffic traffic, so were asking them if there are crazy test drives in Korea, young young people, oh the audience, sometimes, okay, okay, but I actually really like this car guys. I can already tell it dries really well. Youre going on Jinja, I dont know if that makes sense, does that make sense, driving dont talk on me to a while, oh yeah, its quiet yeah? This is nice because uh Ive um uh been in Teslas before this is. This is better. I dont know if you guys can tell, though the car moves really its. Do. You feel the same 280, its a really smooth ride. Your turn yeah left yeah so were. I was just making fun of you terms, but hes telling me to do one yeah. I got ta get. I got to wait for this car. Okay, I think were gon na. Try? U turn here. So I literally never do your turns, I think, were all doing it here, all right so when in Rome, Music, okay, yeah, so in Korea, I guess the way they refer to Lanes is the first Lane is youre laying on the far left and the second lane. As theyre laying on the right on the road we dont, we dont really talk like that. We say: left middle right lane, I guess, or Fast Lane Middle Lane slowly and I guess better. So this is a little bit weird design here, guys where your radios like kind of over this is your gear shift right here, then this is your radio, its kind of in a weird spot um, so that makes me uncomfortable.

I dont want to be hitting my gear shift while Im trying to adjust the radio and then what colors does it come in? Oh yeah, its okay, red noodles, yeah huh, why its the most popular because in Korea, when youre, still reduced car, why it is most expensive, I think oh isnt, it thats funny. Does this open? Oh? No! Oh Andy, asking about the sunroof if it opens today. So this is a plus youre gon na. Yes, I see so this is not the basic model. Then I guess like about the car foreign. I was just tell them. I think the Teslas are ugly cars. This is way cooler. So what was this Auto thing? What is what is it telling me or no? It was beeping at us for some reason. Oh okay, stop! I think donut! No, stop stop! No! I dont know no its red yeah. I dont. It is Ill Trust you. He knows what hes doing. I hope I didnt run a red light. This would be a tough bike. Actually I got ta go up, the hill and Im down the down is easy, but its so narrow, though so, were doing like a. U turn up here, I think yeah. There we go um, we showed you uh before, though, but just take a look at the um, how they have a map right on the interior here and then you have this big sort of screen right here, um looking at the back of the car.

Actually, you want to sit JG its in the back of the car, throw it in the back of the car here. Yeah you hit your head on there. Do you feel like theres room back there or you dont feel like theres room? How do you feel fine? Its not a Hues but its fine, but its not huge its, not its, not its, not small yeah, and then you have controls. What does these controls theres? No, your vents! There are phone chargers back there or no uh. I dont see it here: no phone chargers, okay – and this is fabric yeah yeah, so because the the other version – this might be what your you know – base model, because obviously you can get leather if you like so usually seats. Oh yeah, actually these fold down really easily, so you could actually put a lot in here. So, as you can see, I actually have quite a bit of space in here um its a little bit narrow in terms of like total storage. So uh, I think, theoretically, you put a snowboard here. I dont think you could. What do you think about ski JG? Yeah, you can, you think so, hey I dont know whats wrong. You think its long enough, okay, okay, so easy things you can put skis in here, um its, not bad, though actually so decent sword. What I like was easy, very easy to put down. So put this back up actually yep.

The other thing I want to show you guys actually theres a little storage compartment here, so you probably just put your phone down there. If you wanted, like there its kind of doing your wallet additionally, do you have your cup holders and then this opens up to another cup holder down there as well, okay, so this is very little. You could probably put like a suitcase in here. I guess if you really wanted to so then these are the color choices of the cards, so they were saying that the snow is the most popular one. Then you have Jupiter, which is like your. I guess gold. Would you say, kind of yeah? Is it beige yeah like a beige, I guess midnight which is like kind of a bluish darkish Blue Thunder, which is, I guess, a gray and then magnesium here guys and then space? What do you like? The best Midnights, pretty cool yeah Id, probably go with midnight. Another word if I had to choose like now so overall, I really do like the pole star and you know if youre looking to get an EV. I think this is one that youll definitely want to take a look at um. I think one of the things, though, that really sets it apart from other cars out there is. This is from an established brand right. You guys know this. This is Volvo, and you know one of the things that, with many of the cars in the EV space theres a lot of new brands out there to be personally playing um, I dont trust the lucids uh rivie and Id be a little bit.

Leery of you know something like a pole star, even though this is a uh, the first run or early runs of the car. I would still take this over something else like and also to be fair. Like you know, maybe I would be willing to try say like a Ford with the new Lightnings or something like that, because you know at least its coming from an established brand Im surprised the pole Stars arent that popular uh, yet in the US, but I think Part of it is maybe um theyre being blocked by the American car companies, which is something that Ford and GM have a history of doing. But I think this is one that you guys should take a look at um. I will say: probably the technology of the pole star is behind the Tesla in terms of the the interface um, I didnt like the way that the map functioned that well. I actually think I really like the uh, the Tesla and sort of that 3D overhead map thing. If you guys ever seen that um, I would say, Teslas technology in terms of like you know, self, driving and AI is very, very good and it may be the industry leader, but it doesnt necessarily mean that the other cars are gon na. You know never develop. Techno technology to do that because I I wouldnt count out um the pole star, so you know, would I get one uh yeah? I totally would um but uh.

You know I want to see what other brands have to offer if, in terms of looks, if I was forced to buy this, I would be fine with it. I think its a good car um its got a few design quirks here and there, but overall you know at the end of the day, you have to drive this thing and I think this is a functional car that looks great, so thats. My thoughts on the pole star, I know this isnt like a highly technical review but um. You know, I think, for regular people. You got to just go and you got to try cars and see if you see yourself in this car, hey everyone thanks. So much for watching were trying to do more car reviews and can – and let me know what you think in the comments. Would you buy the pole star? Would you not buy the pole star? Let me know thanks again for watching and Ill catch.