This is the skoda vision 7s. Is it any good? Is it where electric mobility is headed, lets take a closer look and find out out goes the old design. Language out goes the old ceo in with the new and in with a new design language. So what you are looking at is the first example of what skoda are calling modern solid. Now, if anyones, watching this clip and saying come on brian, why are you calling it that and laughing at me? I always have a difficult balance to making reviews as to whether i go with the traditional pronunciation of skoda or the english pronunciation of skoda and thats actually more important to the brand than you might think, as demonstrated here within the brand new redesign of their logo. They felt the accenting above the s was incredibly important to the brand, so theyve now integrated that into the s itself, as you can see, is a little bit of a move away here from having that traditional viking logo that were so used to seeing on the Front thats still going to be used, but its going to be more two dimensional than three dimensional in the future. This, meanwhile, is supposed to represent the future of the brand, as does the entire rest of the design language thats been used on this vehicle. Well, i think the important news here immediately is that this is how the brand are thinking of using the meb platform going forwards.

This is a seven seater, but its a little bit of a re imagination as to what a seven seater can actually deliver. But in bold terms, because when you actually look at this, you have to ask yourself the question: can i really see myself owning one of these things? I think that to me is always the point with any car thats presented at this stage of its designer development, and for me the answer is absolutely a resounding yes. I like this styling, i think it looks modern but not too dramatic. It isnt too far away from what the brand were already doing, but it definitely is distinct and different. It makes a bold, clean statement about the brands intention. It speaks to the future, but it still references the past and were back at this s again. So i like that. I also like the way that newer technologies been integrated into the design. Look at this light design, for example. I think that really sets off the entire front very nicely indeed now, as we come around to the side of the vehicle, and we get a little bit more sense of the scale of this thing. What i find really impressive about this, as with all well designed electric cars, is the way in which that battery pack has been integrated into the flow of it. For me, this remains a skoda. If you took the badges off this – and you asked me what brand it was, i still believe i could identify this as a skoda.

It carries the brands dna throughout. This is a seven seater, but theyre also describing it as a six plus one. This to me is a really nice touch, skoda very well known, family brand and here right in the heart of the vehicle thats, where they put the child seat. Now this gave me more than a bit of a smile, because if you read the marketing stuff that gets sent out, they said what we wanted to do was to put the baby in the safest spot in the vehicle that made me chuckle, because i think well That depends whos driving and what the driving conditions are. So i almost wondered, i wonder: if its going to be a movable platform, so the car can talk to you and say well, according to what youre currently doing, we feel your child is going to be best placed way back there now clearly, thats, not the case. Ive got three kids of my own. I dont know if you have any or youre thinking of having any, but i can tell you the idea of being able to sit there and look straight at your baby, thats great and i havent seen anyone else. Do that. So far, please tell me if youve seen a design where thats already happening now, i dont know if thats actually going to come through to the finished product, but i think its a great way of thinking and the whole presentation of the car kind of speaks to That style as well and thats what skoda represents to me? They dont tend to just do things.

For effect, they really are always asking themselves. What does our customer want and thats what im seeing more than anything else? When i look at this car, what youre looking at is an 8.8 inch drivers display screen and a 14.6 inch infotainment system display a couple of nice features here now that infotainment screen that youre looking at right now, which is being demoed by one of the skoda Guys will change its orientation from landscape to portrait and back again so, when youre setting the car up its in the most natural configuration for you to use and when youre driving it is in the best configuration for you to not be distracted by it. As you can see, what youre currently looking at within this model are not animal skin, thats, all sustainable materials that youre looking at theres a lot of recycling happening in there. Well, we finally get to take a look inside and, as you can see, the future is not only electric but, dare i say a little bit: tesla shaped: okay, maybe thats a bit controversial, but you know oval steering wheel, full digital display in the center. Well, if youre going to innovate, then other people are going to copy and i think its reasonable to suggest at the very least, skoda have made this their own. It is definitely a unique approach. 8.8 inch display for the driver right above the steering wheel, and i think thats actually nicely executed its pretty small, but it gives you the information you need and doesnt distract.

The real story, though, is right here in the center. This is 14.6 inches of real estate and, as i think, cornelius is actually able to show you that is quite a significant amount of electronic real estate to play with now i havent been shown anything to be completely honest. Im not entirely convinced were supposed to be in here so lets do that wow when i hit the relax drive button, everything changes that was quite exciting, im, probably going to get in a lot of trouble. For that what happens? Is the orientation of the display changes from portrait to landscape, making it more accessible and easier for you to utilize what you may not have quite been able to capture on camera there? Hopefully connie elise has a cutaway. Is that the seat angle changes as you can see, making it easier for me to communicate with my passenger and the steering wheel moves out of the way to make the space a little bit more comfortable now this is obviously only a first take. My understanding is that the reason for the flacking on the floor and the interior is to reinforce the idea that everything is sustainable, recycled using materials that have already served one purpose or another in a different life. So i wouldnt expect this to be the finished version, but you know what i actually kind of like it. It does look super easy to clean and if you have kids, you know exactly what im talking about now.

This might be the last thing im able to do before im told to leave but im going to push that button one more time. Just so cornelius can show you what happens. This is the relaxed drive change? Oh, my goodness, and here we change from the relaxed configuration of the car to the driving configuration of the car drivers, seat comes forward, drivers display changes and the steering wheel drops down thats quite some transformation and it actually works pretty effortlessly im, actually kind of a Big fan of that i kind of wish my car had one of those themselves now as youre more than familiar, i think everything now in most modern cars is drive by wire anyway, oh well, cornelius says: do it again ill? Do it one last time, but im almost certain well be asked to leave the second. I do so thatll be the last thing i do. I just want to mention that i really enjoy the ability to interact with the driver space that you dont get in older cars, its nice in most modern cars and its really well utilized here so here for the last time is the relaxed drive function? Oh yeah. I, like it, theyre looking at having an 89 kilowatt battery for this thing, which should give you an effective range, 600 kilometers or miles. Now. The charging speed is going to be based on a 200 kilowatt maximum charge, so all theoretical at the moment, but i think it should be reasonable to assume that those numbers are fairly close to what theyre hoping for one of the things.

I particularly like about this car is that its a good compromise between large and spacious, which is what customers want and still producing, an effective range and not being too overblown and too heavy now thats, particularly interesting for the volkswagen group, because i think were going to See more of this design being integrated right across the brand, its obviously very difficult making electric make up for the fact that the power density is nothing like what you can get from an internal combustion engine. But it gets better every single year. And that means that over time we can have those larger vehicles, we love and still keep the range that we need. Well. One thing i wont miss between now and launch event for this. Are these wheels its always going to be a little bit of a trick? Designing wheels for a car youre presenting of a brand relaunch. You have to make a big statement right well that doesnt really work for me, but i very much dont expect to see those on the finished vehicle. But you know what thats just my taste. I would really like to hear from you if youre looking at these and saying yes thats it for me, i would love to have a set of those. I love the way that wheels divide opinion, so not my taste, but what about yours? More of that rugged design and also very modern light architecture at the back of the vehicle and coming down at the bottom.

This coloration is clearly designed to tell you this is recycled material. Well, i think thats, a very nice touch and i very much like the design elements, echoing what weve already seen at the front and again im sure you remember me mentioning, but if i can get cornelius to pan the camera across here that to me is absolutely Classic for skoda so as much as theyre saying yeah were completely rethinking everything again, im really happy that theyve kept the core of their brand intact within this a glimpse into the future.