First, fully, electric car, ladies and gentlemen, my name is anirudh youre watching auto x, and this is the mercedes amg eqs, 53 4matic plus Music, now lets. Take a quick look at what the car is all about and well start with the design up front. You get signature, amg, dwight, slat grills, with an amg badge over here you get neatly integrated air dams which help cool the interiors, and the grill is flanked by two digital led headlights, which is connected by this illuminated strip over here now, standing in the center of The sides you can see the sheer length of this car, but the main attraction is the wheel. Now these are 21 inch wheels with this beautiful alloy design, but whats important is this car gets rear wheel, steering as standard of about nine degrees at slow speeds. This turns in the direction of the front wheels for better maneuverability and at high speeds. It goes in the opposite direction for better cornering stability. Now, coming to the back, the design is very same to the standard eq 580, except for a few differentiating elements like the amg badge over here. The bootleg spoiler and i think thats it. But what i really like is the matrix led tail lights, which is connected by a light bar across the boot and now since we are at the back, lets talk about the boot, the press of a button 610 liters. And if you come close, you can see that the charge joint and the charging cables are neatly integrated below the boot floor.

Nice touch Music. Now, if youre talking about the interiors im, actually confused, whether i should be overwhelmed with the number of screens or the sheer illumination inside the cabin, but lets talk, tech first, starting with the driver, you get an amg designed steering wheel. This is a new design, but personally, if youre talking about it, i would really love the old design. Let us know what you think in the comments below this entire is what mercedes calls as a hyper screen, or in other words, as i would like to call it a big screen now these are three screens 13.3 inch 17.7 and 13.3 inch each now. This is intuitive is what mercedes tells us. It actually learns. The behavior of the rider and a very interesting part, is that the steering wheel has two cameras in it which detects the driver, has facial recognition and sets the profile accordingly. Now, if youre talking about the interior materials, it speaks of premium, youve got soft touch materials throughout the cabin you get a carbon fiber finish up at the center console. The seats are amg. You get napa leather seats as standard Music. Now, at the back, you get the same amg seats and despite the sloping roof line for a person who, like me, is five foot six. There is plenty of knee room and head room as well Music. Now, before we get into the numbers on paper, lets talk about what amg did to bring the eqs 580 to the eqs 53 version.

Now they started with the two motors they changed the winding. Then they went onto the battery for a better discharge rate for more performance, then they improved the inverter and the cooling system so that the car remains in its optimum temperature. Now, talking about the numbers on the paper lets begin by saying that this card gets a dynamic plus package as standard which means it gets a 107.8 kilowatt hour battery that is rated at 761 horsepower and 1020 newton meters of torque. Those are whopping numbers now. The range is actually quite impressive as well, because this one returns at least 521 kilometers on a single charge, so that was the mercedes amg eqs, 53 4matic plus prices for the car starts at rupees, 2.45 crore and if thats a bit heavy on your wallet, maybe You should wait because in a couple of months mercedes will be launching the eqs 580, which will be locally assembled in india, so you can expect a lower price tag till then any opinions or questions about the car make sure you comment below. This is auto x.