Not only in this ev form, but also as an ice vehicle like most of its rivals, its the same kind of profile and size and shape as most of its competitors, such as the qashqai. With the small exception of this bonnet line, which does droop down a little bit towards the front now, because this is the ev version, the grille at the front of the car has also been blanked in now. I personally prefer the look of the ice grill, which is a conventional grill. I think this blanked in look is a little bit odd, but given its an ev, you are after as much aerodynamic efficiency as possible, so that is the result. While i dont particularly like the front grille on the car, i do think the rest of the styling is pretty tasteful and well tied together. Let me know what you think in the comments. Yes, youve got a decent sized boot and you dont lose too much capacity. Despite this being an ev, youve got a false floor, which drops down a very good amount, and actually the space within is a very boxy usable shape. Rear leg room is very good too, as is rear. Headroom somebody who is about six foot tall would probably be pretty comfortable in the back of here, especially if theyre sitting behind a driver. As short as i am almost perfect, everything is very, very nearly there from layout, which, on the whole, is excellent.

Everything is within easy reach and just about where youd expect it to be, with the small exception of the climate controls, because while you have temperature and fan controls as physical buttons, the rest of it is hidden within the screen. The materials look good until, unfortunately, you feel them because theyre not quite as padded as they should be, they do have padding on them, but as soon as you squeeze through that youre immediately met by hard plastic. The switch gear generally has a very positive engagement. I love the feel of the indicator and wiper stalk. However, the buttons in the center control stack do have a little bit of a dissatisfying click when you press them. The design is very good. I really like the rotary air vents at the sides, and youve got a well integrated large infotainment screen in the center, as well as a nicely designed driving cluster and really comfortable to hold steering wheel. Absolutely youve got good sized door pockets. Two cup holders in the center here, a little cubby space space under the armrest and a lovely undamped glove box. Far more than a traditional mg owner could manage. Youve got a large center infotainment system, a fully digital drivers. Cluster youve got led headlights which are fully automatic, youve got electrically, adjusted wing mirrors, heated seats, an electrically adjustable drivers, seat and youve also got blind spot monitoring, a wireless qi, phone charger and apple carplay and android. Auto integration youve got lots of tech and, for the price point not bad.

Really. Yes, as long as the car is unlocked and youve pulled up to an electric car charger, you can simply open this flap at the front and then plug in either a 22 kilowatt charger or a 50 kilowatt fast charging dc connection. This is a type 2. The charging port is easily accessible and hidden quite well at the front of the car. I would prefer if this had been located centrally, but you cant have everything. Can you very good actually because of the high driving position? Your visibility is really good. Visibility through the rear is pretty good, and the wing mirrors themselves are also very good too, because its not very large, its very easy to place. The vehicle where you want to, and the electric drive train means that its nippy enough that stop start traffic and faster traffic around town is not an issue at all, and, additionally, the adaptive cruise control is really really good. At handling. Stop start traffic youre able to just flick the stalk forwards to re, engage it or press the accelerator pedal to set off again so thats a big thumbs up from me, too, pretty competent. Now because youve got about 180 ps on tap its very capable of accelerating up to higher speeds and staying there, the ride itself is very settled, its quite a heavy car and its sprung quite stiffly. But that does mean that, even though it is stiff its not uncomfortably so it handles its weight very well and its pretty refined.

The most noise you get at higher speeds tends to actually be wind. Noise from the windscreen and wing mirrors theres a little bit of road noise coming through, of course, but you havent got an engine rumbling away, so its actually quite a serene driving experience here on a dual carriageway, a road, its perfectly capable of keeping up at 70 Miles an hour without a problem at all pair that with the adaptive cruise control and its a really good long long distance driver acclaimed range based on an average of 3.5 miles per kilowatt hour is around about 198 miles. If you are doing kind of faster urban driving, but the kind of driving, where youre able to kind of stick around 40 to 50 miles an hour pretty consistently and not start and stop a lot. I think that would be pretty achievable for me on my commute and in the time ive had this car ive averaged between 2.8 and 6 miles per kilowatt hour. My commute is very much a hill in one direction. On the way to work, i can easily get six miles per kilowatt hour, but on the way home i struggle to maintain even three. So a realistic range of at least 150 miles is very achievable if youre regularly doing 120 mile round trips, i wouldnt stray away from recommending this ev, yes and no its an ev so off the line. Yes, it does feel quite fast. It will do naught to 60 in eight seconds, which is actually pretty respectable, especially for a heavy car from a standing start up to 40 miles an hour.

The drivetrain is excellent and, as you edge towards 60 and onwards, you do feel a little bit of the urgency ebbing away, but that is the case with all evs, because the faster you are going, the less torque they have to offer. Yes, incredibly, youve got two pedals: an automatic gearbox pers. Well, not really a gearbox, you just reverse the current to the motor and um. All the controls are very easy to operate, which is excellent. Youve got a wide range of driver assist systems and it really is a kind of point and squeeze car. You just point the wheels in the direction you want to go and push the accelerator pedal and youre youre going there theres very little to think about its an incredibly easy car to drive its not really got any standout features in the driving experience, but it handles The weight quite well and even though its not what id call fun, because its not really in the fun kind of form factor of cars, because its a crossover, you could have a little bit of enjoyment with it on some twistier roads. The stereo system isnt the best ive heard because of the plastic in the door cards. When you turn the volume up, you do experience a little bit of rattling and the audio isnt. The most high clarity ive come across, however, its a very well connected experience, because, when you plug your phone in through android, auto or apple carplay, that really does improve the user.

Experience of this screen. The built in system is acceptable, but its not going to win any awards, and your smartphone will almost always do a better job of providing you with data and music. Much quicker, not really given the average length of the a journey in the uk is about six miles. The mg zs ev is more than capable of fitting the bill for at least half of the population. Obviously, with this model being capable of at least 150 miles in the real world, id argue that probably 85 to 95 percent of us could live with one of the these day in day out. Certainly, i very very rarely will drive more than 200 miles in one day. All in one go as well. The limits of the human body mean you generally need to stop for a wee or a break or some food to stretch your legs. When you are doing a long journey and in that instance, you would be able to plug in for a few minutes and top up your battery for any kind of urban driving or commuting. This would be more than adequate. For me, this car is actually quite an easy recommendation, despite the materials not being the best, youve got good fit and finish: youve got more than adequate range, for you know at least a weeks worth of commuting. Realistically, most people do not drive more than 150 miles. A week and youve also got a really good overall package.

Yes, there are a few little areas that could do with some improvement, but actually for the price and considering its an ev and will therefore be cheaper to run, etc, etc. Its quite a compelling purchase well that just about sums up the zsev yep on the whole, pretty good hope, ive answered some questions and to finally round the video off id just like to thank you very much for watching, i hope youve enjoyed it. If you have please, let me know by liking the video subscribing to the buckle up youtube channel and commenting down below to, let me know what you think, would you buy an mgzs ev? Have you already got one also please, while youre down there have a look at some of our social medias, which are all linked in the description. You could also support us by joining the channel, as a member here on youtube, supporting us as a patron on patreon or in the description. We have the link to our merch store where you can buy some lovely buckle up merchandise and look really fresh in some t, shirts that have our logo and various other things on them. Have a look.