It has been a while, since I have made a long format. Video, because I have been keeping up with some YouTube shorts, but todays video is going to be a little different from what you are used to. I usually talk cameras in Tech and I guess this video is kind of text still, but for todays video we are going to be talking about a vehicle and not only just a vehicle, an electric vehicle which is full of tech. Today, I am going to be showing you around Kias first dedicated electric vehicle. The Kia ev6 anyway lets take a look so Im, not too sure how many of you have heard of the Kia ev6. But it is one of the most popular vehicles in Canada, at least for electric vehicles behind Tesla, and the one thing that I think that makes it really special compared to a lot of the other oems coming out with electric vehicles is this thing actually looks good. It is a super sporty from its LED headlights to 20 inch, rims yeah thats right 20 inch and just the general styling of this vehicle from its tail lights to this nice Wing up here at top its just sporty all around. So when I first saw this vehicle, I knew it was going to be a game changer just by the looks. But when you get inside the car you get that classic Kia interior, which is surprisingly nice. If you havent been in Ikea before just imagine being in a Mercedes Benz but for half the price thats, what youre getting with Kia Interiors.

So this ev6 here is the GT line Package 2, which means it comes with a fully loaded suit from the safety Tech to the technology inside and everything that you have seen so far in the exterior. So when you look inside to start off, you have the Meridian surround sound speaker system. You get a full cluster here from the instrument cluster to the entertainment infotainment system. I believe it is a 12.3 inch on both screens thats, a nice total of just over 24 inches thats. What she said of screen real estate over here in the console. You have a shift by wire system so, instead of having that gear, stick like normal, you have this turn knob. That gets you from drive, neutral, reverse and then your button here to push typical like most cars. Now that are pushed to start same here, you have the EV push to start button and then down here below you have your climate controls and your entertainment controls, because there are not many buttons. Everything is touch. They made this one bar here able to do both. So you click the fan. If you want your climate controls and then you click that little paper plane thing there, if you want your entertainment controls and the knobs here will change when you change it over, so the knobs will be for the volume and for the tuning and then when you Switch it over the climate controls youre able to have your dual climate control, so you can switch the drivers side, hot or cold, and also the passenger side hot or cold.

This being the GT line Package 2. It comes with heads up, display um. If you havent used heads up display before it just showcases your speed and the speed limit of the area and some other Collision warnings, but the one thing about this heads up display, it is not a regular heads up display. It is an augmented reality. Heads up display so in terms of the size of this vehicle, I am six foot one and I can sit in the back seat fairly comfortably. I have tons of room on the drivers side where my knees dont touch the back and in terms of Headroom. I probably have about four inches of Headroom back here, so you have tons of room if you are a bigger person Im only six one, obviously, if youre taller youre going to have less room, but for the average persons size six one is a good way to See it in the back seat here you also have seat warmers. Usually you only have seat warmers in the front seats. But now you have the luxury for this GT line package too, to have those seat warmers in the back. So you can also have your guests in the back feel a warm toasty bum. So now lets take a look at the trunk. You can hold it from here, but it also has that awareness feature where, if you step up – and you have groceries youll itll open itself up for you, so taking a look at this trunk, its a pretty big trunk um, given that this is a Sub Compact Suv, it should have a decent sized trunk, because the wheelbase of this vehicle is fairly large, like I believe, theyre, comparing it to the size of the Telly ride, which is the large SUV at Kia.

This has the same wheelbase as the Telly ride, so you have ample room in the front. You have ample room for your passengers in the back, and now you have a lot of space in the trunk and, to be honest, the way I judge it is if I can fit two hockey bags in my trunk thats more than enough room, each vehicle does Come with a level one charger, I wont open it up and pull it out now, but it does come with a level one charger which allows you to plug it into your household outlet and you can charge the vehicle its not going to be the fastest charge. Obviously it does come with that, so you can plug it in overnight and you dont have to install anything else into your garage but charge at a charging station, because youll get such a faster charge on your right side of your vehicle. You have your charging port. You just tap on the top here and it will open like that and then theres your charger plug it in shows you how much charge you have left. I think, Im about 41 and then just close it like that and thats it, okay, so thats all! I have for you for this vehicle. The Kia ev6 GT line package 2.. If you have any questions, make sure you to leave a comment down below also, if youre not subscribed to the channel, make sure you hit that subscribe button and leave a like on this video.

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