This thing has something called track pace where you can measure your drags right, so i press play put on the brake other foot on the accelerator. All right dont try this at home. This is a closed door. Dont, do this on the open road zero to 50 in 1.8 seconds zero to 104 seconds youre at an incline so understandable it otherwise does it in 3.4 seconds a reaction time of 0.76? I mean so much to play with when youre driving this car and 3.4 seconds 0 100 in a car that weighs 2.7 tons. Its got 4 seats its unreal. How fast this is, i mean, let me wrap my brains around how this car is so fast and so huge. At the same time, let me stop by the side of the road and show you around the car. While i try to comprehend the craziness of this amg, i quite like the way this eqs amg looks, but it doesnt look like an amg, though, does it because you know its an amg supposed to be loud and shouty, but when youve got this whole no noise Game going on: how are you going to design it to make it look aggressive anyway, this, since it has the donor car as the eqs, its got a really slippery design, a lovely pan, americana grill swept back headlamps and this lovely roof line. That goes all the way to the rear. Its got a 0.23 drag coefficient compared to 0.

2 on the regular eqs is because of these larger 21 inch wheels on the side. Well, its not got a frunk. So all you get is this opening for the washer fluid over here youve got these door handles that tuck in when you start driving for reducing the aerodynamic, drag and moving to the rear. Again, the swept back tail lamps with the amg. You know logo on the back and let me open the boot and show how much space its got its got. 610 liters of boot space, so i dont think youll ever miss a trunk. You know for an electric car when youre driving now, if youre more interested in the back seat of the car youll, probably want to go for the regular eqs. This is the aqs amg, so the suspension is set up slightly stiffer. Nevertheless, the seats are very comfortable. Weve got enough legroom here the seats are set to my driving position: im 5 foot 10 and a half, and i fit in nice and comfortably here. You got a tab here. You dont get massage seats for the rear seats, of course, but you can adjust your seating position. Your climate control, ambient lighting, all those things over here, thats about it for the rear. You get frameless uh windows here, as as you get for the front doors and uh. If you want to spend more time in the rear seats, youd rather go for an eqs in the amg id rather hop into the front seats.

So lets hop in front and see what the amgs got hey mercedes. How can i help? Can you turn the massage function on on the drivers seat, all right im, starting the requested massage on the drivers seat? Thank you all right. So ive got some time to wrap my head around. How fast this car is. I mean electric acceleration hits you different compared to petrols, just the instant torque, the way the car surges ahead. It masks all those batteries on the floor. The weight of the car almost 2.7 tons and it just doesnt feel its weight. The power just is instantaneous. The talk is instantaneous, it goes to all four wheels and its just a rocket ship that it can do almost 600 kilometers on a full charge. Sure thats, like wltp range in the real world im, probably gon na get about 400 and 450 kilometers driving like a hooligan. You go around, say you could take, take it easy and it will go about 500 kilometers on a full charge. Thats, like pune, to go without stopping for charging its, not just the acceleration. The way this car catapults from one corner to another, its the way it turns in its got 2.7 tons. But it just turns in like a nifty little hatchback that all wheel steer the rear wheel, steer it can turn almost nine degrees. So you know it really shortens a corner. Shortens happens. You may look at 5.3 meters of car entering the corner, but the weight turns in its just cheating the car to tell it that no youre, just four meters long.

You know you just got to make that turn. It just does that turn that rear wheel steer is really magical on long cars like these, with the amg dynamic plus package, the eqs 53 makes 751 horsepower and 1020 newton meters of torque. I have never driven a car with four digit torque figures. This car packs more horsepower than a ferrari, 488 pista or a mclaren 720s, and when it comes to torque its in a whole other league altogether, all that performance would suck the life out of a battery and so the amgs 107.8 kilowatt hour battery comes in very Handy its the biggest on any ev sold in india, all you ceos looking at this video could buy the eqs 53 as part of your csr and take it to light up a village or something. What honestly blows my mind is not just the pace but the effortlessness with which it delivers that pace. The suspension is set up so perfectly for uh this amg. It takes all these bad roads as if they dont exist. The only thing youll be careful about are the really big breakers where youve got to you know: crap crawl over it, but otherwise i mean this car will go everywhere. I think this is a car you can go cross country in that air suspension will ensure that you just dont scrape anywhere the car understands the road surface so well and adjusts to it to give you just that perfect ride its got mega six piston brakes up Front – and you know, use this and the rear as well.

You need that stopping power its such a heavy car, its 2.7 tons right so getting that car to slow down it needs these mega bricks. I think there are. There are 400 mm discs if im not wrong, but these brakes are required to stop the car and then its so comfortable and then, of course, its not just the the suppleness in the right, but its the way it handles all this weight. A car this size shouldnt be able to take corners the way it does this car just grips and goes the only minor drawback compared to a car like say the taken turbo is that this car uses a 400 volt architecture compared to the porsches 800 volt architecture, But then again, how much excess is excess until theres a proper, fast charging network in india? This is just a fancy number on a spec sheet. At least mercedes network will allow for fast charging at multiple locations. They are planning to set up 140 plus charges across the country within the first year out of which there will be 20 60 kilowatt chargers and 20 180 kilowatt chargers at mercedes dealerships and service centers across the country, and these will be free to use for mercedes Customers for the first year, if youve got a 200 kilowatt hour charger on the highway, its going to give this car 300 kilometers of range in just 19 minutes. I mean, if you have these fast dc chargers across the country.

Doing 1000 1500 kilometers in an electric car over a day possible its not pulling in a petrol car, so thats the the future of flooring and evs and a car like this. The eqs is perfect for long distance touring its got the suspension, its got the its got everything yeah its got, the comfort right, so the eqs 53 amg is blisteringly, quick and its super luxurious. Would you swap it for a 7 series or an s class? Would you play 2.