If you order now the price, the power and the specs and just general impressions of the vehicle and drive impressions, so i want to go through all that because i think its extremely important – and i do want to wrap a little bit of news into this. Of course, because thats just what i do – im johnny from johnnys car care and reviews and im always here to help so lets just get straight to the helping put the pedal to the metal. First of all lets talk about the design. The lyric has an incredible design. I saw it in person and was actually quite a bit more impressed with it, seeing it in person, but does it just look like another cadillac? Well, yes, and is that necessarily a bad thing? Well, it depends who you ask so fords ceo was talking doing an interview for newsweek, so this is jim farley doing an interview with newsweek and to quote him he says we wouldnt do the product that cadillac is showing hes talking about the lyric by the way. Back to the quote, we wouldnt do it at all. Farley said nothing against them. It just doesnt fit our brand its not far enough. It has a traditional hood, looks a lot like an ice product. We want people to feel that electric excitement and well end of quote. Well, i can say i saw it in person and, yes, it looks absolutely like another.

Another cadillac suv, porsche, uh, size wise, looks like a porsche macan, a porsche macan sorry. So this is fitting in with other luxury suvs dimensions wise. It does not stray far away from the cadillac design and it doesnt stray that far away from really any current normal evs specs. So lets talk about those specs because theyre pretty important theyre actually pretty interesting. Now lets just get into one of the most important specs to me and to a lot of people. How fast does accelerate well? Does it in 5.7 seconds but dont be fooled here. The rear wheel, drive version of the lyric has less power and more autonomy than the all wheel. Drive version so well talk about those power specs in just a moment, but do keep in mind that its only the rear wheel drive. This is the first dont be fooled. Theyll be spread out throughout the entire video, but the first dont be fooled subject is that it accelerates to 60 miles per hour or 100 kilometers kilometers an hour in 5.7 seconds. Now that to these standards, these days seems on somewhat the slow end, and it is, however, do keep in mind that all evs, with their electric motors and theyre 100 torque instantly its gon na actually feel quite fast. I know some people who have a mock e rear wheel, drive extended battery, so a little faster, of course, than just the regular battery and well theyre convinced that theyre faster than you know, a current for gt automatic, which is zero to up to 60 or 100 Kilometers an hour in four seconds and theyre sitting right around five and a half five point seconds, so the instant torque of these electric motors dont be fooled.

They are very quick now also dont be fooled. This is a cadillac. Some are just going to be. You know throwing down in the reviews that comfort is going to be a huge plus of this vehicle, the interior comfort. Yes, i must agree. It is actually very comfortable, however cadillac, since the cts v came out and 09 started, pushing crazy numbers on the nurnborg dork ring, so they just started. Building these into. You know nerd machines, fantastic engineering and research going into the suspensions in regards to being fast on a track. However, generally a lot, but generally across the board, they lost some comfort and even you know, car and driver that says one of their high points is absolutely the comfort later on in the article you dont want to be fooled here later on. They say that its a little rough well, not a little rough. They say its rough for the potholes to coat car and driver directly. The one of the lows they put was not as quick as rival, evs infotainment menus are confusing. Ride can be harsh over potholes. However, the verdict was that cadillacs first stab at an eevee suv, fargos performance in favor of luxury and comfort. So i just want to really discern the difference. I guess comfort thats, a pretty widespread term and day two. My are talking about comfort on the interior of the cabin and they should specify no comfort in the front trunk because well thats an empty space thats, not a space like on the maki, where youll get all sorts of cargo volume up in the front, at least Not the model that i put my hands on, but, however, there are some really positive specs to this 5.

9 seconds, even though thats not that fast, it is going to feel fast. Current driver got that down to 5.7 seconds based on their task. Current driver always seems to be the best gang for reviewing vehicles and getting the most out of their performance now. Another dont be fooled section is that there was a little news article actually several of them that came out um china. They were talking about uh chinese media were talking about this vehicle and said it would have 545 horsepower in the all wheel, drive model and its actually 500 horsepower for our market well have to find out, and i dont really care whats going to go on with Their market, but on our end, if you do get the all wheel, drive youre getting 500 horsepower and youre getting 450 pound feet of torque. Also, the chinese market said that it was much more torque than that was more around the low 500s. So do keep in mind that will bring that 0 to 60 acceleration down. I would suspect that its going to get at least half a second – and i wouldnt be surprised at all if it even shaves um a full, a full second, probably down to about 4.7 to 4.9 seconds. Hoping itll be faster but well just have to wait and see. This is a relatively heavy vehicle, so i dont know if were going to call this the champ, but this boxer comes in at 5, 610 pounds or 2 545 kilograms, so thats relatively heavy.

It does have an interesting battery system, its 12 modules. So just give you an idea. 12 modules means theres in a way it looks like one big battery platform and it is one big battery platform, but theres 12 battery units in each of those. If you look at gili and what theyre claiming theyre going to come out with that huge van theyre claiming to have one battery unit, so just one in total and get at 600 miles, so that may be the future, but well have to wait and see. If that is the safe and intelligent way of doing things, because at least with these modules, when youve got 12 battery modules, if one goes bad, you can just swap it out. Ive actually seen it done before, and it happened on a marquee that had been damaged due to a bit of a vehicle accident, that platform got pinned up by a rock or a sidewalk, something concrete and hard underneath it. But what are we getting out of this? These 12 units. Well, if you do go with the rear wheel, drive youre, looking at 340 horsepower and 325 pound feet of torque, i would highly recommend getting the all wheel drive model because theyre only charging 2000 us. So the base is at 62 995 and at 64 995 you get the all wheel, drive model with all sorts of extra power. Now do keep in mind. This hasnt been released, but dont be fooled.

Youre, probably going to lose somewhere between 20 to 30 miles. For going all wheel drive so if having the most autonomy possible is important for you go with the rear wheel, drive but do realize youre losing out on acceleration and youre losing out on power. Now whats interesting is these batteries. You do not want to be charging them. You dont, the cadillac lyric is not made to charge off your 110 volt home outlet because youre gon na get 3.5 miles per hour. So when youre trying to recharge 318 miles at that speed, youve got a really long charge time now, if youre on the 240 volt on, you know a smaller home charger that runs off 240 volts well thats the 11.5 kilowatt ac 31 miles per hour, and if You do go and spend extra and get a 19.2 kilowatt ac charger 240 volt box thats going to be a pretty big charger youre. Looking at 52 kilowatts an hour now when youre recharging, 312 kilowatts youll probably want to go with that 52 kilowatt on the fast chargers, so these are not available at home. These are on the sides of highways uh you stop when youve been driving for a while and if youre on the dc fast charge in 10 minutes, you can get up to 76 miles of charge, so that is pretty good and if youre on on that, for 30 minutes youre gon na get 195 uh kill 195 miles back, so that is actually really excellent.

So 30 minutes youre getting back almost 200 miles out of 318 miles, but do keep in mind. It is best to charge your battery dont. Let it go beneath 15 and ideally keep it between the 15 to 80 percent range, because thats, one of the downsides of lithium ion is that you do need to not fast charge all the time and you especially need to not be constantly topping off or letting Your battery go beneath 15, so thats an important dont be fooled. Uh. All these stats sheets make. You think that its just per hunky dory to just fast charge all the time, and there should be a little asterisk saying. Dont do this all that often dont. Do this on a daily basis, now lets talk about exterior dimensions for the cadillac lyric. What do we got a wheelbase, its look coming in at 121.8, inches or 3094 millimeters in length in inches 196.7 inches or 4996 millimeters, your width in inches youre, looking at 77.8 or in millimeters, 1900 1977 millimeters in height youve, got 63.9 inches and in millimeters thats 1. 623. So basically, what are you looking at so far youre looking at a vehicle that is very much like a porsche macan uh, its kind of typically sized to lets say a cadillac xt4, but with a lower roof. Now the curb weight a little heavy at 5610 pounds, 2545 kilograms, but thats sort of a must of electric vehicles and its sort of the downfall of electric vehicles, because the more autonomy you have currently, that means the bigger the battery and the bigger the battery.

The higher the weight goes up because those are high weight numbers. Just to give you an idea. A plug in escape 2022 plug in escape comes in at about 3 800 pounds, and a traditional gas version comes in at about 3500 pounds. So definitely a good amount of weight for the cadillacs big 100 kilowatt battery. Now inside youre going to get decent interior dimensions, i sat in it. I was actually pretty impressed with the front and the rear uh. I was very comfortable in the vehicle just to give you some quick numbers: front: headroom in inches 38.6, inches 980 millimeters front leg, room for 41.4, inches or 1052 millimeters front shoulder room in inches 58.9, inches 1497 millimeters front hip room youre, looking at 56.5, inches or 1436 millimeters and passenger volume uh cubic feet. Youve got 105 cubic feet or 2 976 liters. Now in the cargo, the cargo space was also very acceptable. Youve got cargo volume behind first row seats, so thats with the second row seats. You know the kid seats down, youre, actually getting 68 cubic feet or in liters 1720 leaders and cargo volume behind second row seats, meaning just your regular driving position as if you had either adults or kids in the second row, youre looking at 28 28 cubic feet And 793 liters, so the back could have a little bit more space, not a major issue, but really the the the big issue here is that you dont have a frunk like you do on most vehicles at least not the one i put my hands on, and I did say earlier that it was similar in size to the xt4 im.

Sorry thats, the xt5, but it does have a lower lower roof. So you will notice that in its styling, but once you sit in it, i didnt feel like this was missing any room whatsoever. Now for the final part of this video, i really want to do a proper dont be fooled section. So the two major things id say, dont be fooled on in regards to this vehicle is one its, not bad, that it looks like a cadillac suv. You know the mustang mock e kind of looks like a mustang and im totally okay with that, but do keep in mind that the mustang maki costs less and overall with it costing less. I think its, i think, its more of a competitor. I think that the cadillac youre going to get if youre really into cadillac and i think its going to actually appeal to less people than the mock e. Now. The maki, of course, did frustrate a lot of people being called the mustang maki, and i still feel that that would have been a better release of a product. They would have just called it. The maki, however, the styling you can see that it fits in with a mustang. So what can you do obviously out of our hands? What i can say about the cadillac lyric is that its gorgeous? It is a sharp looking vehicle. However dont be fooled. Cadillac is not going to be cadillac. Doesnt seem to be working to produce hundreds of thousands of these because already with the demand be out there and this isnt a product that you know has been advertised all over the place.

I dont think that theres a lot of common knowledge about this vehicle and nonetheless the website will tell you put in your pre order now, because 2023 is sold out so put in a pre order for 2024.. My sources are telling me that were already. If you order now youre already at a 2025., so i think thats, the big bombshell on this product is that weve got something that looks and feels pretty decent. I think that some people will be fooled thinking its a cadillac thatll, be the best machine at absorbing bumps in potholes, but id say thats cadillac 15 years ago, 20 years ago, really most of cadillacs history, but cadillac since 2009 has been making a change towards vehicles That are more responsive that have a sportier feel to them, but youre definitely losing comfort in regards to the suspension. Dont get this thinking. This is going to be an amazing pothole, eater, its going to be great in the field interior, its got a gorgeous interior. The materials are really nice. The outside look, if youre looking for something that still looks like an ice vehicle. Well youve got a big wind. There and if youre looking for an ev that really has a whole new style and a whole new, look well youre not going to get that out of the cadillac and, like all my reviews and anytime, im talking about vehicles or really anything in general in life. Theres pros and cons and where, when you excel in one area, youre probably going to be losing in another area, nothings ever perfect all the way.

But i can say that this is looking pretty darn good. The price when we compare it to a maki im. Finding is a little high because this is actually producing similar stats, the maki and were going to actually have to see if the all wheel, drive version comes actually even close to that of the ford mustang machi gt, because remember that does zero to 60. In about three and a half seconds, so therell be more on this. I find it nonetheless an interesting product, and i do appreciate that youve watched my video covering this information. So if youve made it this far, please throw in a comment just write, finisher and if you want to help the channel out just hit that like button and if you want to not miss out on more videos of really all kinds of videos. I tinker with a bit of everything: uh just hit that subscribe button. Thank you so much for watching and until next time i wish you all more cars and more power.