Now its e nero, which first launched in 2019, set new standards in the world of electric cars. Kia went on to sell 26 000 e neros, and this is the second generation card now called nero ev. My name is james batchelor and today snows kia, and i are going to take you around this all new kia nero ever Music. Now, before we take a look inside and take this car out on a test, drive lets just take a look at the styling. Now the e nero wasnt, what youd call a stylish looking car, its very functional and very practical, but it wasnt particularly daring in the styling department. This nero ev is a lot more daring. The overall design is a bit more stylish and i particularly like the back part of the car and this c pillar in particular, you can even change the color of this panel from black to gray or in body color like weve got here, but theres still, some Functional aspects to this car, such as theres a vent that goes all the way behind this pillar and thats, designed to improve this cars aero efficiency, which is crucial for an electric car. Now the charging port is located in the center of the bumper making. It really easy when you drive up to a charging port youve got your type 2 connector and your ccs port there for rapid charging now mid level models and, above the three trim level, come with vehicle to device.

It allows you to use a special adapter, allowing you to charge up things that use a three pin plug such as a kettle. A toaster, even another. Electric car inside in the interior is very familiar and thats because it takes some key design themes from the ev6 kias halo, electric car, in particular the design all of these angles that makes the interior look absolutely fantastic and also that cars focus on minimalism. You get two screens in front of you, theres, also a third screen down here, which neatly allows you to switch between the cars, major controls and the air conditioning. It just helps tidy this area of the car up, theres, also, a high level of standard equipment. All nero evs come with the dual screens, with apple carplay and android uh phone connectivity. You get rear parking, sensors and a camera. You get an 11 kilowatt on board charger, whilst the top spec cars even come with vegan friendly upholstery and a passenger seat that allows you to recline and its a special relaxing seat. Meanwhile, in the back theres plenty of room back there, thanks to the flat floor, you can comfortably fit three people and you can keep your devices charged up with the usbc ports on either seat and theres. Even a three pin plug socket down there in the boot. Well, its very spacious, theres, a nice wide opening and all nero evs have a split height boot floor, allowing you to keep your charging cables under the boot floor.

Thats enough of the technical details. Lets take this nero ev out on the road Music. Now, in most electric cars you have to choose between whether you want front or rear wheel, drive or four wheel drive youve got to choose between the size of the battery. How much performance you want! It can get a little bit confusing, but not so in the nero ev, because theres just one option. It comes with a 67.8 kilowatt hour battery and a 200 horsepower electric motor and that battery is good enough for a claimed range of 285 miles. Plugging into a 100 kilowatt on street charger and a zero to 80 charge would take just over 40 minutes. If you plug into your seven kilowatt home war box, a full charge up to 100 should take around 10 hours and 25 minutes Music. Now the nero ev and three and four trims. They also come with the option of a heat pump, which is especially worth going for. If you intend to use your electric car a lot during the colder winter months, because it makes the car just that little bit more efficient now on the road in the nero ev, its a very comfortable and refined electric car, the suspension is nice and soft. It gives a nice smooth ride and the steering is nicely accurate and pretty quick to respond now, with 200 horsepower on tap from the electric motor. Acceleration is pretty much instantaneous, but you can make the driving experience a little bit more thrilling by putting the car into sport mode, and the acceleration is just that little bit sharper.

Now, of course, an electric car isnt always about speed efficiency is a key part of it, and the e nero was always excellent in this department. You could always well pretty much nearly guarantee you getting between three to four miles per kilowatt hour, which made it one of the most efficient electric family hatchbacks on sale and the nero ev well thats set to continue that strong focus on efficiency. This is one electric car which you can guarantee youre going to get a good electric range from, and that claimed 285 miles should be pretty much easily achievable. In many ways, this new nero ev takes all of the e neros fantastic points such as strong efficiency, high equipment level, good value for money and just improves it in key areas such as technology and desirability. This is one family ev. You should be putting on your shortlist. Now there are paddles behind the steering wheel, allowing you to increase and decrease the strength of the regenerative brakes. The stronger they are, the quicker the car slows down. It puts more power back into will charge back into the batteries. You can also engage eye pedal once that mode is on youve effectively got one pedal driving. So as soon as you take your foot off the throttle, you come to a complete standstill without having to touch the brakes, its especially useful when driving around the city thats.