My name is derek reilly. We are in a suburb of dublin in ireland and, as you can see from the thumbnail title, we are spending the day with a tesla mobile technician or a ranger ride along as i like to call it. So lets have a look to see what weve got on today with steve from tesla Music, if youre interested in all things eevee and want to support the channel, hit the subscribe button and hit the bell icon, so you dont miss any future updates. So we started off the day at the server center. In dublin they have a fleet of three tesla model ss that have been traded in and converted, and you can also see in the background there. They have one ford connect, transit van, so you will get people saying oh delivered by diesels, serviced by diesels, but this has been taken out of the fleet and theyre going to increase the fleet by two more so the tesla model are usually all painted in white Or wrapped in white, with some signage down along the side, but thats not always the case in all markets and also its been converted to take the rear seats out and its got the ability to carry tools. And this has the tow bar in the back wood. For one of the jobs later on on the side, then youll also see some tool boxes and an inverter where the mobile dedication steve can charge his laptop and also charge.

Some batteries lets have a conversation with the owner, peter and the mobile service, offering peter first stop of the day. Tell us what you like about the mobile technician service from tesla. Well, i think its a game changer, i think weve been um, been used to having to go up to the garage having to leave the car. There get another car as a loner or get a taxi back and forth, and it just takes up time in your day. It could be something really really small that youre only in for an hour uh or it could be youre, leaving the car there for a day and um. I think its quite frustrating, then youve got to leave work quite early to get back to where the service station might be. So, having someone come to you, whether thats at home or or even in in the office which weve done before um even getting a new tow bar fitted, is just unbelievably convenient. It lets you go about your day in a normal, structured manner and the ability to book it by the app as well youre not having to ring anybody up. No, no, the app is the app is great and it keeps getting added to so uh yeah and then they will touch back uh touch base with you if theres any changes or any amendments that need to be made um. So you know exactly whats getting done. You know the schedule its uh, its great plus the the ranger team will contact you.

You know half an hour to an hour before in fact, theyll contact you the day before, just to confirm everything, and then the morning of you know, theyll tell you theyre. 10 minutes out or half an hour out and its its just great, you know perfect anything to add. No, i just think its its great. The reality is nowadays that you probably wont need to the ranger team um. I think, such as the reliability thats improved uh. Certainly from the earlier cars that we had, you know there was there was smaller gremlins rattles. You know small little things that needed to get done. I think, with the newer cars now its its its a totally different story. There isnt uh that same type of uh the same type of issues at all, in fact its really just service or tire rotation, or you know, small things that they can do. Certainly if a tow bar needs to be fitted that didnt come with a car. Theyll do those types of things as well, so excellent. Thank you peter, and thank you for your time. Thank you off to job number two down in county carlow in the midlands of ireland and having a great conversation with steve. The mobile technician from tesla and just sitting back and relaxing im. Usually the one that has to drive but steve has the autopilot on as well so its great cruise control, etc, etc. Lets have a chat with steve didnt get a chance to interview steve properly when we were at job number one, which was that you, i called it a service, but we were chatting in the car and you dont really like to call it for service yeah.

I dont really like quality service, because what the customer thinks as a service is an oil change and look over the the whole engine and all that i kind of like to call it a safety check, more writing. And so for that we did tire rotation. A tire rotation and a brake strip and clean okay, perfect, but depending on whatever the car needs it like there might be pollen filters that car isnt that old. So it wasnt a lot of mileage on it yeah yeah. They would usually do pollen filters, maybe uh wiper blades as well. Okay, depending on the user, depending on the use and youve been with tesla. How many years now itll be coming up to four years now four years, and how do you find the job id love? It i love it yeah i dont like it. I just love it and its the whole, the cleanliness of the actual the vehicles themselves, but also that there isnt any oil et cetera, et cetera, but the people that you meet the the people im meeting the people. I work with for a great team uh the interactions with customers every day as well, its just a lot of good kind of positivity from them, yeah its its just an overall good workplace. Your background comes from the motor industry and people coming to a dealership and getting a an expensive service done. Yeah the difference between this and youve been able to be out the road and going to peoples.

Places of work like were here with paul or to peter. This morning, at his house the the mind shift: do you find that people are talking about it and the convenience of it and the hassle less hassle yeah? I think i think its more the the fact that a customer doesnt even have to leave his house. He he can just book a service through the app we come out to them and they dont have to come to a service center. They dont have to be stuck in traffic, were the ones getting stuck in traffic for them. Yes, you know so because its a great experience for the customer, i think, when youre driving a nice model, s like this stock in traffic, isnt too bad its not too bad, especially what ive noticed is even on job. Two and ive only followed steve for two jobs is theres, an element of theres a chat beforehand or afterwards, so yeah, building up that customer service and having those conversations with people as well theres an element to that yeah like um, because the customer isnt actually seeing Anyone i think, theyd like to have the the face to face with a mobile ranger or anyone in tesla. Sometimes you know just to either give kind of great feedback of what could be better with the cars they just like to have a have a gap. Sometimes you know youre the face of the company in essence, then, because as much as everything is online, you could buy your car online, you could get it delivered, yeah hands, free yeah.

You could go to the server center, sometimes and drop off your car, yeah and theres a a loaner there ready for you and youre gone yeah and you you come back and your car is there and you go so sometimes theres very little. Human interaction, yeah, sometimes were the only face the customer sees is, is a is a mobile visit from one of us very good, so yeah its um, and i think, customers just like that, yeah for sure and its something im, not a tesla owner. So i wasnt aware and youd see driving on youll see this is a white tesla and sometimes youve got the nose cone, the black nose going bush and in some markers theyre, not always white in ireland, theyre white and in north america, theyre white bush, for example. In the united kingdom, their body color, but yeah, it sometimes just looks like a mod less. Unless you see the writing on the side, yeah yeah and so people may not be aware that when you purchase a tesla youd, be the ability of this through the app booking in likes of yourself for the team and the team was growing in ireland as well. Your three model, ss theres, a little ford van but thats, been upgraded too soon and then theres five theres gon na be five. My vortex, covering that its great yeah thats, the island thats, ireland, yeah excellent yeah and theres the difference between an express service and a mobile service yeah an express location.

The customer would go to um. We base ourselves at one particular place right, so the customer would come to us mobile service. We go to them, okay, so its a nice balance. There is a nice balance, like some days its nice for um, one of the mobile rangers to be based in one place right and and its also nice just to be on the road and see parts of the country. Youve never seen yeah its great because some people say oh theres, only one dealership in dublin its too far away from me if im buying it im living on the west coast or whatever part of the country, but tesla kind of saw that situation yeah well. 80 of work for model 3 and model y can be done on location well, so like realistically, you should never see a service center. Yes, anything that you need. A mobile technician should be able to solve brilliant. Sir im really enjoying my time with steve today, were having some great chats in the car up and down looking forward to the tow bar one bit more manual. Yeah get you working a bit harder. Get me a bit bit: sweaty job number two was a black knight in county carlow and it was a tire rotation on a tesla model y um steve put down the hard graph there here. We are at job number two and i barely set up the camera and steve has already finished hes on a tire rotation on this tesla model y.

So job number three is going to be a remote access so and the services that the mobile technician offer is the fact that you dont have to be there. You can access the vehicle after consent to make sure you get in here before we leave here were gon na, have a chat with the owner paul and then head back up to towards dublin to do that. Tow bar installation, so its a great variety of jobs that were doing here today on that ranger ride along or mobile technician ride. Lung well call it ranger ride along still paul kelly owner of a tesla model y recent owner of a tesla model x, but we wont mention the war and uh a big advocate of the mobile technician service, the ranger service at tesla. Why do you like it? So much um its just convenient im here in carlow and the guys are based in dublin, and i can just go on to the app book a service book. You know the likes of this. The wheel rotation um had the hitch put on, and the previous car had multiple things done by the ranger in fairness, but the the main one was middle of winter. The ptc heater and the cabin went down comes steve boom done in an hour and it was either here. It was done twice. Actually it was two different cars, but it was. I got a loaner car ptc here was god steve came to my house and fixed it, and it was done here in my own car at another another point in time, so its just super convenient to have the guys coming to your premises, your home on, without Even having to think about it, you know because its an ordeal to pack everything up and go to dublin, and you know when the car goes into service in the service center, its not always turned around straight away.

It could be there for about four hours or six hours or for a full day. You know so its just its much handier through the app you couldnt get more convenient using technology. The way it should be used yeah and you can chat to the you – can chat to the ranger to have in app chat, which is quite convenient as well now thats a new feature for ireland. Theyve had it in other markets, for probably two years id say so, thats thats really good as well. So, even even if its not steve, it could be tarik or any one of the the guys in bacca house in in dublin and away. You go excellent uh. Something that i wasnt aware of and ive seen the ranger vehicles on the road, but now understanding and spending some time with steve its definitely like a huge bonus. If you are a tesla owner yeah right, no one else does it yeah. You know, i think at one point sometimes in the past, mercedes might have had something similar, but its definitely not like for everyone. You know if you had a a particular model, say an s class or something you might have got a a very nice service, but but typically like any tesla doesnt matter, if its 15 or 10 years old or if its brand new, if its serviceable by the Ranger theyll do it and theres a lot of over the air updates so well that they can see what the issue is and theyll line up the ranger as to what they need to bring with them, because steve obviously had to load up this morning.

All the bits that he needed for today, yeah like for for older cars, hes doing ccs retrofits hes. He can do um in in field mcu upgrades on the older model, ss and xs, and things like that and that turns an older car into a brand new car. From a from a usability perspective. If you had an older, say a 2014 model s and you got mcu 2, you get netflix and all these amazing technology, but its field serviceable. Okay, you pay for it. Yes, thats, not a thats, not a cheap upgrade but youre paying for the hardware and the software upgrade. You know, but, as you said, the car itself, the hardware of the car, the car might be perfect. Yeah and youre just upgrading the computer elements of it and the fact that steve or any of the rangers can come out and do it like its the future. It is the future yeah yeah. Thank you paul for your time. Oh thanks for letting us down into carlo, we didnt have to get our visas stamped or change of currency or change our watches, but appreciate your time love it thanks back up the dublin for job number, three in that tow bar installation. I just want to talk about some of the other aspects of the app that you can book through the service with the mobile technicians. If its a non warranty piece of work, you can actually approve the estimate and pay via the app so its all done securely, because it already stores your payment details, you can schedule, modify or cancel mobile services via the app as well.

The mobile service technician will contact you just before they arrive and then theyll wait. 15 minutes here is a remote access and i was asking steve: how long does it take to get access to the car and unlock it and with me just saying it? The car unlocks – and here he is opening the trunk or the boot, and also opening the drivers door. A jar when you are booking a mobile service appointment make sure that youve listed everything about 24 hours beforehand, so that stephen, the team of mobile service technicians, wherever youre booking it in can pre load their model s before they leave. This is a time lapse of steve fit in the tobir and what youll also get up on the screen and its very difficult for tesla owners not to press it is. It will say that theres, a pending software update, dont update it. It is for the mobile service technician, so if it, if you do press the update, itll, just take them longer to do um on the app that steve has thats a specific technician, app that they can reach out and contact. Itll also give the estimation, as to the time itll, take to do the job etc. Make sure that you give the technicians enough space, proper directions, access for your security gates, let security guards know etc. Make sure you keep your pets secure. He doesnt mind a happy dog but theyre, not always happy um.

The aim of this mobile service is and elon musk has talked about 75 of all services to be done. Mobile tesla ireland is at 66 currently on top of the leaderboard in europe, which is great to see and theyre striving to get to 75. You can see steve here, hes hardwired his laptop into the tesla, and it is just update the configuration to let the tesla know that it is going to be towing, and here is that tow bar and you can have it removed as well. Hopefully, youve enjoyed my ride along with the tesla mobile technician. Please subscribe to the channel, hit the like button and leave a comment and remember if you think an ev is for you leave it to me and ill review.