Okay, all right. If i start this, and then i thats it Music, just use this good right, Music, proper car. Now, ladies and gents, the mg zscb right. If electric cars are going to take over, we need more affordable options that blend into your life without any serious compromises and with the zsev mg is hoping to capture this area of the market by producing an electric car for the masses right straight away. Theres a problem you see, the zs was released back in 2017 as a compact suv and it was a bit meh thats what it was. I mean it really struggled against competition. Like the peugeot 2008, the renault captain i mean the interior just wasnt up to scratch. It wasnt very efficient, but now now we have this electric version, its a completely different ball game completely different because in terms of competition, when it comes to affordable, electric suvs, theres, not much competition at all. So suddenly mg have pulled an absolute blinder. I mean this car is under 30 000 pounds. Itll do around 200 miles on a single charge. Lovely and lets be honest, its much nicer to look at than the standard version isnt it whats not to like, and look if 200 miles, aint enough, then for two and a half grand more you can get the long range version that does 273 miles on a Charge few cars offer better range for the money and you can charge it up to 80 in just 42 minutes.

But what about the rest of the car? Okay, its, not super luxurious in here, but it is adequate. I mean the design is a bit. Generic youve got some hard plastics dotted about all over the place, but the things that matter most are pretty decent seats. Very nice and comfortable steering wheel nice to hold super adjustable. The screen 10.1 inches tad on the slow side. When youre pressing the buttons etcetera but its not horrendous apple, carplay, android, auto, sat nav 360 degree, camera theres wireless charging, theres adaptive cruise control, all of the things lovely lovely. There are two things that have bugged me number one is the indicator sound its just a little bit harsh on the ears, not a fan of that and the wing mirror adjustment, which sounds like a really weird thing to pick up on. But normally you sit in your driving position and youve either got a control here or a control up here, and you can change it and everything will all fit your driving position perfectly, but its here so youre having to lean forward adjust your wing mirrors sit back And check it adjust it sit back and check it. If you share your car with your other half or something and youre always having to change the mirrors every time you sit in your car, that would get quite annoying. I think after a while, but there we go oh, but theres a paddy roof, so that makes everyone happy doesnt it.

I love a penny. Roof. Oh fabulous theres loads of room in here too, so the zss boxy shape means theres lots of headroom in the back. Theres leg room to spare too and youve got a decent 470 litre, boot very handy, but none of that matters. If the zsev cant hold its own out on the road so whats it like, then its fine. I mean its nothing exciting its fine. It gets the job done its not exactly fun but its not designed to be fun. This car is probably one of the easiest cars to drive, so you can adjust the regenerative braking and at the strongest level its almost one pedal driving fantastic. I mean itll. Do north to 62 in around eight seconds, so thats, not too bad at all. Is it plus youve just got the joy of the electric silentness and the electric instant shove that weve grown to know and love? I mean the steering its light, but its responsive suspension is very comfortable. I mean its its nice on like normal roads on country roads because it is so comfortable and it is so soft. It can be a bit bit wobbly, not wobbly, thats, not the word im. Looking for its a bit war, sometimes you know what i mean. Oh, what i do want to mention which ill just point out is i really like the height of this center console, because i can rest. My arm on here see have a good little lean.

Its a bit cruising like this, which i know weve, had a comment on one of our videos in the past of uh ten and two, please nicola youre, not vin diesel, its very comfortable driving like this very nice and get this.