My name is Richard in this video Im going to give you my review of the Cooper born and along the way, I can give you some comparisons with it. Sister, the VW ID3 lets, share the same platform. So what exactly the difference is and what do I think of the ball? So as we look at these two cars, obviously there are different specs different models, different trims and such like uh. But let me just explain what weve got here, so this Cooper born is what they call the V2, the level 2 kind of spectrum. This has got the 58 kilowatt hour usable battery, its a gross of just over 60. and Ill talk to you a bit about Real World Range, because we did a range test on this in another video, its a rear wheel, drive 204 PS, 200 brake horsepower rear Wheel, drive hatchback a lot of fun, this ID3 Ill. Let you to a secret. This is actually my wifes car. You will see that this car has a couple of modifications to it. It actually has some lower and different Wheels a front splitter rear spoiler, which arent standard. So yes bear that in mind, but I dont have a standard one here at the moment, however, it is the same 58 kilowatt hour, railroad 204 PS model – and this is the remember – writing the pro performance version. So you say you will see some different spectrums and options, but I can still run you through some of the differences and exactly what I think of the Cupra, so underneath the skin they share the same platform.

They are basically the same car. These two. However, we do have quite different styling on the Cooper here, and I think this stands out most on the front, so I think its got a much more kind of aggressive style to it. This ID3 has a kind of black section on there, a bit of a cutesy face, although this one with these lights and a bit low and splitter, looks a bit meaner, doesnt it, but the Cooper is definitely going for the meaner look. It is kind of intended to be the more sporty version. It actually has a different, lower suspension compared to a standard ID3, slightly faster steering rack as well, and its kind of been geared up to be the more aggressive sportier version of the ID3. So what do you think looks are going to be subjective? You know, but let me know in the comments below which one you prefer do you like these aggressive looks here. The Cooper is mean and menacing as it comes up behind you on a slightly softer cuter. Look of an ID3, although this one, I think, does look fairly mean so the Cooper one thing you do notice is its littered with these kind of Copper, Brass colored bits of trimming. So this bit right across the front here the big aggressive badge in the front and the Cooper lettering and then various bits inside and thats, just like our old Hyundai ironic, see its the same and here and on the center console.

So I think from the side is where they look most the same, you can see. Theyve got this distinctive little window at the front here in front of the drivers window. The profile here is the same, and the shape here is all the same. Youll see the Cooper has this little scoop up here for a little sport in Edge and this ones on some pretty nice Wheels a bit more Aero on this one, and these are 19 inch. I think yeah 19 inch wheels. One thing they both share is drum brakes at the back. Now you dont see that very often, but they do both have the drum brakes at the rear. This bit at the back here is actually dim pulled in, and it reminds me of those um. I dont know if they call it the right thing. Those shark suits that swimmers can wear. Those body suits, but have this kind of effect a bit like fish gals that create kind of Bubbles and reduce friction, so maybe theyre trying for the same thing with this. Do you like it or not like it, its all right? Let me come to the back where theyre quite different again, so this has that distinctive light bar going right across it here, oh its got a little bit of wood born written in the side there so LED lights, light bar right across, but this bit here is Very different from the side profile, the Coopers got a much more distinctive scoop out here, a very similar badge, so that opens the boot like this again.

Some coppery gold brassy lettering and then some quite aggressive diffusers at the back here so which one of the two cars do. You prefer the rear. End of, let me know in the comments so as you can see, the idea is much smoother at the back here, but theyre both very much the same with this roof section here comes right out over the hatch and youve got this big inbound section here. So this must be to help airflow. This board is extra by the way, so it wouldnt normally come with that. The one thing we do notice with the ID3 is the back does get Pretty Dirty uh in Dusty or dirty conditions, so this wiper here is definitely needed. Boot space seems to be exactly the same, really, which is a pretty large practical space. The seats fold down. I like these little plastic hooks on on here, so if youve got to carry a bag of shopping or a takeaway, you can hook that onto there just a nice little touch and theres a very small amount of storage under the back of the boot floor here. Just about enough to store a cable in, they both have a 12 volt socket in the boot as well, which is Handy, but our ID3 here has a ski hatch as well. So I dont know if thats an optional extra on this, that or both or neither at standard I dont know but L1 does normally.

You can really see it, but the Cooper has a body colored roof and the ID3 has a black roof. Neither car has any front storage space up here. Both cars have excellent space in the back its one of the things that is very useful with our car. In fact, theres been times when Ive been at home with something like a Tesla Model, 3 or BMW iPhone 50. Once actually we couldnt get a French child seat, probably in the back, so we took the ID through and it fitted absolutely fine in there. The rare space for smaller car here is brilliant. Weve got a nice gap between the floor and the seat, its a very almost flat floor, so Im going to call that a flat floor and theres great knee room and theres Headroom and just plenty of space. Its really good weve got two USB sockets down here, but it has one vital thing missing, which is a real bug bear on ours, and this Cooper is exactly the same. Theres no rear air vents theres no vent here and it could be a perfect air vent. Even if it was just one theres, none here so on a hot day, it can get a little bit stuffy in the back and, I think thats a major major flaw between both of these cars. I just dont understand why they dont have it okay, but eventually the air conditioning blows through from the front so lets move on from that.

I do like this texture of the seats in this Cupra. More and theyve got a nice little design pattern to them here. So this is the ID3 seat, texture and lots of keen on that. But these are a bit nicer, I have to say – and some nice little colored stitching as well. They both have isofix not just in the back but also in the front, and they both have. This tether Point as well, so some car seats, you can come around and just put an extra tether on the seat here to stop the seat moving around so thats good, so in here is where we start seeing a few differences, so the center console is the First thing I noticed in the Koopa its much more built up. Weve got a large sliding compartment here, so two cup holders here an extra little storage area. At the front, there a really convenient phone Storage Tray there, which Ill just demonstrate to check its a phone Storage Tray like that with wireless charger, and then one Center armrest here under that is a really nice deep storage area. Actually, with a couple more USBS in the front, there Im always a bit wary when theres a taller center console here, because it can annoy me when I sit in the car with my knees. But this is fine and just throughout the cabin in the Cooper theres. A nice little mixture of materials, so these Plastics are really nicely kind of finished in a very nice squidgy material same with across the dash here.

This is all finished and squidgy material with some sort of cross stitch in here. So its like a sort of fabric. Here on the side here is more plasticy, but again its textured nicely some extra textures there, a nice sort of Alcantara, refill suede, feel to this armrest area. Here with some ambient lighting again, nice kind of this looks like carbon fiber in a set in the steering wheel, some perforated leather there for the steering wheel there. So it has a nice good quality feel about it. I mean you can find a few Plastics. Of course, but actually everything is just a bit nice and squidgy and pretty well finished again, Im not so keen on the kind of coppery accents here, quite so much, but its not a bad place to be at all. So you can see here immediately the center console. The ID3 is much lower down a little storage net at the front there, a couple of cup holders again wireless phone charger and then a slide back compartment, which is pretty deep in here again with a couple of USBS. So because this is lower. We have these separate armrests. I like these armrests. These are great like this, so the Cooper does it by having that raised center console this just. Does it slightly differently, so its nice to have them, and you can push them out the way if you dont like to have that its nice and open again gives me a bit more room to sort of wiggle my legs around here or sit like that? If I want to but youll see in the interior here that theres, not as many of the nice more premium materials, this is quite plasticky again, its all rubberized, that is a bit squishy but theres a bit more of this kind of gray plastic around a less Mixture of materials weve also got those haptic buttons, but, unlike the Cupra, I can actually just push that button there and it will turn the volume up and down.

So I find these less easy to catch by mistake and just easier to use so thats about batter. Again, the screen and interface Works in a very similar way, with apple carplay or working good, and then weve got the same kind of display up here with a couple of options for changing whats. In this View – and then your drive selector at the top here so very similar – really, I do appreciate not having those annoying vent slots that dont line up, though thats better here weve got a larger screen than our ID3, so I think they come with a larger Screen as standard, not that theres a vast amount of difference – and that brings me on to the kind of software and interface here so theyre, pretty similar between the two cars. And that is basically that its okay but its kind of Fairly basic. It can be a little bit laggy uh when you press certain things, but it works. A VW group had a lot of criticism about the software in their cars. We found ours again so fairly basic compared to some stuff, its, not a Tesla, but its been fine. It works its been okay, weve got Wireless Apple, carplay Android, auto, so that I think it all works. Okay, weve not had any issues of crashing with ours, its just a little bit slower than Simon a bit more basic than some other cars now, but its all pretty nice, its nice to have a little display in front of the driver here where we can switch Between different versions of the views that show your Elena system bits like that, but lets get on to some of the Annoying bits of this car because there are a couple like the ID3 weve got haptic buttons on here, but the ones in the Cupra are even More annoying its even easier to touch them by mistake and so constantly youre driving long.

You easily push things and it beeps and it does a different mode and your cruise control goes up to 18. That kind of thing, but even then, with the volume control. I just want to push that one to turn the volume up, but that doesnt work you have to stroke it up to change the volume and stroke it down to change the volume and its just irritating. It really is so not so keen on that. Then this isnt one for the OCD people, the air vents right. So this is somebody else. Wouldnt get this. So weve got these air vents here, but I want to move the air up a little bit. Fine, nice and easy just move it Im going to go through screens, but this now doesnt line up and that really bugs me. I was constantly sitting in the car lining up these air vent slats. Would anyone else do that, or was that just me? Let me know in the comments below so I know Im a bit been a bit pedantic, but I did find it rather annoying um right um, so the haptic steering wheel buttons, the vents annoying. Also, when you turn the volume up and down it beeps on the screen, I cant find a way to turn that off. Even when you push the light on and off up here, it beeps cant find a way to turn that off. I can certainly find a way to turn this one off Ill.

Do that so its its nice. Its well finished. Visibility, I think, is pretty good. You do have this kind of slightly different to some cars window at the front here, which I think does work. I dont know what you do about it: they need this windscreen slope for Aero uh, so some people say that MPs visibility. I think it depends where you sit in your seat. If you sit a long way back, it creates quite a kind of blind spot, but actually as long as youre, not right back, it does give you visibility there. This ones got a head up display as well, which is nice to have, and thatll even does some augmented navigation on that head up display as well. It doesnt kind of show you the front camera type of augmented, but it will put an arrow in the road and, as you get closer, it will zoom in and show you but its nice to have a header display in this particular model. And again, the seats are just kind of a nice material, nicely finished, theyre a little bit more supportive and bolstered compared to the ID3. Weve got this little hole in the seats here and then weve got some quite a lot of squishy headrests there. So I find it plenty comfortable enough to be in for the day. Uh driver assist right. One thing here: driver assist smart assistance, yeah. How smart are these so Lane assist? I can turn this Lane assist off and I quite often want to turn lane assist off, because when youre driving through some town, roads and on country, roads youll often need to deliberately cross the center line of the road because theres a parked car, because its a Narrow Country Lane, Etc, fine, but the next time I drive the car it will be on again and so youre driving along and suddenly the steering tugging at you to keep you off of the white line.

You can quite easily override it Im, exaggerating a little bit but its annoying. If I turn it off Id like it to always be off. Maybe I want it to only be on on the motorway, where it makes much more sense and is far less intrusive. Im sure the cars these days can realize, when theyre on motorways, or just when theyre traveling above 60, miles per hour, for example, and then it would be on again by default now some people say well. These are on every time because its a security feature, but weve got a new Tesla over there and that you can turn it off and it stays off. So I dont think its anything to do with legislation. Uh some people might not mind. I get it as a safety feature, but actually I think it can be counterproductive in a number of scenarios and rather the option just to keep it off permanently. If I chose to the Cooper has LED headlights, they do the job, but our ID3 has these Dynamic Matrix, LED option on here and weve got a light bar that goes across the front which looks pretty funky, but these headlights a kid you not are some of The best headlights Ive had on any car that Ive driven, they are proper, cornering headlights. They actually move around theyre, Dynamic and Matrix to do loads of stuff, and they are just brilliant. I absolutely love driving this car at night with these headlights and even when you walk up to the car at night, it has a really cute little wake up procedure where it kind of like wakes up, looks around at you and then they gradually get brighter.

So theyve got a really nice little light animation to these as well. I highly recommend having these headlights in your ID3 because they are excellent and whats the ball and like to dry compared to the ID3. Well, our one theres had a couple of modifications to sharpen it up a little bit, because the standard car is a little softer and squishier and a bit more of an all. Rounder totally understand that the Cooper, though, has been designed from Factory to be just a bit more sporting feeling, so slightly faster steering lowered suspension as standard. So it is the sportier con. In fact now the owls is like that theyre actually quite similar, so its nice, its not bad, compared to the Teslas, its not as quick but its quite a nippy car 200 horsepower on the rear wheels if its wet. You can just even Slide the back around a bit if you wanted to, but the traction control kicks in really quickly uh this suspension, though around town it is on the firmer side. You will notice all the bumps and potholes around town once you get out onto the motorway, though its fairly settled and isnt too bad at all its quite a comfortable car theyre, both fairly quiet. I think, in my mind, our ID through there is definitely quieter than this car, though this car, even at medium Town speeds. You get a lot more Road raw and noise coming through into the cabin that ID3 is actually very, very quiet.

Weve got actually the standard tires on that, so theyre not like the wide or especially narrow, tires, but the ID3 seems quite quiet. In fact, its one of the quietest cars, the first drove an ID3 drive down the road. I thought this is exceptionally quiet really well suppressed: wind noise and road noise. This seems to have a little bit more road noise. In my opinion, these are standard, wheels and tires, but maybe just because these are Continental. Those are good years. The good years are quieter, but its a moderately sporty feeling a little bit firm but settles on the motorway, but quite comfortable for doing long Journeys. And so when you do a long journey, what is it like for a real world range where we did a proper range test on this and youll see in our last video, we drove in a mixture of country and Motorway roads, and we averaged actually on that Day, covering over 200 miles, uh 4.1 miles per kilowatt hour, which is pretty good, we do see our nails more, like 3.6 3.7 miles, we could all out, but thats mainly doing a school run. I know all those little short trips where you heat in the cabin up or calling the cabin down quickly, so you can quite easily get over four miles per kilowatt hour with one of these, and a real world range translates to about 220 miles. No doubt in the winter again lots of little short trips heat in the cabin youll be under 200 miles, but on a run you can quite happily get these cars over 200 miles of range 225 230 and then they charge 130 kilowatts which isnt too bad at All thatll be a lower stated battery than they gradually slowed down, but a 30 minute stop will take the car yeah most the way back up charge, so coffee and a lunch and youll be on your way again for an another couple of hours driving.

So do we have it at the Cooper born a nice little round package, not too big, not too small thats what she said its a well spec car, uh nice looks good space under 40. 000 pounds depends which treatment options you get, but as most of the versions are under 40 000 pounds theres a bigger battery version available. If you want it as well, if you do lots of longer Journeys, so I really like it its a nice sized car and the proof of the pudding is that weve had our ID3 for a number of months now, and it really suits us as a second Car in the household again, just for that purpose, its mainly doing the school runs Ill admit so, its small enough practical enough and easy enough around town, but its still capable of doing the longer Journeys, as well, even with a full family. Its a great passenger space inside which one do I prefer well its subjective, isnt. It theres little details of like this one theres bits. I prefer this one and I think which one you would prefer would be down to your opinion looks and those details which Ive tried to highlight in this video. So let me know in the comments below what your preference would be: ID3 or Cooper born Im, trying to cast a quick vote amongst all the team here. Can you stand by the car that you prefer, whether you like the brand the looks the image the interior? The exterior stand by your car were going to call that three votes to four the Cooper wins, but both of them are excellent cars, so I hope thats been useful.

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