My name is derek reilly. We are today with the volkswagen id buzz the passenger version, if youre looking for a cargo version, video thats going to be another separate video on the channel Music, Music, im, two tone with the candy white and the yellow comes in green orange as well uh. This one has the iq headlights led matrix large volkswagen badge. There is a front and well look at that now in a second, but there isnt, a funk, is what im trying to say with such a short overhang theres, not a lot of space. To put in here and really only access, the reason you get in here is just to fill up your washer fluid, but there is access. Colors is another thing and i talked about it on my social media theres, the solid colors there theres seven available and then in the two tone there are four colors available. Let me know in the comments which one you prefer, but weve already had a bit of a poll about it and two tone is definitely winning. But you have your sensors in underneath with this kind of mesh at the bottom and your 360 degree cameras moving down along the side. Youve got that air curtain inlet here wheels come in 18s, 19s, 20s and 21s on the passenger. Youve got that iq lights coming down along the side; large black wing mirrors with the indicators its about two meters high about two meters, wide four point: seven meters long and a wheelbase of about three meters.

This has the pull uh the automatic doors on either side and they can be opened up from the front and also by the passengers uh its a five seater, its a standard, chassis lint, and there is a long wheelbase version coming and thats the one youre going To get in the us market, youve got the design lack here then, with the three stripes harking back to the old um volkswagen bully, as they call it with that iq like, but lets turn the van around rear passenger side. You have the charging flap ac goes up to 11 kilowatts and dc up to 170 kilowatts on the side. Youve got this beautiful iq light at the top. Youve got the glass black shark venereal youve got the high level brake light. Youve got the wiper, which is great to see on the iq version. You have this beautiful side to side or coast to coast, light a super large volkswagen badge, id bulls and then in underneath you have a power tail lift button inside the boot. You have 1100 liters up to the top of the seats and then youve got the seat, sound that comes up to 2200 liters, and this one has the optional floor in it, so that when you push the seats down, everything is level really practical. Lots of usability here so yeah youve got your legs. Your shopping bag, hooks youve got your 12 volt socket and with this model we had the um raised floor option on it with some storage boxes in underneath that you can use.

This just makes it a flat floor. Also, you have the tow bar button, so you can click the button on the side and you can use your foot or, as i did with today it was a nice clean van. I was able to use my hand, and you use your foot, then to kick it back underneath again. Also, there are a lot of talk about people wanting to camp on this and there is a camping module available, a full mattress on the top, with a pullout cooker and water holder, etc. Lets have a look on the inside, so whats it like inside the id buzz specifically the passenger version lots of color going on here. You dont have to have as much color. Some of them are to have planar seats, but on the door, youve got your locking, unlocking and your windows. Only windows that work in this id buzz is the front windows. The back windows do not open. Youve got your steering wheel very similar to the rest of the id family, but the difference is the stalk is slightly different on this, its not attached to the binnacle thats on the reach and rake steering wheel over my left. Knee youve got your lighting system again. You can stick it on auto lots of dash lots of spot pockets, etc. Youve got your charging pockets down here. Theres usb ports all over the place, 12 inch screen with your touch sensor on for volume, etc.

Some people arent a fan same as the touch on the steering wheel, but you get over your vents and youve got some really nice storage, your cup holders youve got the ability to open and close the doors at the back. Youve got the center island thats removable. As well, if you dont want it, but it locks into place there as well. Youve got some nice rubberized shelves over here and some storage areas and theres two ton seats. These ones are the top trim. So youve got the electronically adjusted with massage function and you have the ability to give you better tie. Support both seats in the front have armrests two armrests like the traditional bully, but overall lots of space. Great visibility were gon na, have a seat in the back and have a look to see whats like there, it like in the back of the vw id buzz lots of space back here. This seat is set for me. Im 188 centimeters six foot, two so oodles of space, but theres also 150 millimeters of travel on both the 60 and the 40 split. So if you need less or more space its great to have it there in the back of the seats you have a device pocket in the top, youve got a table that you can adjust um. It also has a magazine holder. Whats. Not back here is um air vents, etc, but also i cant open the windows. There is some in the pockets of the doors.

There are some usb type cs, so its a bit compromised there isnt an armrest back here for uh cup holders in the middle, so its a bit of a funny one but great space ill, give it that, but just functionality could be a bit better. So in the back of the id buzz, if you want to put the seats flash, you just pull that handle and it falls nice down and flash, and with that false floor, everything has come through. That brings this volume up to 2200 liters youve got your isofix tie off point in the back and theres two in the back of the id buzz, probably a missed opportunity with such a large vehicle that they dont have that. Third one in the middle. A lot of people are looking for three in a row. This video is in partnership with nevo e irelands, dedicated ev website evos on a wishing to create a seamless transition to electric driving for everyone browse different trim levels and book. Your test drive of your volkswagen id buzz and much more at nevo dot. Ie today lets take the bose out on the road to see what its like suspension wise, and this is not a good road by any means with that mcpherson strut with these uh coil dampeners and then the multi link in the rear uh its a lovely smooth Ride with regards to what, with the weight of the actual vehicle, so theyre doing a nice job of that, because theres going to be families that are going to be using this theres not going to be a race track driving.

So its a 150 kilowatt electric motor on the rear, axle uh there is an all wheel – drive coming next year were told in 2023. That gives you 204 ps, 310 newton meters of torque visibility, wise its phenomenal, absolutely phenomenal. It is a large windscreen. It has quarter panels so that the a pillar is really narrow, as johnny smith likes to call it the killer pillar and then just visibility. All around is amazing, really quiet as well, and i was looking at the to see if the glass was a double glazing and it wasnt double glazed, and so here in copenhagen, so theres a press drive going on over a number of weeks. I think its a global event, so theres people coming from all over the place and were all embargoed top speed, is 145 kilometers an hour and a zero to 100 in 10.2 seconds, its not the fastest. But it is nearly two and a half ton uh battery. In this one is a standard wheelbase. With a 77 kilowatt hour battery, there is a larger one coming to the united states at that 77 kilowatt hour are usable lots of practicality here as well with lots of cubby holes theres a really good one in front of my left knee with two usb type Cs theres also the option of putting a camera up here uh we talked about the charging speed already and zero to 100 on an 11 kilowatt charge, theres about seven and a half hours.

I can only assume that would increase with a seven kilowatt hour charge, probably around the 10 hours and eleven hours and charging time on the dc from five percent to eighty percent. If you can get it at 170 kilowatt will take only 30 minutes and i like the fact that theyve moved because its a bit white deeper than the id3 id4id5, the the space between the binnacle and the steering wheel, is just that bit too. For so, you can drive now those little notches in the back and so the ability to change what drive mode youre in and put it into b mode. This is two stage regen there isnt one pedal driving like all the volkswagen models. Um d is adaptive and b is high regen, but its not one pedal its got that 10 inch screen on some models, not a fan of the haptic feedback. Buttons touch buttons on the steering wheel, and but it is what it is: theyve scaled economies there. So theyre buying thousands and thousands of buttons for steering wheels so um it is. It is what its, what its doing, what its supposed to do and as you can something thats saying, wltp of between 20.5 kilowatt hour per 100 kilometers to 21.6 uh, its slightly higher on the cargo version, but thats on a separate video and wltp is between 400 And 423, i really like the double armrest real captains chair feel to it so smooth, really smooth and really quiet.

Like you, cant hear peep yeah its an amazing driving position, its a big car, though its 4.7 meters long, and that 2.4 ton nearly 2.5 ton. So yeah its its an unwieldy beast but so easy to drive. Steering is a nice weight. Its a good size steering wheel as well seats are nice and comfortable youve got that leg. Support high support the adjustability on it. I, like the two tone: collars Music, something different and it brightens it up and its got a nice wood effect here on the dash as well, im, not sure, if thats on all trims Music but yeah its super practical and compared to a traditional suv like. I think theyre going to sell a few of these theyre expensive dont get me wrong, but there is a definitely like large suv is not cheap, so its the decision of whether you do uh suv or whether you do multivan npv style like this, with a maximum To maximize the use of utilization to utilize the maximum space really start this morning, let me know in the comments, if youre thinking about going for the id buzz, if its something thats on your list, have you ordered one already? I believe that the star wars – advertising has uh helped with kids badgering their parents to buy the star wars van and dealers are getting phone, calls left right and center from parents. Saying my kid: wants the star wars van. Can you help me sort it out? I put a poll up on social media and on the youtube channel community tab in relation to two tone or solid color.

Definitely in the yellows or the greens or the oranges, the two tone seems to be winning, but a couple of people are really liking. The black solid black passenger version, so i think its definitely dependent on the color, whether it works for two tone or not, and have that candy white element to it as well. About 2471 kgs, unladen and permissible weight, then is 3000 kg, so maximum payload in here 529 between people and cargo roof load. You get uh 100 kgs uh maximum towing is a thousand kgs im, not sure if this is a first edition, but it has the play. Pause put pedals on it, so i dont know what trim and what spec it doesnt have. First, on the on the steering wheel, so maybe theyre all coming with those play, pause buttons, visibility, yeah, throttle response, but like the id5s id4s, like theyre, getting better and better and with that over the air update with that 3.2 software thats coming straight out of the Factory in hanover – and these are going to be all made in hanover for the european market – i presume – maybe even the global market um, the voice recognition is supposed to be better. Satellite navigation built in is supposed to be better in the sense of it knows where the deaf final destination is and its going to stop the charge, rather than putting a big long charge into your the last charge. Its going to give you just enough to get you home um, and so, rather than spending extra time at a charger.

Now five ten like if you can get 170 kilowatt hour charger um its going to take you 30 minutes to fill that up. What i like is also that volkswagen are rolling out that um iso standard that plug and charge standard so via their payment method, which is recharge, youll, be able to literally pull up to a charger and plug it in and it like it has a system. It knows the car, through the once its plugged in its going to know who you are, how to charge it and its not going to look for an app authentication, auth, auto altercation authorization even better, and it is also going to um just charged so its plug And charge as the standard – and i know with this video sponsors, nevo and evo charging, and getting into that public charging space. All of the charging hardware that theyre looking at is going to have that capability, so in a not too distant future. If youre driving a volkswagen id um and the effect that you could pull up to an evo charging charger and just pull in theyre going to be all tap to pay anyway, um so yeah its the usability of charging and the right to charge like we talk About with the irish ev owners association, so the charging speeds are getting better a bit disappointed with regards to the no windows in the rear, no air condo vents in the rear, which is a bit of a funny one um surprised at them to be quite honest, But with a sliding door, its difficult, i can imagine, but you think theyll be able to put vents in the b pillars.

Theres charging on the door. I suppose front is three millimeters wider. The tires are slightly narrower and with that, because of the theres, no electric motor up the front, the um, the arch and the area for the wheel to take a turn. The wheel, arch um, is actually really wide. So the turning circle on the id buzz is just around 11 meters, which is similar to a volkswagen golf brakes on the id bulls, like other volkswagen group models, its disc brakes on the front and drum brakes on the rear, and they have stuck with that. Whether its a audi q4 e tron cooper born its just across the volkswagen group, they are not putting disc brakes on the rear at the moment. So, with the all wheel drive coming next year, obviously youre going to have an increase in power and the longer wheelbase and youre also going to have a bigger battery potential in some markets, such as the united states. With that longer, wheelbase is going to afford you. The third row of seats, and hopefully another two isofix, bringing it from two to four all going well and thats 2024 and then youre going to have the ability to um the volkswagen i dubose, california campervan is going to be um coming in 2025., but overall, its Great its getting a lot of attention range isnt, huge between 400 and 450. Let me have a look at energy consumption to see if we can get some 10 um vehicle charging.

Are we on charging so im at 91 and 404 kilometers worth of but its all been city driving, so it has been um theres battery care mode, theres, bi directional charging coming down the line as well um, which is good to see and volkswagen im going to? Let others take the victory on that youve got that id light system as well um. So ive got a separate video on my channel if youre interested in understanding what the different lights are and what theyre doing that was for 3.1 im, not sure what 3.2 has there, but any addition to the id light um. You also have the ability for um park assist plus with memory function which are making a big deal out of it. I did a live demo, video on my channel as well so theres a lot of id content on the channel if youre interested in this kind of thing. But what im looking for is the data um, so im getting 23.6 kilowatt hours per 100 kilometers, so yeah its and thats. This has been on press trip, so your people havent been looking after us. Um youll probably be floating around that 20, because its such a large vehicle drag hole coefficient of 0.29 nice window wipers, both sides, and so they dont have to worry about the markets as well. What side the window wipers opened on? Hopefully, youve enjoyed my review of the id buzz great to get hands on great to get first drive or obviously on a drive in the channel to get to 10 000 subscribers by the end of 2022.

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