. Now ive had this car for a fair few months and in that time, ive gotten to know absolutely everything there is to know about it from what i really like to what i find quite annoying. So if youre considering buying the mercedes eqa, then stay tuned Music. Oh Music, so lets start by talking about how this car looks now, as you can probably guess by the name. The eqa is actually the electric equivalent to the mercedes geoload, which is one of the smaller mercedes models and its actually got a bit more size and a bit more presence to it than the mercedes, gla and thats for a couple of reasons. Obviously this is an electric car and, unlike the gla, where youve got a massive engine at the front, youve got a massive battery which sits right at the bottom of the car, which means this car is slightly higher from the gla and its also slightly longer. As well so its got more of that traditional suv shape to it. There are a few specific design tweaks to the gla, such as this full width light bar and these eqa detailings here, as well as the fake grille at the front of the car, but other than that. This is pretty much as close to a fully electric counterpart to the gla that youre going to get now. This is a company car and i did have a few other models that i could have chosen, namely the tesla model 3.

. Now anyone whos seen my review of the tesla model 3 knows that i absolutely loved it, but for me it just wasnt practical enough for what i needed on a day to day basis. Now at ev powered we do loads of different filming. We go all over the country, filming different reviews, and so i have to put lots of different camera equipment into my car and i just needed a big chunky, suv and the tesla just wasnt practical enough as much as i loved it. I needed something with a bit of presence and enough size as well so thats pretty much why i opted for the mercedes eqa over the tesla Music, seeing as weve been talking about traveling here there and everywhere. I wanted to take a quick minute just to talk about range now. This particular version of the eqa is the 300 model, which has a specific range of 264 miles, but id say on average i get just over 200 miles, which isnt too bad. Now i did have the kia niro for a couple of months prior to having this, and that did have a slightly better range, but still 200 miles, im quite happy with that and its decent range for what i need it for. And that brings me on to price, because for a car that ive just described as okay and without too many bells and whistles does it really deserve a price tag of more than 51 000 pounds? In my opinion, probably not – and i suspect that this here has got a bit of a part to play in that, especially when you look at something like the kia.

Niro, for example, which is just as good, has a slightly better range and is also about 20. 000 pounds cheaper now when it comes to the inside of the mercedes eqa its a bit of a mixed bag, but ill start with some of the things that i do like about it, and especially these infotainment screens here now, which are touch screen and theyre. Not the biggest of any electric car, but they get the job done and youve got a nice big drivers display as well, which probably gives you more data and information than any other electric car ive driven as well as that youve got your nice comfortable seats here And throughout the rest of the car, youve got lots of nice different materials with bits of leather up here in this nice bit of suede as well. So it does feel really nice and premium on the inside of this car, which it probably should for a car that costs upwards of 50 000 pounds lets talk about some of the things that annoy me and theres. A few really picky things here and i know im being quite sort of pedantic with that, but just bear with me. First of all, these buttons on the steering wheel really have got on my nerves for the past couple of months. Now they are relatively easy to navigate and youve got a little touch style here which lets you scroll through all the different gauges and menus.

But they are so sensitive that it you can just fly through menus and fly past. Anything youre trying to select with just like the tiniest of touch so thats, quite annoying and as well. If youre looking to sync up your smartphone to the car in any other electric car, you should be able to do this wirelessly or over the air or, however, you like it just by going into your settings or whatever, but for some reason in 2022. Mercedes still want you to use epoxy cable like this, so even when you sync it up here, youve got a nice little port to put it in there, but your phone doesnt fit into it with the cable as well. So it ends up poking out there getting in the way of your water bottle and your keys or your wallet or whatever so its by no means the biggest thing. But it really is enough to get on your nerves, although you can control most of the settings in this car by using the infotainment screen. You do still have some physical buttons down here, which control things like climate control, heated seats and other things like that, and you also have this center console area, which has a few different operations, such as your different drive modes parking sensors. And you also have this weird little touch sensitive mouse thing, which is really difficult to control and, to be honest, ive had this car for about six months now and ive used that probably twice theres also plenty of storage within the car, with nice, big door, bins Down there and as well when your phones not in the weight, youve got nice little cup holders there and as youd expect from a car of this size.

Youve also got plenty of headroom and legroom in the back, but enough talking about the interior, its time to go for a drive. Obviously this is a great big chunky, suv, and so i knew it was never going to compete with the tesla model 3s performance, but still for a car that does not 60 in just 7.7 seconds and only has about 220 odd horsepower. It still does pack a punch, and you can still chuck it around when you need to in terms of being behind the wheel and actually driving this car. My favorite thing without doubt are the three different settings for regen braking which can activate using the flappy paddles behind your steering wheel. Here now. I know ive mentioned in other reviews, but i actually like my regen breaker to be quite severe so that i can get away with that. One pedal driving, but you want from an electric car, and that is the case in the mercedes eqa. I probably would say that the highest setting is probably a bit too severe and it will sort of chuck you back into your seat with any slight lift of the throttle i drive around in the second setting, which is enough for one pedal driving and its a Bit more comfortable than that higher setting as well, but either the second or the first one is going to be enough to be able to give you that one pedal driving experience Music, as i mentioned earlier, ive had this car for about six months now and ive Done thousands and thousands of miles in it and ive got no major complaints.

Dont get me wrong. Its got a decent performance package, its nice and comfortable to drive the techs all right and theres plenty of storage in the back as well, but it is just okay. I mean i cant help but compare this to something like the audi q4 e tron, for example, or the hyundai ioniq 5, which i mean theyre fully kitted out. Theyre top of the range and theyve got all the bells and whistles and and this doesnt unfortunately, its pretty basic, but dont worry wrong for what i need it for just going: a to b, all over the country in relative comfort, its pretty much spot on, but Thats, probably my overriding review of this car. It is just okay, having lived with the mercedes eqa for a number of months now, ive got a saver overall. I do quite like the car, its not the best car ive ever driven, nor is it the sexiest or the most practical, but it ticks all the right boxes for me and who knows it might just tick all the boxes for you, too, Music thats. All for this video, if you liked it, then please do drop us a like and remember to subscribe to the channel as well for more electric car reviews like this, you can head over to our page and for daily news coverage, features and much more. You can also head over to evpowered.co.