Bmw is going to launch new trend. Subaru has shown something special in this video Music porsche is preparing to introduce a second generation of the wildly successful porsche taken ev and it will be tweaked with an electric version of the porsche panamera as part of a new electrified luxury plan, under which up to Six, electric models will be ushered in by the end of this decade. Both the new evs are based on the sporting question of the volkswagen groups, capable system platform which is being developed by porsche. The so called ssp sport structure adopts the backbone of the ssp architecture, said to be used by other, more volume, oriented electric volkswagen road models. However, it will be combined with what have been described as porsche specific modules among the key architectural developments being pushed by porsche for the new ssp sport platform is a low cabin floor, courtesy of a slimline battery pack and a rear footwell similar to those of the J1 platform used by the existing taken – these are also described as being crucial to providing the electric panama with packaging, comparable with the current parameters and the low center of gravity for optimized dynamics. The two new electric porsche models will share key structural drivetrain and chassis components. As well as a newly developed electrical architecture, thats designed to support leverage free autonomous driving, functionally 5g enabled digital features and an operating system developed in partnership with the carrier, software division of porsches parent company, the electric panamera, will be sold alongside todays combustion engine and plug In hybrid panamera models which are based on porsches msb platform, the engineering for the electric panamera is twinned with that of the new taken due out in 2027.

, the new upmarket electric lift bag is set to offer the choice of either a single or dual motor dry Train it will also gain a further developed 800 volt battery with what has been described as more energy, efficient cell technology and a higher celicon content, and note that used by porsche today there will be some unique design. Elements within the front and rear ends said a highly placed porsche source. However, the core panamera design will be the same for boss at this early stage, its unclear whether porsche plans to match the strategy of the existing panamera and taken by offering two distinct body. Styles. Lift back and estate for its latest electric model. We are targeting high emerging segments in particular and aim to tap into new sales opportunities in this way said porsche ceo oliver bloom on the decision to build on the success of the taken with an electric version of the larger panamera. The electric panamera will be sold alongside a fast lifted version of the existing second generation model, which will be launched in 2023, its planned to be in production until 2030 on an extended model cycle and according to porsche sources, providing customers with a choice of traditional ice Plug in hybrid or electric power, depending on the market and regulatory framework, the new zero emissions, panama is said to receive similar styling to its ice and phev siblings. This approach mirrors that of the meccan and cayenne, which is said to go electric in 2024 and 2025 respectively.

Bmw has studied production of hydrogen fuel cell system for its next generation. Bmw ix5 hydrogen model with the first vehicle set to hit the road for testing. Later. This year, built at bmws competence center for hydrogen and unique. The new power team consists of a fuel cell two hydrogen tanks and a fifth generation. Bmw e drive electric motor, its all used in tandem with a high performance battery in the architecture for the existing bmw. X5, the geoma car maker will use individual fuel cells supplied by toyota, with which bmw has collaborated on hydrogen powertrains. Since 2013., the bmw ix5 hydrogen, produces a total of 368 horsepowers. Around 167 horsepower comes from the bispo hydrogen fuel cell system. Bmw says its hydrogen powertrain. Will offer a unique form of drive system for the premium segment? Oliver zips, bmw chairman, said as versatile energy source hydrogen has a key role to play on a road to climate neutrality, and it will also gain substantially importance as far as personal mobility is concerned. Whistling hydrogen powerful vehicles are italy placed technologically to fit alongside battery electric vehicles and complete the electric mobility picture by commencing small scale production of fuel cells. Today we are demonstrating the technical maturity of this type of drive system and underscoring its potential for the future. The bmw, ix5 hydrogen was tested early this year in winter condition in sweden and makes use of several new technologies, including a high speed turbine powered compressor and a high voltage coolant pump.

Also, bmw notes that it has vastly improved the efficiency of the fuel cell system. Following years of research and development, frank weber, bmw board member said we have managed to more than double the fuel cells. Continuous output in a second generation fuel cell in the bmw, ix5 hydrogen, while weight and size have both decreased drastically. Just 100 bmw ix5 hydrogen cars will be produced initially, they wont be sold, but they will be used by drivers who will test them in everyday conditions. In the us, japan, europe, china and south korea. Subaru has teased a new crossover ahead of its debut in japan. On september 15th, the awful quality teaser video doesnt reveal much, but it gives us a glimpse of slender highlights with prominent leds. We can also see a c shaped daylight, fender flares and an upward sweeping belt line. Theyre joined by a single bar, grille circle of 4g lights and a relatively short rear, end subaru is staying tightly and only referring to the model as a new suv. However, insiders speculate that it could be their design crosstrack. That seems like a logical guess, given the proportions cladding and impreza like appearance. Little is known about the model at this point, but the current crosstrack was introduced at the 2017 general motor show and given a facelift for the 2021 model year, while its not very cold. The crosstrek is an important model for subaru, as a company sold more than 100 000 units in the united states last year, and that passed the impreza by the margin of nearly four to one while im, not even sure the mystery model is indeed the new crosstrack.

The current vehicle has a two liter full cylinder engine that develops 152 horsepower and 196 newton meters of torque subaru also offers a plug in hybrid powertrain. That consists of a two liter four cylinder engine, two electric motors and an 8.8 kilowatts battery pack. This setup gives the model a combined output of 148 horsepower and an electric only range of up to 17 miles, but these are just guesses and therefore will be able to learn more detail characteristic in less than two weeks so subscribe to the channel.