You know the one that went to Cornwall with their parents once and come back obsessed with VW campers. They had all the memorabilia, the t, shirts, the bed sheets, the clock, even the salt and pepper shakers yeah. I was that kid pair that, together with a genuine love for Volkswagen and then also being an EV Enthusiast today, is a very exciting day for me because Im getting to drive the Volkswagen ID Buzz Music. When I say Volkswagen has been teasing an electric camper for a while, I mean it. In fact, the Microbus concept car originally appeared back in 2001.. Later Concepts include the bully in 2011 and the bud e appeared at the consumers electric show in 2016, which was actually already on the Meb platform that it sits on today, two versions will be available from launch a five seat, ID bus and an ID Buzz cargo. With three seats across the front and a cavern behind other versions will follow, but not before 2024 then well get a long, wheelbase version with more seating capability and versatility. So many Concept cars have been teased over the years, but here it finally is this: is the full production model of the Volkswagen ID Buzz? What do you think? Do you think theyve done it justice? I personally absolutely love it. I think its the Perfect Blend between the past and the future. It has all of those past elements that remind you of the classic Volkswagen buses that huge Volkswagen badge at the front.

This two tone color. It really does emote that feeling from your childhood the worlds best emotion, but it also feels like the future, as well with the light bar, which runs all the way along the middle and connects the LED lights. It also has this big Grille at the front, which I know has definitely divided opinions on the internet, but actually as a futuristic vehicle. I think theyve done a brilliant job. Volkswagen have really brought the party with a new Volkswagen ID Buzz theres no blending in going on here in fact, part together. The ID buzzers look like a box of Skittles but thats a good thing. In my opinion, it puts a massive smile on your face when you see them all together. This is my personal favorite, color combination, so youve got the bay leaf green on the bottom and the candy white. On top. It really reminds me of those old style: Volkswagen buses. You can also get a few other bright colors, including which Im sure youve seen a lime. Yellow weve got an energetic orange, but if you want something a bit more subtle, then you can also have a white roof with the Starlight blue thats, a bit more subtle, not quite as bright as these ones. But if you still want to blend in even more and its not your thing for standing out, then you can also get your ID buzz in a full color, including deep Black Pearl and a metallic silver around the back theres, less design, cues of perhaps the classic Volkswagen buses and more of the more recent Vans and thats, because this vehicle is just a lot more practical.

It has that square shape, which is brilliant for low, adding things in and out of the VW ID Buzz, not to say there isnt design cues of the classic models. Youve got this little modern twist here of the classic air vents youve also again got that light. Bar which runs the full span of the rear of the vehicle inside the boot which, in this top spec model, is electrically deployed, which is really handy. There is a real good level of space, come check it out with five people on board the ID Buzz offers. 1121 liters of luggage space. If the second row of seats is fully folded down, the load capacity increases to up to 2205 liters. The guys at Volkswagen were actually explaining that in the utility vehicle you can fit a full size Euro palette back to back. In the back of the ID buzz – and I think that puts into perspective just how big the back of one of these is yes, okay, its not yet the long wheelbase camper, but this is more than practical, especially with some of the little fitments theyve put in This vehicle youve got these fancy little IKEA style storage boxes and then youve got the adjustable floor and watch what happens when I put the rear seats down Music with the rear seats down. You have got this completely flat load Bay, which would be absolutely perfect for camping its a brilliant space, now Im around five five, five, six and actually me and another person – could comfortably sit or lay Side by size, and I even think a six foot.

Ailish would still be comfortable back here, its such a versatile vehicle when youre not using it for loading items or carrying around five people. Its amazing for two people, even now as a camper electric doors in this top spec model, make getting in and out of the buzz, so easy, and once back here theres a ton of practical space, you could comfortably sit three adults side by side and youd all Have a ton of leg, room loads of Headroom as well. Space is a real real priority in this vehicle. Ive also got a good amount of amenities as well. Look Ive got pull up little tray tables somewhere to pop my phone in the top pocket and theres a pocket underneath as well. Ive got a nice deep door cards and Ive even got little USBC charge ports in the door as well, but its not all good news. What nothings ever perfect – and I really think theyve missed a trick here and thats. The fact that I dont have three individual rear seats, and that means you cant load. Three large child seats, youre joking now that was a big appeal of the Toran. It was a lot of reasons why people picked that vehicle and when I worked at Volkswagen, people were always really disappointed that the tiguans couldnt fit three child seats side by side and these seats actually fold in a 60, 40 split. So again, its practical, but its not completely practical, and I do think that might put a few potential buyers off theres 170 kilowatt charging on board.

So the battery can be charged from 5 to 80 capacity in around 30 minutes from a powerful enough DC Source. Whats. More is the ID Buzz features bi directional charging, so not only will owners be able to charge their car at home, theyll also be able to feed energy from the battery back into the grid. I cannot even begin to explain to you how much I adore the interior of the VW ID Buzz, especially with this sage green material which matches the exterior and then youve got the light leather around the outside. This isnt real leather, its completely animal free and actually a lot of the materials used in the VW ID bars are recycled, so the Plastics. Yes, we are going to have to highlight the Plastics, because theres plastic in this cabin theres, no hiding that fact, but it kind of works, because it feels like more of a practical vehicle rather than being a luxurious car. But these Plastics are actually recycled. So around 10 is recycled, Plastics from the sea and the rest is plastic bottles which is really lovely. It makes you feel like on top of driving an electric car youre doing your bit for the environment, to use recycled materials and it doesnt feel cheap either. Youve got this nice recycled, wood effect on the dashboard and it almost kind of reflects the colors. You can almost see some greens in it. It looks really pretty youve got the Chrome that surrounds that as well.

It just feels a really nice place to be. That being said, what I do worry about the practicality of such a light interior, especially as something which is going to be used for people with families with dogs putting surfboards in and out of the back. And I worry that a light interior is just going to Mark almost instantly, which is a shame, because it looks great if youre just going to have this as a show vehicle or something that you drive around and appreciate. Then fine. But if it is going to be practical, then I can imagine that youre going to want to go for one of the darker materials which is available. The cabin of the VW ID bus just feels really light and Airy its got a real feeling of spaciousness, especially because that windscreens quite far forward. So it gives you so much space between you and the dashboard theres. Also, a ton of space between you and your passenger as well and storage is very good. Theres little cubby holes everywhere. You look, youve got a decent glove box, some storage above the glove box down here youve got a little pull out section with a couple of cup holders on this center console youve got loads of storage. Youve got drawers either side of the this center console Which pull out, and you can pop items in there and then inside here weve got a little accessory, which is a bin and youve also got these little pull out bits as well.

So youve got an ice scraper there, and this one here is a bottle opener as well, so thats really handy and actually the whole center console comes out. So if you unclip it there, you can lift the whole thing out, and that means that perhaps when youre going on holiday – and you need that extra storage, then you can use that for storage. But as well. If youre camping – and you want to take, say your drinks in here, then you can actually take the whole console out and into your tent. I dont want to talk about it. Have I got to talk about it? Okay lets talk about it, get on with it. Infotainment system, it looks lovely. I really like this screen looks fantastic, really nice and clear, but just like the rest of the ID Products and some of the latest Volkswagens yep its all a touchscreen infotainment System, including the climate control dials. But at least it must be backlit now right with so many products being released. No the climate controller dials are still not backlit. Why not youre stupid? So that means, when you want to do your climate control at night, you cant see what youre prodding around on. It really is a real shame. It does let down the VW ID Buzz, just like a lot of the other products, and I do think that Volkswagen have become aware of it now. The thing is, is people that live with these cars do say that you very very quickly get used to it, of course, when its your own car, you know where everything is, but to start with, it can be slightly frustrating and it takes away that real enjoyment Of a new car, but actually the whole system works very well, its been debugged a lot during the time that theyve built this new infotainment system, and it now is really quick to the inputs.

The satellite navigation is really easy to use, weve actually been using it for this event, and as you can see here, there is loads and loads of information on here on the favorites theyve saved a ton in that they saved 19 different options as favorites and the Satellite navigation works really quickly: youve got Apple, carplay and Android, auto as standard theyre Wireless too, as well, and both of those work really well. Everything in theory is very good its only that climate control that lets it down, but I do believe that if you live with this for a little while it soon wouldnt even become an issue. So it turns out that I really neednt have worried for one. It feels really familiar because all of the controls are very similar to all of the other ID Products. The gear selector is in the same position behind the steering wheel, youve got the same pedal set up and also the visibility is great. I was really concerned that this felt like a big car and driving it on unfamiliar roads on the other side of the road, was going to be a problem, but because of the Fantastic visibility out the front of this van and also the nice big Wing mirrors Its seriously easy to drive so much easier than I was expecting for now. Every model in the ID Buzz range features the same running gear as the ID3. That means a 77 kilowatt hour battery sending 201 brake horsepower and 310 newton meters of torque to the rear wheels.

Volkswagen claimed that the ID Buzz is capable of an all electric range of up to 258 miles, but what that figure could drop to when the vehicle is fully loaded and towing is yet to be determined. The ID Products so far have proven to be efficient, but the buzz will be undoubtedly heavier even before passengers and Luggage, one of the things that has helped make the buzz be so easy to adapt to when driving. It is all of the assistance settings. So I love adaptive cruise control and Volkswagen have been using adaptive cruise control for years and years, so theyve really perfected it, but now theyve taken it one step further. So with the bars you actually have predictive adaptive cruise control. So this will both use your satellite navigation, but itll also read the traffic signs as well, and it will slow you down and speed you up to make sure youre always going the speed limit, but also what about on those roads where there isnt necessarily Road markings? Well, they thought of this as well: the buzz uses technology taken from other vehicles Journeys and it kind of takes a medium of all of those Journeys, and it follows that route. So, even on a road which has no Road markings, the buzz can pretty much drive itself. In fact, it can drive itself weve known for a while that autonomous vehicles are coming, but the buzz is almost completely set up for being an autonomous vehicle in the years to come were probably going to see these around cities with no drivers a bit of a Scary thought from launch therell be three trim levels available in this Pro passenger vehicle Life Style and first edition 57.

115. Pounds is the starting price for the base life model, while the style models will start from just under 62 000.. The range topping first edition will cost just under 63 000 pounds Electro heads. Let me level with you here over the last few years, Ive not been that taken back by the ID Products. I understand they offer a really good package. Theyve got one of the best electric ranges on the market they charge at good speeds. You get a really good level of equipment, but it was just missing that Volkswagen DNA. It was missing what I loved about Volkswagen this, however, its got that its got the full package. I really am quite obsessed with this vehicle. In fact, I want one in my garage right now. Qing, Volkswagen would give us one for the electro heads to head office because I can imagine me and aylish on a road trip. Well get the paddle boards in the back and we would just have so much fun. I wouldnt even want to wait for the long wheelbase camper. You could easily put the back seats down put one of the adapted beds in the back here and it really would be such a good, versatile vehicle. But let me know: do you want a VW ID buzz in your garage, or is it missing something for you? Let me know in the comments down below if youve enjoyed the video as ever guys, please give it a big thumbs up and also hit the Subscribe button.