Here in Canada, this is the entry level for the leaf theres, no more s anymore and for 2023 it received a little bit of a refresh here and what we got going on on the front end here guys. We have this beautiful new Nissan Emblem here right in the front. It does light up here when youre charging to indicate that youre charging we have our forward facing camera thats going to be for the full Nissan safety shield and its going to give you things like Ford emergency braking Nissan intelligent cruise control. Pro pilot assist were going to get into all the safety when we jump inside our headlights come full, LED headlights, so you have LED headlights with the automatic high beam assistant and you have the auto on off headlights check it out the side profile here, guys new To the leaf, is the 17 inch aluminum alloy rims? Look at this. It almost looks like that comb. I used to Slick my hair back this morning. I do love the new look of the rims. You have front and rear disc brakes as well. On our mirrors, we have our blind spot monitor, so its going to indicate you if someones in your blind spot when youre driving – and we have on a round view, monitor so coming standard – is a lot of tech on this Nissan Leaf on the rear of the Nissan Leaf, this is kind of like a higher hatch, but things that I like the most.

I love the boomerang style headlights that Nissan has become known for and then we have a backup camera rear parking sensors which are going to assist with all the safety features. So things like rear automatic emergency braking youll have your moving object, detection as well just to make it easier when youre parking so heres. What I like about the SV standard is this around view, monitor moving object, detection and you get the rear emergency braking. So it will stop for you if youre about to hit another car or just like this situation, youre backing into a parking spot, and you get a little too close to the wall. Those sensors are going to pick up and it stops just like that. Whoo were ready to get this thing on the road and really unique shifter knob down below that. You can see here and you just need to slide it over and put it in drive. It is uh not new to the leaf, but it still is very futuristic. So um lets see how this thing drives here. I definitely love how silent these cars are thats, the advantage of the electric car theres. No road noise, theres, no engine noise – it is very quiet and Nissan put. The batteries are all lined throughout the center, so it takes the turns a lot tighter and it just adds for a little better feel when youre taking turns – and things like that now I mentioned this in my other video.

If youre curious about buying a Nissan Leaf, I did a whole video explaining questions. You should ask yourself, maybe, before you start buying an electric vehicle Im gon na put that in the description below, and you guys can check it out, but this car comes loaded with technology here with the Android auto. The Apple carplay standard is the GPS navigation, which is great. You get the 360 camera, so a lot of features that normally come on. Nissans, like top models, come standard in the leaf. I mentioned mentioned the full safety Suite, so you get the blind spot, monitor you get the lane departure you get the blind spot intervention. You also get the pro pilot assist so its going to help. Keep you centered in the lane. Obviously, youre the most curious about the range. This one has a 240 kilometer range, so this being the base model, its the shortest range that the leaf offers its going to take about 40 minutes to charge from zero to eighty percent. If you use that DC Quick Charge here – and you can see our charging, Imports are right at the front and they just cover it up like that. So lets talk about what charging equipment comes with the car with the car you get this charging cable. This is your cable that youre going to connect youre gon na plug in its still in the wrapper here. So I apologize, but this is going to plug into like your traditional dryer Outlet, so you might have to rewire something in your garage.

You can plug it in and use the adapter um. The adapter is here and its going to plug into like a regular electric cord thats your longest way of charging. It will probably take you about 14 hours to charge it that way using the charging unit. That comes with it, youll probably be about eight hours from dead to full. Now you can install a charging station in your garage, which is what most of our customers do, and that just allows them to plug right in and they can charge it very quickly. Probably about four to six hours, the beautiful thing is: is you can use the Nissan EV Connect app to time your charges and sync it with the off peak hours, which I really like to help save on your electric bill, but check out the trunk here. Guys, surprisingly, for this small hacks, you have a really big trunk. The charging cable does take a little bit away from it, but typically you might leave it at home. You have the cargo mat as well: 60, 40 split for the seat, so you can drop the seats down if you go to IKEA or do the Home Depot thing lets talk about the rear uh. This small hatch and Im excited for the new Nissan Aria. To give you a little more space back here, because the downside of this Leaf is theres, not a huge amount of space, because the battery is underneath in the center.

You have this little hump here and you have heated seat controls back here, which is nice. Two USBS, but overall theres, just a lot of hard plastic back here. No Center armrest either Id like to see your Center armrest in the back seat, but Im five. Nine. This seat is positioned for how I would be driving, and I still do have quite a bit of space. I like how they added the stadium style, seating, so Im a little higher up and I can still see out the windshield lets talk about that 240. Kilometer range now thats what they advertise when youre buying an electric vehicle. You need to understand that probably youre not going to get that exact range. Youre probably going to come under that because youre going to be using things like the air conditioning and using the heated seats and they really test the cars in the most efficient manners possible. So the good thing is the leaf, has an economy mode and it has the e pedal. So you can certainly maximize your battery life using those two features and Im gon na do a whole part. Two of this video explaining how the e pedal works because Ive been getting more and more questions about the e pedal. But really you can just drive the car with one foot and it uses regenerative braking to put all your power back to the battery. So um phenomenal value here with the leaf, if you guys, are interested in purchasing a vehicle like this, so you want to order your Nissan Leaf and youre in the Niagara region.

Make sure you guys contact me wed love to take you out for a drive and, if you guys just have questions put it in the comments below Id be more than happy to answer them. Thank you.