, Im MKBHD here, and this is the 2022 GMC Hummer EV pickup truck., And this is not a normal vehicle., Its ridiculous in so many ways., So Im gon na take you through it for a little bit.. Ive actually lived with it for the past. Well about a week or so so you dont have to, and I think Ive learned a lot about it.. I think the number one thing I think about when I see this is: who is this for Whats, the normal buyer of this absurdly huge utility focused Hummer electric vehicle.? I have a lot of questions.. I also have a lot of answers. Lets get into it.. So first thing youre gon na notice about this thing is: it is absolutely gigantic.. It is huge. Its really wide., Its really tall.. You just saw the suspension lower and its really heavy.. I think the craziest thing that Ive noted about this on paper, the stat that sums it up the best is the weight. Okay. So a normal car, a Honda Civic weighs about 3000 pounds.. Then a Tesla Model Three, which has an 82 kilowatt hour battery, weighs about 4000 pounds. Thats, pretty heavy right then, like the big boy, maybe a Tesla Model X with a hundred kilowatt hour battery five 6000 pounds., You get the Rivian R1T 135 kilowatt hour battery 7000, Plus pounds., This vehicle has a 212 kilowatt hour battery inside. Thats gigantic. Thats, the biggest Ive ever seen.

And the whole thing weighs 9046 pounds., Im gon na say that one more time., This weighs 9000 pounds. Ill, put the kilometers or kilograms on the screen. Thats, pretty Ridiculous. There are actual roads in my neighborhood that I cant drive down, because this vehicle weighs too many tons.. So this whole time Im thinking like whats the normal buyer of this. I dont have too many answers right now, but I think the main answer that I found out from actually driving it and talking to some people is people who drove bought and really liked the first Hummer, the H1 cause thats the closest thing to this.. So I have done a video on the main channel. Just looking at the aesthetics., I had a very early prototype version. Looking at it. Ill, be honest, it doesnt look too bad.. You can check out that full video.. I think the headlights look pretty sweet.. I think theres a lot of good truck touches and good EV touches, but it just comes down to when you live with this thing, you really realize driving it parking it, especially its huge., Okay, heres, a couple things about it. Number one, this massive amount of space Here, between the top of the tire and the wheel, well, here theres the canister for the air suspension, which is very malleable.. You can jack up the truck, really high or really low.. Those are only 18 inch wheels, but its a huge tire.

. Secondly, when you park next to someone this technically, it fits in normal parking spaces, but youre gon na be so close on one side to the car. Next to you and so close on the other side to the car. Next to you that you basically have to make a choice about who youre gon na screw over and not be able to open their door or just find a different parking spot. Further away. Youre not gon na, be able to park within a bunch of other cars in a tight parking spot., Its just not happening here., But again with all that space and all that width. I guess there are some advantages. Now. First of all, I kind of got annoyed by this.. You have to push it and then unlock it. Again. Thats how you get in there, but let me open the front truck. So of all the R1Ts and F 150 Lightnings that weve seen the H1 actually has the weirdest shaped trunk. Its very long and flat and narrow, which does mean itll fit a good amount Of stuff., You can fit a backpack in here.. You can fit probably three or four duffel bags in a row, but like utility wise, I would rather have the F 150 Lightnings trunk, which is taller. Its a little bit lower here in the front to be able to get stuff into., And it has the power Outlets in the front and things like that.

, Its still cool that this massive thing opens up and lets you seal some storage in the front. Cool but yeah. Just something to note. The vehicle is so tall and shallow and wide. So thats what you get. Now there are no other complaints about storage.. Everything else is huge and also very high up., But the trunk as Ill show you in a second is plenty large.. These are also the keys.. So looking pretty standard, GMC key open that up open the tailgate huge bed in there. And this cover is also motorized. And, unlike the Ravine, it doesnt sound like its gon na break, even though its huge., You got the lights up on the top here, and this Is plenty of trunk right? Obviously you get this bed for utility and you get to do a bunch of stuff in it. Heres, your 120 volt outlet or 110. Heres your stand for getting up into the trunk. And yeah its huge., Its very useful, no problems other than it being particularly high Off the ground., So I either did not notice this or was not told about this or it didnt exist in the prototype truck that I was checking out, but at the very end of the tailgate here, theres a little unlock., You can pull to open this. And There is a full on speaker system, a Bluetooth speaker system with an audio jack and a USB cable that you can plug into.. What This is like, the ultimate tailgating speaker.

, Its not connected to the speakers in the truck. You have to pair to it separately., But yeah that exists in case. You now want to make this the ultimate tailgate vehicle.. This is one of those trucks that people buy when they dont really need a truck, but they need just a big tank like fun vehicle that could off road. If you wanted to., I guess probably., I mean its been very, very useful.. Dont get me wrong. Once you get it parked having all this is great.. I just think it would take a certain type of person to pick this over the less expensive, F, 150 Lightning. Thats. Basically, what Im saying. On the inside here, though I think honestly, I can say this truck – reminds me of a normal truck like an F 150 or something like that, but just a little bit wider, just a little bit.. The aspect ratio of everything just the width of this whole truck. Again the windshield wipers hilarious, but everything like the door is thicker.. The windshield wiper is squat and wide.. This is far away, but material, wise and everything its definitely normal truck.. So normal truck steering wheel. Again, the layout of the screens, is big screen in the center here non touch screen and then large touch screen over here to the right.. What I do really like about this setup, though, is these buttons.. This is really good. Ui. Im gon na say it like right here.

, So these arent actually touch screens.. You have regular actual buttons to control these things. Thats, really good UI. And then, in the case of where you might wan na, expand something you hit this. And then you have multiple buttons to control that individual menu. And then you can make it go away. By going like that., That is nice design., So I control fan speed, here. Thats, easy., Nice animations.. Everything works really well.. I am a fan of this.. You have a second row down here for your hazards for your differential locks, which, if youre doing a lot of off roading, is kind of convenient.. Just good looks on this center dash. Also physical volume knob, not bad.. You wan na know what it is: crazy, though., The menus when you go through these check this out.. This is the mode dial to switch between driving modes and look at the animations.. When you switch between driving modes, how video game they are., They literally look like a video game and wait till you get to the off road towing, one, its hauling, an actual rocket.. I dont know who made these or who designed these. Its is that on the moon, I think thats on the moon., So its got a lot going on when you switch between modes. Just by twisting this dial right, here. Thats Mars for off road. Yeah. This is the type of person who is buying a Hummer. I guess is the type of person who thinks they should be towing a rocket.

. This rearview mirror is a camera which is on top of the bed, not the tailgate., So its facing down a little bit and you can go in here and change the zoom or the way it points further down or further up.. But you can also flip it and turn it off., And it is actually a real mirror.. I kind of like the camera though.. It works well., One more weird quirk, though., A lot of new vehicles, Ive driven to remind you, either to stay in your lane or to not hit something vibrate the steering wheel, this car doesnt. It vibrates the seat right in the middle of the seat., So itll Flash a red light and then yeah bump you in the butt for some reason.. I think Id prefer the steering wheel. But driving this thing, as you can probably imagine, is truly hilarious.. It does drive like a truck.. The F 150 Lightning is a great counterexample.. It does have much bigger off road tires. And so the differences you notice with this are number one, even though its the same width on paper. It feels wider. Im, not sure if the numbers on paper Im seeing are correct, but it feels wider. Number two, nothing but tire: noise, tons of tire noise. When you accelerate and decelerate the accelerating and decelerating sounds you hear, are just the wheels the tires spinning faster Or slower. Thats for sure. And then just knowing that this thing weighs 9000 pounds.

. It is horrifyingly fast because it still picks up in a straight line like a fast car.. It does zero to 60 in three and a half seconds.. Now, when it does it, it does this whole lurch thing the front of it really raises up and it lurches forward, but it picks up and it does the zero to 60 and it moves., And it is kind of crazy that something that weighs 9000 pounds has Any business doing that. Thats what horsepower will get you. Now. I will note that this does have pretty good one pedal driving.. When you take your foot off the accelerator pedal, it does slow down and can come all the way to a stop., But I noticed theres. This single paddle shifter on the left. Theres, nothing on the right. Theres, actually some buttons back here for media controls, but this single paddle shifter, I dont know if this is a reference to the older Hummers. When you pull it, it much increases the region. And so itll show up on this screen here.. So normally, when you just take your foot off the accelerator, itll slow down and itll get you about a hundred kilowatts back into the battery, which is a pretty good. Rate., But when you squeeze this, you slow down even faster and can put almost 240 kilowatts back into the battery.. So its kind of like this extra motor break type thing happening here. And I kind of like it.

. But aside from that, you know take off driving, it drives kind of like normal at medium speeds. And the number one game changer for this truck at low speeds, especially, is the rear, wheel steering.. It is the real deal.. So this thing has a much tighter turning radius.. I can turn around in parking lots and turn around in all sorts of spaces in very small spaces, relatively speaking.. It also does have crab walk mode. Heres, the crab, walk mode and Ill actually hold it down. So you can see the ridiculous animation that plays to go into crab mode. And I have to hold it longer. Its a whole five second animation that plays – And I have now unlocked crab, walk, mode. And theres a little crab on the dash there. Cool.. Then you turn the wheel and you can see the wheels turning and you can do the whole diagonal move. Thing. Im here to tell you it is kind of a gimmick. It doesnt. I mean it works. Thats for sure, but I dont really see myself needing to do this all that often. Now. Maybe this is because I dont off road as much as some people.. Maybe this is a particularly amazing thing, while off roading., But when youre, using the four wheel, steering to maneuver turning the wheels front and back in the opposite directions gives you that tighter turning radius and really lets you carve up and make those tight turning radius is Easy.

Turning the wheels in the same direction to slide diagonally like a crab, walk mode type, thing. Its cool that it can do it. I just would never actually do it.. It also is limited top speed.. I think its 25 miles an hour. Seat. Storage is still here.. You can fit things inside these back seats., Who thought of this. I dont know but theres tons of storage. Thats the benefit of a gigantic vehicle. Cool., But also now seeing and knowing how much a 200 kilowatt hour battery weighs and how high the floor is. Having two steps to get in that had me thinking about. Remember the Tesla Roadsters announcement back in 2017 or whatever it was when they said that that would have a 200 kilowatt hour battery.. I feel like that has to be a very different battery technology than this, because that by itself weighs 3000 pounds. But hey, while were back here living with this giant backseat and removable roof by the way. All these come off, like I showed in the main channel. Video is really not so bad man.. This is a nice truck interior.. You also have your controls back here for the AC, which are good good, knee room leg room.. I might be a little bit shy on a head room cause of this pillar thing coming down to take the roof off, but its not that bad.. The rest is also very nice spacious., So at the end of the day, heres my basic summary of this truck.

. This is the ROG Phone of trucks., Okay, its absolutely gigantic bigger than normal.. It has way more specs and features than youll, probably ever use, but its still cool to have them, because, if youre an enthusiast thats just what youre into., It has really good range.. I mean the battery in both are huge. The ROG Phones, this gigantic 6000 milliampere hour battery. This huge 200 kilowatt hour battery gives it legitimately very good, range., 300 to 330 legitimate miles of range, even with these huge tires and this boat like structure here.. So if youre into that, then thats what you get for 110000. Thats, what you get. Honestly, the more I think about it, the more it makes sense. Its the ROG phone., Its excessive, but its very enthusiastic.. Its got the crazy animations in the screen, just like the ROG phone with the gaming features.. This is a gamers truck. There, you go. Its a gamers truck., And it took me a week of living with it to learn that but Im not even mad. There. It is. Thats my thoughts.. Hopefully you enjoyed. Thanks for watching., Thanks for subscribing. Ive seen you guys and thanks for the comments on how to improve the quality. Im in a less windy place, but well work on that.