What did you do? I watched a sci fi movie, so you mean hot girls, oh well, apart from the actresses, actually like the cars in the movie, such crazy Tech, they have, I mean. When will we get those features in the cars that we drive every day? Part which world are you living in these guys are already here? Let me show you: what are you talking about? Lets go Music isnt, this car from the future wow. This does look something out of the Future car out of the future green plates. I think this must be an EV. It is an Eevee and you know whats its actual name. This is the AMG eqs, 53 4matic, plus long name for a pretty long car. Also, this is the most aerodynamic performance car ever produced with a Cod of just 0.23 and Ive heard. This is the first ever Mercedes sedan to get 21 inch wheels absolutely, and these 21 inch wheels have never featured on a Mercedes sedan before and you get EV specific tires. That is something I can see from here. Can you open the Bonnet and show me before going to that Ill? Tell you one thing that these EV specific tires usually are low rolling resistance tires. But here you have high rolling resistant tires, because this comes with 762 HP of power and of course these tires make a lot of noise because its a EV, its very silent. So the noise – actually you know, lets the road users know that a car is approaching.

Now you cannot actually open the Bonnet. You know why why so Mercedes has actually seized the Bonnet for the custom customer, but it can be open in the workshop now. There are two reasons behind this. One is because of the battery. There is a risk of electric shock and, of course, with so much power. You know how much shock shock and, of course, this car comes with a HEPA 14 filter. Now, While most cars come with the filter inside the cabin, this guy has a filter inside which basically, the entire air which goes into the car, is HEPA filter. So they dont want any risk of any contamination. So only the technician can open this, while at the time of service. So how do you fill up the wiper washer fluid in this come Ill? Show you very neat trick, so you actually open this flap right here and you can fill the washer fluid. You got it and I can see some massive brake calipers over here with Angie branding nice, of course, and these red one look really neat. You know, especially with these this matte color, the red calipers, really shine out the design of selenite gray, color ooh tasty. So what is the difference between 4matic plus and 4matic? So 4matic means the power on the rear. Wheels can be maximum 61 percent, while the other is channeled to the front wheel, but in 4matic, plus even hundred percent power can be channeled to the rear wheels.

That depends on the driving condition, the traction situation, Etc. So, basically, this gives you a much better traction than other formatic cars. I cannot wait to have a go in this car. Come lets. Go lets, go Music, so lets talk about this hyper screen. 56 inch hyper screen in this car I mean my TV at home is 55. okay and now the best part is the front passenger. Like you have a screen in front of you. Yes, I can see the direction the car is going in, so it can be customized to whatever you want to see yeah now there are two infrared cameras right here in front of the instrument cluster in front of me. So if, as a driver, I happen to look there again and again, the first thing is actually dimming. It will because it doesnt, want the driver to get distracted yeah. So you know after a while, if you you know just dont give up, it will just dim the screen. So you know that you dont have to do that. Oh nice really push in the seat Im sure you are pressing just 50 of the throttle, not even full well Im, not even in Sport Plus mode. So let me tell you when I get into Sport Plus mode which Im going to get right now. I can hear this burble coming from the speakers yeah, so this is like uh. So basically these speakers they emit that AMG sound.

So it gives you a feeling that youre in a high performance car on the same year, youre feeling boss electrically feeling exactly. But you know this is something which is going to take time for us to get used to because we are so used to. You know: theyre revving, the nuts out of the ice engines, but of course the future is EV. So this is going to take us. Some time, but this is a start, definitely okay. The signal is running Green in uh five seconds from now, and I think you are ready to lights out and off figure three, two, whatever, oh, my God, Music insane man. I never thought an electric Audi. All the organs in my body have reshuffled themselves now, absolutely phenomenal, absolutely phenomenal. Now this car produces 762 HP of power. 1020 newton meters of torque top speed 250 kilometers per hour electronically limited temperatures are going to see that you know its so much power. You cant have a speed limit or 250 but of course, limited to 250 kilometers per hour. It goes for from 0 to 100 inches 3.4 seconds. Of course, that is in restart mode now, of course, it gets all the AMG telematics track pace and everything. So when youre on the track, it gives you all the lap times and everything so standard AMG stuff is as it is. You know you can be a virtual race engineer with this car absolutely and uh talking about the battery and the range Im sure you guys must be interested in knowing that.

Also, this one gets a 400 volt lithium ion battery with the energy content of 107.8 kilowatt hour. Zero 200 takes around six and a half to seven hours for a slow charger, and if you plug this car into fast, as a 10 percent to 80 happens in 30 minutes and with a full charge, you get a claimed range of 529 to 586 kilometers, which Means a realistic range of 450 kilometers is possible with this car. So you have this huge screen front of me yeah now. Obviously all cars have Maps. If I want to say, go to uh. Okay, now Ill put the directions to go up. Yeah, normally a map would tell you the shortest way or the way which consumes minimum time yeah, but this car count is something known as electric intelligence. So, if youre going to Goa first, it will map out how much charge you have at this point of time. Okay and how much charge would you need to get to Goa? So if you need to charge after three hours or after so many kilometers yeah, it will give you a map in such a way that these charges are available on the way. So basically, in short, this means that you never really run out of charge on your drive so nice. If you are hungry, you can charge yourself and if the car is hungry, you can charge the car both at the same time. But, as you said, DC charging takes us 30 minutes, so you can just grab a coffee or have a quick meal and by the time the car is charged.

Oh, no, its not a bad thing. Actually, we just need some more DC Chargers like those public DC Chargers which actually work properly, and I think we are sorted off that I think we are still in a very nascent stage of uh EV uh. You know the charging infrastructure but believe me, the same thing happened when the mobile phones came out in 1995 yeah, where you know there was hardly any network in only major cities and theyre also, like you know like in Bombay only in South Bombay, but now look Every village has Network, so you know so with time. I think this is going to be predominantly fixed, so I think theres going to be no fear of range anxiety. As you know, time goes by you know, Jada is noticing one thing: okay performance is good. No doubt about that, the interior is on on the level. No doubt about that also. But what I really like is this seat. It is so comfortable. The lateral support is nice. The back support the under thigh support. All that is just out perfect in this pillow. Here that is so good, so thats what any Mercedes car I would say you know theyve got the seating absolutely right. Let me talk about luxury, I mean the first thing which you do is sit in the car right. So if that is not comfortable, you want obviously Im going to enjoy the next step of it.

So yeah, even I sat behind as well, and I can tell you the rear seats if you want to be just chauffeured around as a passenger just get into Comfort mode, and I mean I wouldnt give this car to my show. Even I wouldnt do it. But okay, I would trust you with it. Supposing you are driving me somewhere, I can actually chill and relax behind yeah and that time this car will become absolutely subtle, absolutely sober. You know doesnt wouldnt feel like an AMG, so you can actually use this car as your daily drive and you know unleash it on the weekends theres this gangster vibe to this car. So you have this matte gray, color and the car makes absolutely no noise. So like when it is going silently, you know roaming on the streets. It is like a stealth machine. No one knows what is coming behind them exactly out of your sci fi movie, isnt it exactly now only if there was an actress also with us for that. You have Tinder and have you noticed all these lights on the dashboard? So when theres, a post when theres a car approaching you on the blind spot, this thing this uh light, the ambient light becomes red and it wants you that you know something. Object is basically so there are like so many so many features blind spot monitoring, Lane, detection automatic braking, and you know all that kind of yeah like its insane so like with any EV uh.

You know when youre breaking the energy gets recuperated, which was actually this technology came out in Formula One. Do you know this? I know, and it was called curves kinetic energy recovery system. So when youre breaking the energy is getting recovered, its actually a lot of the AMG Tech, if you see, has actually come down from the formula one team yeah Im, not talking specifically about this car but uh. You know Mercedes is eight time world champion, like thats. A record for any team ever since I know I know youre a big Mercedes, AMG Fanboy, but its okay lets start with the car Im, not gon na talk about tripod racing. By the way you guys have poached our staff at uh, the Brackley unit. Everything is fair in love and have fun so right now, this car is on strong recuperation mode. So, basically I dont need to break. I just lift off the accelerator. You can actually feel the car is breaking. You know why, because its recovering that energy, so sometimes when you have a little bit of a low charge, yeah – and you know that range anxiety kicks in yeah – you can go to this mode and the car will pretty much preserve the charge it has. You know till your destination and uh talking about the service interval, this guy as a service interval of two years or 30 000 kilometers, which I think is unheard of in any car and talking about the wand in the battery.

You get a warranty of 10 years or 2 lakh, 50. 000 kilometers. Okay, this car is like that right and that starts off pillow. So right now we go to the charge and in spite of driving around for almost two hours, yeah weve exhausted only 15 of charge. So we are currently at 85 in charge. Another ‘3 kilometers to go. We actually got the car at 95, so thats, fine. I think still two and a half hours uh, ten percent and weve been driving like mad, so yeah, so I think youre itching to get behind the wheels switch Music foreign wow insane acceleration. This is what I like about. It is the instantaneous torque that you get well, not just any. You were doing the dimensionable speeds in like seconds, so he literally reached uh 0 100 3.4 seconds actually like. I think it was good, so this telematics which come here it actually tells you. How much talk at that point the time everything fantastic well Im, sitting here now so Im noticing this only so yes very engaging to drive the suspension is also quite sorted actually, with 21 inch wheels. Also the ride isnt stiff at all. It is quite comfortable. So basically uh the suspension is uh Dynamic. You know it adjusts as per the conditions. Yes, yes and you can also erase the height of the car from the front yeah. So but if you cross a certain speed, the car will automatically lower down for better aerodynamics and better lower drag.

I absolutely love the e63s. I think thats, one of my all time, favorite cars and the way I mean, if you remember when it had come first, we did a yeah. We had the M5 at that point. Yes and the M5 didnt stand a chance in front of that. So the E63 is mind: boggling used to be so nice, the older one, the w205 model we drove that and the M3 back to back and the C63 was so satisfying, so very practical, even the boot space uh 610 liters, which is quite big, very practical for You know daily use, so basically, this car is everything it has features to play with. In fact, this has games also, which you can play when youre stuck. I know I know so when youre stuck in traffic or you have when youre just bored yeah, you can just play these games, and these games can also update over the air yeah. You dont have to go to the service center to you, know, get new software and all that all the updates are OTA yeah. So it has everything a practical boot. A lot of space in the cabin lots of features, lots of tech works of power. Crazy looks lots of options which, if you want to add those but a lot of good colors as well, and it does everything – oh my God party, sorry, oh my God. Oh my God, AMG nice. This was good.

Great experience, 53., Music. Oh my my wallet and experience, it was driving the eqs50. Do you ever think, like the last time when we drove the e63s that uh electric AMG would be so exciting, it is exciting. It is fast. The only thing I miss is the growl of a V8 engine. I mean, of course, but if you notice, you know that when you go into Sport Plus mode, the speakers do make that little rumbling sandwich. You know. I think this is a way for Mercedes to gradually get us used to. You know from Ice to EVS, of course, theres no direction to the fact that this is the future and Im. If this is the future, I am ready to warm up to the Future. You have to stop watching Sci Fi movies now, because you have real cars now on the road. Yes, yes, definitely the best electric car on sale right now, so this is costing uh 2.45 CRX showroom. Of course, this is a CBU thats. Why the courses like that and Mercedes also going to launch the S eqs 580, which is the electric S Class soon now that car has the lowest Cod of 0.20 for any production car in the world right now, we shall drive it soon until then, keep watching The space for more and thank you so much for watching this video make sure you comment.