I have the 2022 bolt eevee slightly smaller its fun, its practical and extremely affordable. So today, im going to review this car and let you know if i think it is a hot eevee, hatch or not: Music Applause, Music, so whats new for 2022. Well, this car has a refreshed, exterior, a refreshed interior. It has more range, and it also is now the least expensive ev on the market in the us, its also the same color as the one that i had last week, the bolt euv so im wondering if chevy only has just the one can of paint. So the most obvious change for 2022 is: it now has a less toy like playful appearance, its much more grown up in general, really like these signature, led lights, theyre much narrower than the predecessor, and then the main headlights have been relocated to where the fog lamps Were previously the whole look is a lot more cohesive, a lot more grown up. I think it really works so at the back, the tail lights are narrower, which is the theme these days and then below here in the bumper. These reflectors have also been made particularly narrow as well. I think the look is pretty good, its not as different as it was at the front, but it still looks really good and then, of course, theres a lot of piano black, which is really annoying, but that is unfortunately, the trend these days and in the back You get approximately 16.

7 cubic feet of space. You can obviously put these seats down for 57 in total. I still dont really like this super thin sort of luggage cover and then the other thing i dont like is this thing here, which does actually pull completely out to provide more space. But the way its been designed is is any weight here and it just sort of teeter totters, so dogs dont, like it as i found when i put my dog in here, and he put his foot down on there so to solve that problem, i had to Wedge a couple of blankets underneath to stop it tipping when he was standing on it so yeah, not a great design. The euv had a much better design of this particular thing it lifted. It had a hinge in there. You just opened it up like that. Much much easier so under the hood, the power plants are identical, uv or ev, 150 kilowatt motor gives you 200 horsepower 266 pound feet. Obviously, single speed transmission to the front wheels is lighter, though, than the euv by 100 pounds or so, and its a little quicker. So it scoots to 60 in around 6.5 seconds, so thats pretty much on a par with the kia niro and the hyundai kona twins. So this one has a price of 34 200, its an lt2 version, its got the bose stereo system and a couple of other goodies for 595 plus adaptive cruise control.

But no supercrew supercruise is not available on the regular bolt ev. You got to get an euv if you want supercruise, i wouldnt spend my money on it. If you saw my review from the previous week, id say its a no, this ones, fine, with adaptive cruise control on its own. That takes the price, including destination to a little over 36 000, because bear in mind that chevys gon na discount this car by over six thousand dollars next year, which makes this thing an absolute bargain and under 30k standard wheels on this. Are these 17 inches theyre kind of nice looking wheels and then these michelin energy tires? They do squeal a little bit and i think what i do is. I would sacrifice a few miles of range and get myself some grippier tires just because it wheel spins all the time and then the brakes theyre pretty good, actually some of the best brakes uh that regen that ive ever had it regions most of the time. So youll probably never have to change these rotors during a lifetime, but it stops real well, so cant complain there. So the bolts a great little commuter car, its got 259 miles per charge. Battery is 65 kilowatts and it offers both level two and dc fast charging. So if you put it on level, two, which is regular home charger, expect it to take six to seven hours from empty uh and about an hour to reach eighty percent, its a little slower than the kia niro thatll charge at 85.

Kilowatts versus the bolts, 55 kilowatt max so bear that in mind for longer trips. So this is where youre gon na lose out to the euv um. Its still got the same sort of minimal clearance for your head and for me, the leg rooms fine. But for a lot of people, uh youre a little bit squished, because youve got like an additional three or so inches of leg room in the back of the euv, but i dont care. I like this. The way it is youve got a couple of uh power outlets right there, and then you get a nice little uh very well made good quality materials on this lt2. Its leather facing with the seats yeah not bad at all, so the interior at the front is pretty much identical to the euv great infotainment system. Physical controls, nice leather, covered steering wheel on this lt2 model leather face seats, as i mentioned nice little bit of storage in here inferior, slightly scratchy plastics in this center console, but hey again that sort of honda style gear selector takes a little bit of getting used To but its generally fine uh, no super cruise, as i mentioned earlier, but everything else is is pretty well made it hasnt, rattled or squeaked. This particular test vehicle has done almost 5 000 miles and its quieter than a church mouse inside. So with the euv. I really didnt mess with the uh the sport button too much, but in this car i think it makes a pretty big difference without the sport button, pressed it sort of rolls a little bit.

The suspension doesnt feel that tight its super comfortable when its not in sport mode, but when its in sport mode its a little bit more fun to drive. As i will show you now, it doesnt, unfortunately tackle the problem of the wheel spin or the tires. These eco tires fighting for grip when you turn the wheel and then stomp on the power at the same time, but i dont think this car meant for that. But i wanted to see whether we could call this a hot or a warm hatch, so lets go ahead and find out so depress. The button sport mode is on the wheel, steering does get a little heavier and the suspension definitely feels firmer. So off we go. Definitely feels a little smaller than the euv and again it does will spin, but its definitely definitely quick were just cruising along here. Lets try 30 miles an hour, get up to 30 stomp wow its actually entertainingly, quick um. The the steering does pull theres some torque steer, which is exactly what i would expect and doing. This is going to deplete the battery quite quickly, but lets lets try that again here so lets just get up to say 30 miles an hour 30 to 50.. All right 30 miles, walk too fast. Okay, so doing 30 miles an hour im gon na stomp on it well spin, 50., 70.. Its pretty quick feels quicker than the numbers suggest. I think uh getting 6.

5 seconds out of this car from zero to 60 is going to take. Quite a few tries just because its going to wheel spin, but once youve got that grip its a little bit like my old spark that i had once it had grip it. Let the full 400 foot pounds of torque through the front wheels and it surprised a lot of people. So the downside of the whole thing is when youre on the freeway and you get up to higher speeds and you decide you want to pass someone. You know doing 70 and obviously break the speed limit. Um the limiter kicks in at 92., so the power just stops and so youre in the middle of a maneuver. It can be slightly dodgy, so youve got to be careful of that. All right so were doing. Uh lets see here were doing like 50 50 miles an hour and then were just going to stomp on it off we go 70.. I mean this isnt. What a normal owner is likely to do right, i mean, but you can make this into a fun little car and the uh accelerator pedal feels definitely like its giving you more power earlier on, rather than letting it sort of fade in obviously that speed limiter that I mentioned earlier is more to do with sort of preserving battery uh, making sure that they can honor the warranty and also these eco tires. Regen is really good on this, just like it was on the euv, and then you pull on this paddle here.

To get more regen, so if we take this corner here, you can hear that this tires are just hopeless, which is unfortunate because i think, with with good tires, i mean any tires would be better than these and michelin makes great tires. But when theyre eco tires theyre just terrible, they have no very low rolling resistance. There is something very nice about electric cars. I mean this things, not tesla, quick, obviously, but um its faster than a lot of cars on the road. You know you can hear. Sometimes these big, you know pickup trucks with their big old v8s and by the time you stomped on it their system. That transmission is still thinking about changing and you hear their revs rise. And then you hear the gear change and then theyre like 200 yards behind you, so thats kind of fun, so even in sport mode, it rides really nicely steering is a little more precise taking a corner at speed here. It really does get up to speed remarkably. Well, we are slightly going downhill now were getting a massive amount of regen to like 55 kilowatts of regen thats, the beauty of driving this car around town. You probably wont use many miles at all. If you stay off, the freeway yeah im actually really happy with this little car, i drove the first one when it came out in 2017, and i really liked it um this one improves on that. As i said a little bit more range, it feels just as quick.

It feels solidly made, which is never usually a chevy thing. They normally do uh. I dont know some of the some of the stuff isnt always perfect, but this seems to i feel like this. Is no pun intended bolted together? Quite well, you know, i think theyve done a really good job. What do we think this is a great little car? It is not a substitute for a golf gti, its not really a hot hatch, its a little more of a warm hatch. It will surprise those owners, though its 30 to 50 and 50 to 70 acceleration times its a quick little car. What it cant do is replace the ability, in the turns that the vw gti has or other real hot hatches have so, which one would i get id get the little ev. I dont need the additional space in the back. I dont carry long legged people very often uh. This is a great little car and an absolute bargain. I mean for less than 30k for a 23 model for next year. This is great and its got great range. What chevy needs to do with this car, though, is give it a faster on board charger, because it is simply too slow. It wont accept more than 53 kilowatts at any time, and a lot of the competition are 85 125 and higher. It needs to charge quicker on a dc, fast charger, and then it would be a useful cross country, little car right now, its perfect as a little suburban runabout and its quick and its fast and its very enjoyable anyway.