In fact, there are a few cars already there on test, so today were here to drive it in the czech republic and were driving it in its most exciting form. It is the enyak rs coupe Music, before we go any further, though, do let us know down in the comments if you are excited for the skoda, eniac iv, rs coupe, and what you think it should be priced at and if you havent done so already, please, Like this video share it with your friends and subscribe to the autocad india channel now, there will also be a standard suv version of the enyak, but the one were driving today is the coupe clearly identified by this sloping roof. But there are another few nice details that id like to point out. These 21 inch wheels get the option of this aero package that improves aerodynamics over the size, as you can see by these flush fitting blades over here and as you come over. There is, of course, the sloping roof, which im told doesnt compromise on rear headroom too much more on that in a little bit and as we come over to the rear. Yes, there is a big hatchback boot and when you open it powered of course, you find quite a sizable boot area. Interestingly, that boot volume of 570 litres is only 15 liters less than what you get in the conventional enyak suv, which could also likely come to india whats common between the two, however, is the front end now whats unusual for a born electric vehicle like this.

Is that theres no front or front boot to store stuff its all full of electric motors and ancillaries, but that minor inconvenience aside you will notice that it is quite a striking looking front end. A big talking point will no doubt be this crystalline grill, its quite a signature of the eniac and sure to be a popular option in india. I hope they offer it and the rs does get a bit more aggressive bumper than the standard eniac which should set it apart, and let people know that you have got the sportier model whats it like inside lets start with the back seat. Now i dont know if you could tell by that shot, but because this is a coupe e suv getting in and out is a bit of a squeeze. Its got a low roof and a high flow because of the batteries underneath. And that means getting in takes a little getting used to, but once youre in place its not too bad, youre set a little bit too upright. In my opinion, and the seat is shaped in a way that it forces you into a slightly knees up position. But there is enough squat to give you a good thigh support and space itself is actually rather good. Great knee room, good head room and thats, because koda has made sure to scoop out this roof. The glass roof is standard, the fixed glass roof and theyve not put a roller blade just to give you that more headroom and not compromise on that area.

Comfort, wise its a nicely cushioned seat, its pretty comfortable and with uh creature, comforts like heated seats here in europe, three zone, climate control, two usb type c ports and, of course, a nifty armrest. You should be okay back here, so not too bad. If youre sat in the back but really where you want to be, is in the drivers seat now here in the interior, i have to say one thing: they have gone that extra mile to give you that rs feel in this particular variant starts with the steering Wheel, which does have a flat bottom and all the grippy leather on it, its also got paddles, which im sure operate the region and its got these really snug feeling rs seats. Now, interestingly, the screen space is dominated by this massive 13 inch touchscreen, which can be a little distracting because its set quite high, but on the move i dont think it will interfere too much with your visibility, because the dashboard itself is quite low. There are, of course, digital dials, but while these are getting larger and larger in most new cars in the eniac, theyre, quite small, but then again its an ev, so you dont have need for conventional dial, shaped dials around speedo around taco. All of that is gone. So you just have the essentials there, plus there is a very clear and easy to read heads up display on this rs version. Otherwise, quality is just superb contrast, stitching very nice leather and a carbon fiber effect on the dashboard.

There are some physical controls, which is something i like its, not all touch, which makes it easier to move. There are two wireless charging ports that dip into there and there are also usb ports inside there as well whats. A bit unusual is that, while there is big space down here in here and under here, the cup holders are rather small bit unusual that but an otherwise really excellent, looking and feeling cabin, especially on this rs version. Now lets hit the road and see what this eniac coupe is like to drive. Lets start by seeing what the enyak is like just as a regular ev for that ive set it to normal mode, and it is showing 82 on the battery and 345 kilometers of range left sounds about right. Its got that typical new age bond, electric car feel from the drivers seat, and that means mono volume shape a pillars that go all the way to the front. Uh the nose dips down to the point that you cant really see the extremities. Even though im sat quite high up right now, around town, the steering is nice and light making for easy. Maneuverability of what is lets be honest. Not a tiny car whats also nice is that set to auto mode. Recuperation is not too aggressive and it doesnt really hamper the driving, but because this car has paddles yes, you can set that recuperation level manually so whats powering this thing.

Standard eniacs come with either a single motor setup producing between 148 and 204 horsepower and a dual motor setup with 265 horsepower, but the rs, with its dual motor setup, makes 299 horsepower and newton meters making it the most powerful skoda ever so just how does that Feel the effortlessness is quite astonishing and because of the silence of the power train, all i can hear is a bit of wind noise. There isnt even that much tire, noise and thats, really impressive. The roads are not perfect, especially in the towns, and this thing has handled it, at least in comfort mode, really really. Well, yes, uh. Once you put it into sport uh, you will feel it a little bit more and also on sharper stuff. The 21 inch wheels do make themselves felt, but i suppose, if you chose the 20 inch size which is also available, you wouldnt have so much of a problem, and i think with that for india, this might be a really great riding e suv. This is an ev, so a quick word on range. This rs gets an 82 kilowatt hour battery, which gives it a range of 504 kilometers on the wltp cycle and the standard eniac with the single motor and this same battery will do 532 kilometers. All nx can be charged at up to 11 kilowatts on a wall box charger and up to 135 kilowatts on a dc fast charger now back to the drivers seat.

To answer an important question: is it a proper rs for that i am going to put it into sport mode immediately? There is more resistance from the car a little tightening up of the responses. The regen got a little bit firmer right there and then, and the steering got a little bit weightier just what you want, because everything feels so much more controlled. Now it feels like an altogether smaller machine. Oh – and you can bet it accelerates, like youd, expect in rs, ev2 im currently doing about 65 kilometers an hour stopped my foot down and and were at the speed limit, which is 90 and thats. Just the beauty of sporty electric cars isnt it. The biggest disadvantage is weight im sure this thing weighs at least 2 000 kilograms, if not more so, im sure the suspension has a whole lot of work to do, but it seems to be doing it just so competently. So is it a full on rs car im, not sure theyre, quite there yet, but it certainly comes close one things for sure. It certainly feels energetic. The enyak iv fits into the skoda range and ethos perfectly offering up something: practical, well built and premium, while not being overly flashy and over the top skoda. Hasnt said which version of versions it will bring to india, but we can hope that they bring in more than one the standard. Suv version is subdued and sensible, and if they choose the right spec, it could come in at a good price.

Although dont expect anything less than 50 lakh rupees ex showroom, as this will be an import, but if its a statement you want to make, we hope they offer the rs coupe too sure it doesnt target your heartstrings. The way an internal combustion rs does, but then how many ev crossovers can. What it does offer is strong performance and sharp, looks in a relatively practical package and thats.