This automotive upstart is proving, luxury can be playful. Even exuberant genesis has only been a standalone brand since 2015, but it already knows how to win big. Every new product is a blockbuster and the all electric gv60 crossover utility vehicle could be the south korean companys brightest star, yet Music exceeding all expectations. The gv60 is an illuminating ev that shines like a ray of sunlight. So what is it that makes this genesis? So special well truth be told its not just one thing, its pretty much everything part hatchback and part suv. This is a segment blurring product, its also the genesis brands first dedicated electric vehicle as such. The gv60 is a beacon that should guide this automaker to an emissions free future by the year 2030, at least thats. The plan today well explore some of the gv60s standout features, look at the key differences between trim levels and, of course, well get a feel for the performance which is exceptional. Finally ill. Show you how this genesis compares to other all electric luxury, suvs that might be on your shopping list, but first lets talk design if you dont care for the gv60 after seeing it in photos or video youre, not alone. I wasnt impressed until i saw the vehicle in person and then everything sort of clicked. This is a seriously good, looking crossover and i encourage you to check one out before passing judgment. The gv60s proportions are similar to the closely related hyundai ioniq 5 and kia ev6.

I mean all three models are built on the same egmp architecture, though the details are what set them apart. All three vehicles look completely different up front. The gv60 wears a smaller version of the genesis brand signature shield shaped grille like other models in the family. A distinctive two line motif defines the headlights and is echoed in the tail lamps. This vehicles, rear, is pleasantly uncluttered with a small spoiler running across the back. Glass in between the flanks are almost surgically clean, thanks in part to an absence of trim, as well as retractable exterior door handles. The only unbecoming design element is that v in the bright work that runs along the roof, no matter how many times i see it, this element always seems a little out of place. Next lets see how the available gv60 models compare, but first, if you enjoy watching the latest and greatest reviews of evs on the youtubes hit subscribe and make sure to like this video in order to keep getting more ev pulse content every week, Music, keeping things simple. The gv60 is currently available in two trims advanced and performance, both of which come standard with all wheel drive. The advanced grade wields 314 horsepower, while performance models have 429 but making the upper sku just a little spicier. It offers a boost mode that ups, the output to 483 horsepower for up to 10 seconds. As for torque, the lower trim has 446 pound feet and the higher one 516.

, with lots of giddy up and four driven wheels. The gv60s range isnt all that great this vehicles, 77.4 kilowatt hour lithium ion battery pack, is standard on both trims, providing 248 miles on a full charge in advanced models and just 235 in performance versions. Now it may lack range, but making up for that. This genesis is a charging champ like the kia, ev6 and hyundai ioniq 5. The gv60 should be able to absorb energy at a maximum rate of around 235 kilowatts enough for it to dc fast charge from 10 to 80 percent in a blistering 18 minutes. Before going over the gv60s beautiful interior, i have to show you one of this vehicles. Coolest features its called face: connect theres, a near infrared camera mounted right here in the b pillar. That allows you to unlock the vehicle using just your face, something youre not likely to forget, but not just any face. Mirandas here is not trained to the vehicle. Now this system works very quickly and in a variety of conditions, including darkness. Thank you run along now. Thank you up to two faces can be saved to the vehicle, which is pretty nice now to use the system. You just touch the door handle look at the camera when the circular light turns green, the door handles pop open. You can access the vehicle and then authenticate using your fingerprint and drive right off. Oh come on miranda! Well, train it to your face.

Come back. I was only kidding theres another option, though performance models support, genesis, digital key 2, an amenity that allows you to access the vehicle using a supported, smartphone ultra wide band sensors detect when youre getting close and they unlock the doors. So you can get inside. Presets are also saved to the cloud and you can share a digital key with up to three different people, maybe even miranda and once youre settled in you are immediately reminded that genesis is doing a phenomenal job with its interiors. The gv60s cabin here is absolutely stunning and in some ways it is a lot nicer than what you get from other luxury automakers like acura, bmw or lexus. For starters, just look at this interior color scheme. Instead of beige gray or black, we have navy blue and for even more style, designers threw in vibrant lime, green accents for the seat piping and contrast stitching. This combination looks oh, so good, ovals and circles are a major theme in here kind of like a ford taurus from the 1990s, but you know a lot better. The gv60s air vents drawer, like glove box, climate control panel and myriad other elements, are all either circular or oval shaped, which gives the interior a softer friendlier appearance than what you get in many other vehicles these days. Opulent materials are part of the equation too. The dashboard and door panels are skinned in buttery soft leatherette, gorgeous microfiber suede is used for the headliner roof pillars and sun visors the aluminum accents on the dashboard and center console not only look great with their satin finish, but they have a subtle texture that makes Them feel substantial and then theres the crystalline hemisphere on the center console half piece of art.

Half vehicle status indicator this beautiful embellishment flips over to reveal the rotary shift knob. When you turn the gv60 on how cool is that here, the seats are covered in nappa, leather plus, the front ones are heated and ventilated, they also have adjustable bolsters. The driver gets an extendable lower cushion, and these chairs can even give you a massage, despite offering everything and the kitchen sink. I dont love these chairs theyre pretty nice, but i wish i could lower the cushion just a little bit its about an inch or so too high. For me, another thing id like to change is the diameter of the steering wheel, its just a little bit too small, which obscures some of the 12.3 inch digital instrument. Cluster mirroring that display theres, also a 12.3 inch panel on the dashboard, its home to a speedy and intuitive infotainment system, with integrated navigation and overall, it looks luxurious very different from what you get in hyundai and kia models. You can interact with this system via the touch screen, voice commands or with the rotary control, knob and satellite buttons on the center console. If you prefer smartphone, mirroring like i do, both apple carplay and android auto are supported, but even though this vehicle has a wireless charging pad, neither of those systems can connect wirelessly, so make sure you bring a cable. The back seat is comfortable with plenty of leg. Room and width plus the bottom cushion is a nice height above the floor and that split backrest is adjustable.

I just wish there was a little more headroom because my noggin grazes that lovely headliner, if i sit up straight, the gv60s cargo hold, has 24 cubic feet of space and nearly 55 with the rear, backrest folded, like other egmp based cars, theres no real front trunk. Just a small cubby thats large enough to store a level one charging, cable or maybe an order of chinese takeout but thats about it. Ensuring your wonton soup and egg rolls dont get cold. Before you arrive home, the gv60 performance offers staggering acceleration driven. Normally, this crossover is refined, composed and responsive, but the real fun begins when you engage boost mode. This gives you 10 seconds of what is basically warp drive theres enough oomph here for the gv60 to hit mile a minute velocity in less than four seconds. It will even squawk the tires from a standstill on dry pavement with an electronic limited slip differential, and you can hear all of our stuff in the back flopping around this thing is seriously quick and accentuating that sensation of speed. Is this vehicles relatively soft suspension that really squats when you punch it, so you get pushed back into the seat even more. There are three drive modes here and theyre accessible from another button on the steering wheel. You get eco comfort and sport now, unlike a lot of other vehicles, theres quite a pronounced difference between each one of these modes. Naturally, eco significantly reduces the gv60s performance.

Comfort is great for everyday use and sport really livens up the accelerator responsiveness. Like i just mentioned. The gv60 is pretty softly, sprung to the point that it feels just a touch floaty at times, and the advantage to this sort of bobbing around is that the suspension eats up bumps and ruts, so you barely feel them helping deliver this. The performance model features a preview system that scans the road surface using a forward facing camera, then it can preemptively adjust the electronically controlled suspension system to deliver a smoother ride. So many luxury vehicles try to be track day. Toys with carbon fiber trim super aggressively, bolstered seats and bone jarring rides, but people rarely ever use that stuff they go to costco or they hit up starbucks after shopping at urban outfitters, and i really appreciate that genesis recognizes smoothness and silence as virtues in a luxury Vehicle, but now lets see how this gv60 compares to other high end. Electric vehicles like the audi e tron s, tesla model y performance and volvo xc40 recharge, as mentioned, this gv60s range is estimated at a middling 235 miles, far less than the 300. We typically like to see at ev pulse, though thats still better than what some competitors offer. The e tron s with 20 inch wheels is rated at just 208 miles, though, if you get 21 or 22 inch rollers, that figure drops to a paltry 181.. The tesla can go an excellent 303 miles between charges and the volvo just 223.

when it comes to dc fast charging speeds. The gv60 should top out at around 235 kilowatts, just like other egmp cars. The fastest. This audi is able to absorb energy, is a disappointing 125 kilowatts really anything less than 150. These days is not great. Now, tesla doesnt publish an official figure, but the model y should max out at around 250, while the volvo can handle up to 150 kilowatts. Finally, when it comes to pricing, the gv60 performance starts at around 69 000. The e tron s kicks off at just about 86 grand the model y performance can be yours for about 71 thousand dollars, and the xc40 recharge goes for about 55 big ones in base form. Of course, all of these prices include destination fees. Summing the gv60 up, this all electric crossover, sumptuous interior buttery, smooth ride, stellar acceleration dc fast charging capability and innovative features, make it an outstanding ev. As for downsides there arent many some drivers will demand wireless smartphone mirroring a little more backseat. Headroom would be nice. Of course, the range could be better and the lack of a real frunk is a bit disappointing, though, hardly a deal breaker overall, the gv60 strengths are numerous and impactful, while almost none of its weaknesses are deal breakers, except for one ill. Tell you about in just a minute the hyundai ioniq, 5 and kia. Ev6 are already two of my favorite evs, but unquestionably the gv60 here is the best of this south korean trio, but things get even better when you factor in the price.

This top shelf example checks out for sixty nine thousand five hundred and sixty dollars, including 10.95 and destination fees and 575 bucks for a fancy paint job now. 70. Grand is a lot but thats actually less than what a tesla model y performance starts at, and i got to tell you this is way nicer. But now for that bad news. I hinted at its really hard to get your hands on a gv60 because they are only being offered at select retailers in california, connecticut, new jersey and new york, which is a crying shame, because the gv60 is a shining star, not just in the genesis lineup. But the luxury ev segment as well on behalf of everyone at ev pulse. Thank you. So much for watching our publisher is jake schaaf chad kirschner is vice president of content. Ben sanders is our executive producer. Jason sue is director of commerce.