We have a quick look at the car. Uh so thats what it looks like from the side, while were here ill talk about the wheelbase, its 2 600 millimeters and in terms of length its longer than the xv 300, so its 4200 millimeters. So its not a submit sub 4 meter suv anymore. Well, quickly. Move around and thats a look at the rear. The tail lights will have a really quick look at what this car is today, because we are embargoed on any opinions. I cant give you details, but no opinions. Today, we will be reviewing this car well be driving. It as well and that review will be out on the 11th of september, so please keep a lookout for that uh. So one of the highlights of mahindras electric car range is this: color thats been released so thats a copper color. So all the electric cars are gon na, carry this copper accent and thats. What the logo looks like on the front: thats the headlights very nice accents over here on the front bumper as well, and that continues around the side skirting and on the roof as well, and it does really pop with this white color. The other two colors that we have with us on the stage are this: blue, blue, sorry, blue thats, the signature color for mahindras electric cars, and we also have a black and on the black, those copper accents pop really nicely as well, especially on that front grille.

So well move back to the white car because theres less people there and well get into a few more details. So uh power goes to the front wheels thats a 150 horsepower 310 new meters of torque and thats, capable of pushing it from 0 100 kmph in 8.3 seconds so fastest in its class, mindlessly its the fastest, accelerating indian made suv uh. What else in terms of range? Oh, yes, electric so range its 456 kilometers of range from a ‘.4 kilowatt hour battery and speaking of the battery, the hatch for opening that is here, uh. Sorry, i need to pop it open from the inside of the car, but there is someone in the car, the moon, so give me a second ill, get there thats what the alloys look like uh. So these are 16s. 205. 65. 16S, a nice very simple, alloy design. I would like to see something a little bit more funky, something more that weve used to seeing on electric cars uh, giving it that signature electric car look like the grill does in the front. It would be nice to have the wheels matching that as well again. What do you guys think of that Music and yes, its 4200 mm long? So that means its got a very large boot as well just yeah, so uh in terms of boot space. I dont have the figures right now. I pretty sure nabil is gon na scream them out in my ear 378 liters and again another class leading figure according to my mahindras presentation, so thats the boot – and i will quietly sneak behind this person here and have a look at well: okay, theyve reclined, the Rear seat so theres no point in looking at the rear seat space there, but uh we will climb into another car soon.

Give me a second and well step in and with the magic of pausing videos. We are in the rear seat of the black car, so thats what the rear seats look like. Uh ill have nabil step in oh and nobodys just gone when i need him just give me a second pausing again. Sorry and yes, sorry about that, we are back now wheels in the rear seat, and this is so. You can see how much of space you get in the rear seats, the angle of recline, the amount of knee room and the amount of headroom and for reference nabil is five foot. Seven five foot, seven, is what the man says and thats what the rear seats look like. Give me a second and well step into the front as soon as it gets vacated and just like that, we can now see what it looks like in the front of the car. Again, we have nabil helping us uh thats, a look at the infotainment uh again the software isnt. What we, what weve been told is that the software isnt completely updated. You will see a few changes here and thats the ac and lower down. Here we have the we cant. Sorry cant, give you an opinion, but we have the girl here there. You are gear selector now moving up to the console, and these are now the drive modes so well see the drive mode change, fun. Music. This one is fun.

The blue one is fast and the red one is fun fast and fearless. What do you guys think of those drive modes, less confusing than the xuv, so another fun fact? So this seems to be like the lower variant because it does not have the l mode here. Cell mode is essentially the single pedal operation which the higher medians might get. So one of the cars here does have the l mode. Also, yes, so again, these uh the car is only being unveiled right. Now there is a timeline and that timeline says that its gon na go only im. Only gon na go on sale early next year, and that is the sunroof opening, and i will just quickly step out. Give you another look of the car on the outside and close Applause, and so yes, that is your final. Look that youre gon na get today off the xv. 400 uh, like we said there, is a timeline for everything uh and most of it culminates in january, which means price announcements bookings as well as the first deliveries, theyll all be in january, right so stay tuned, and, of course, yes, we are going to be driving. This car in a few hours time, but well only be able to release that its embargoed till the 11th of september, so stay tuned for our first impressions as well. Thank you for watching.