This looks across like this because its the only uh cup holder that actually fits in the uh large drink bottles in the exclusive model, so its got the uh rear blind. So the console the guy charging at the minute, with a granny charger Im waiting to get a charger fitted on the wall, be reviewing the charger. I think it seats. Its only got one set in, though of a storage bit. You know and the unit 80 percent and so its got four hours 23 minutes charge on the granny charger. Just go disconnect that for a minute when I do the video ah shown 142 miles on normal mode, Eco. 157. 436. I think it was just on 80 as well and Ill. Show you 100 miles on Eco again. The only annoying thing is, you have to change it each time you start it up for the mode its starting normal mode, so getting an average at 3.9 miles per kilowatt over two and a half thousand miles, all right probably done about yeah. They must have researched when I bought it, because its done about two and a half thousand miles now yeah true Ive been to Scotland and back in it its a long journey. This is the middle part mode the park and then twist it to reverse neutral Drive cars and the train range range to empty 157 on EK, Ill, have a look under the Bonnet Ill, find the lever theres quite a bit of room under the bonnet.

Of course, these were made originally as a petrol car, so purely designed as an EV and the spiders love it. Okay, uh some sort of duster in there later, like a normal engine, so just making loads of webs in there all right youve got a USB, socket and tiny little storage bit there. You go pockets in the rear sakes blind, not a great deal of room in the middle, but the big yeah, its hot to cable. Okay, you need that to get your free charge at Tescos or other places, its always worth buying that didnt get that with the cardboard thats separately, and here youve got some storage. So we keep your granny charger, thats plugged in at a minute higher up stuff it on there Music, so Ive had this car for a while. Now and its great, I think I mean I would have heard the newer model, but its a lot of extra money and uh got us to. Scotland took uh 11 and a half hours to get there, which was we had to queue a few times and its wanted to get charged have some charge before we got back, but on the way back managed to do it in nine and a half out. No nine hours, sorry a lot better, but didnt need any charge to get when I got home, but we still come back with charge so just uh planned it a bit better. I think and youve got controls on the steering wheel, flat bottom door lock on the handle, mirror adjuster down there, windows on the door with the rear window, lock controls use the Android auto on it.

A lot you just plug your phone in and Google Maps takes over, so it takes over a lot of the system of the car behind and Ive got a good deal on this car thats a certain 2019 plate. We had 13 000 miles on unless that 21 000 from Brandon Car Center, which is actually an mg dealership, so it was even better Ive got it price, its got the reef rails on the top operating his windows, some nice alloys and Granny charger.