Many of you are thinking if the time to take the plunge is right. For this week, for a few days, im gon na trade, my regular petrol driven car with an electric car and share my experience with you of driving a vehicle like this in the urban chaos, so range anxiety, charging issues how the entire experience is of using an Electric car, in your day to day life so lets see how it goes. Music, the tata tigor eb, is the most affordable electric car on sale in the market currently, so that makes it within the reach of most buyers who looking to shift towards screen mobility. Now, if you havent, driven an electric vehicle before youll, have to get used to some things when youre driving it for the first time, for example, the sound or the noise, because there isnt any. This is a car that runs on batteries. Theres no internal combustion engine. Here so theres no sound to here thats coming internally from your car, so you have a silent cabin, but then you hear the exterior sounds a lot more than your regular petrol or diesel driven car. So the outside traffic, or any exterior sound, creeps in a bit more inside the cabin when youre driving the car. The other thing is all the talk coming to you right from the word: go because of this being an electric vehicle, its not something were used to on a petrol or diesel 11 cars.

But here you have all the talk, so you have to be a little careful about that. Sometimes you feel that the car is pointing a bit more aggressively than what you want it to so that is something you have to keep in control. I also noticed a stiffer suspension on the tigor even compared to the petrol version of the car, but that also means that out on the open roads, you can have a bit more fun while taking corners. The heavy battery pack also does not come in the way of a car that handles well on my few days of driving this car. What ive noticed is that the range that is displayed on the cluster on this trigger ev – it is almost a real time, range that youll get when youre driving this car in the city. Traffic provided youre gentle with the throttle inputs, because you also have a sport mode here and if you really press the pedal to the middle, then the range goes down really fast. So, yes, you can have your fun uh on empty roads. When you have enough range left, it all depends on how much youre driving the car in a day or in a week. And how often do you need to charge it so, for example, if i drive say 20 20 25 kilometers in a day because thats my daily commute from uh home to work and back then i dont need to charge my car beyond once every week and then I can still have fun on the empty road because i have enough charge left.

You also have the sport mode, you remember so the enthusiast in you can actually have a lot of fun, provided you have an empty road and some good charge left in the car single pedal driving is what comes in handy if you want more range out of Your car regenerative braking is a bone here, although different levels of regen are not present on this car, unlike the nexon ev or the mg zv, and when it comes to charging the trick is simple. The idea is to get a top up whenever it is feasible and not wait for the batteries to run out completely. So my tigor ev is getting charged right now at one of the tata motors dealerships here in gurugram, and what helped me come here. Is the tata power easy charge app that tells me the location of all the possible places where i can actually go and charge? My electric vehicle, the real need of the r, though, is a consolidated app that tells you about every single charging station in town and its availability and as we speak, energy efficiency, services, limited or eesl is already working on that requirement. Music, when it comes to using an electric car, the big revelation is its running cost for a car that runs on petrol, for which you spend around 10 rupees per kilometer on an electric vehicle. Your running cost can drop to as low as 2 rupees per kilometer. So saying goodbye to a petrol station may turn out to be a wise decision after all, but then theres also the small matter of cost of the car, while the top variant of the tata tigor aft is priced at eight lakh, twenty eight thousand rupees ex showroom For the eevee, you will end up spending up to five lakh rupees more depending on the subsidies available.

The real clincher, though, is the charging cost. Now imagine charging your vehicle using fast charging going from zero to eighty 80 charge and spending around 350 bucks only depending on where you are in the country. Thats, pretty neat isnt it now, apart from saving the environment, if youre saving a lot on the running cost as well, you wont really mind it.