If you didnt, the ruling brand, is a chinese company which manufactures many electric vehicles with a range of like starting from 120 kilometers, 140 kilometers, 170 kilometers, 200, kilometers and top of the range top of the biggest battery provides you about a range of 300 kilometers in Real life, so after this success, because this is a very successful a3 car product in china, it is topping the best seller list since 2020, the end of 2020, 2021 and still in 2022. It is stopping the top tennis in china and after the success, the wpl grant or the name they are using for the smaller scale cars. The cxt brand decided to make a contract with the ruling and they have came up with this official product of winning mini ev in the box. We get everything except the roof luggage. I was really excited if we get this one, but unfortunately in the back, so it means they are going to sell this for a few more dollars. Okay lets check the box, what we have inside it and how the car works. Unbox it, the user manual, which only comes in chinese and the car okay, see the bulling logo. The official product front headlights are led lights which are functional. Also tail lights are functional. We have a 1s 500 milliamp hours, 3.7 volts lithium ion battery, but you can also use a lipo battery from your tiny drones. This is a drone battery from one of my drones.

One is 400 milliamp hours and, as you know, lipo battery is capable to give more amps, which means your car can get a little bit more power and get faster, like you know, one or two kilometers, so its a good thing that we can use it because Of they are using the same plug on off button and the remote controllers on off button. This is this. Car has two speed levels, slow and fast steering trim, and let me show you this: the remote controller requires two double a batteries. I am using rechargeable aa batteries, so you can also find the link of these batteries in the description and, as always, turn on the remote control first and turn on the car. From here see, we have white front headlights and also white led lights, and what is nice to have for a 50 51 car, a official product? You have proportional steering, look at this and you have proportional throttle. This is the first speed and second speed the faster option, and it lights really smooth that you will see while testing the car and what else. Actually there are too many accessories in the box. I already cut them out to cut the packages. Let me show you: one is lithium ion lipo, but the charger, a tiny screwdriver, and here we have side, mirror stickers. The brand stickers cxt. Also the car name, wool link, sticker and door handles light covers tail light covers headlight covers even the antenna license plate covers.

So you can make your custom sticker on it and stick them on them. Stick on them, side, mirrors and all accessories unit on a car, okay lets install them and start testing Music, so Music. Thank you, Music. In the dark. I just decided one more thing: we have brake lights. Look at this now, im going to release it, brake lights just goes off, but its really hard to realize them. I just found it in the dark, so in the esc, the default setting is first, you need to break, then reverse. You cannot just make reverse and drive backwards. First of all, i would like to show you this. We have some articulation with sibling shocks, which is enough for this kind of tiny rc cars, but anyway, on the surface, we dont need them. But if you are going to drive this outdoors, you have some articulation. Okay, lets start and im going to keep it in the default mode. The slow mode i mean lets see because we dont need to go first indoors, Music, so Music test drive in low light Music, now speed in low speed mode. This for the full speed. When you are using the car in the low speed mode and now high speed mount double light, three two one really fast. I really liked it. It looks awesome, Music, Applause, Music Applause, Music.