We got to put our foot flat on the floor and go full send so thats 0 106.56, and that makes the eniac iv rs the fastest, accelerating skoda rs ever of course, by now, youd have also surmised that this rs is very, very different from the rss That weve known and loved the skoda eniac iv coupe rs, to give it its full name – is kodas second, full electric vehicle, the enyak. Obviously you are going to see it on indian roads very soon. I dont know about this koopa, whether that will come or even when the rs will come. I think it will come, but when im not sure the eniac is going to come to india in october of this year, theyre going to take a call as to when it should be introduced into india. But it should be in the first half of next year. Now let me take you through the styling first, the color. What do you think of it? Let us know in the comments. This is called mamba green and it is exclusive to the rs and it is a striking loud color. You need sunglasses for this color. It is very attractive. Another thing thats unique on the eniac iv. The electric is this front grille. Obviously it is blanked out because electric cars theres no need for cooling and it has got some 130 leds, so this lights up in the night. It also has a full width led light bar, which is now a signature for all electric vehicles, but this grille is lit up, so you cant miss it for anything in this world the rs.

It also gets all this black additions to make it look a bit. Sportier and of course, you cant miss the wheels. These are the optional 21 inch wheels standard is 20, and these are massive wheels. Look at how they fill up the wheel, arches its also got this aero shrouding, to give it better aerodynamics ill talk about that. In a bit rs badging, you obviously get a lot of these gloss black elements out here, and this is unique to the eniac coupe, the coupe roof line. It does look a bit different from the regular enyak which we will get in india, and it makes it look pretty attractive now because of the koopa roofline aerodynamics have improved, and now this matches the tesla for the best aerodynamics in the electric vehicle category, the skoda Lettering on the bootlet now this is familiar, but this is going to change and very soon skoda have unveiled their new design language on the vision 7s and it also previews kodas new brand logo. So no longer on the front gill, will you get the roundel? You will get skoda the word mark, written on the grill and at the rear. Also, the new skoda word mark has got different fonts. It is flatter for the digital age and all of that blah blah. What do you think about it? Let us know in the comments below, but that will be seen in india soon when skoda. India moves to india 2.

5 whenever that comes and, of course, on the electric vehicles thats. What this whole lettering has been done and it is focused towards to make skoda ready for the electric age, also the enyak iv, that is going to prepare skoda, india for the electric era, which is coming very soon now the eniac is going to be coming to India very soon in the matter of a couple of months early next year. So what do you get now? The eniac iv rs is slightly more lavish than the regular enyak you get this nice alcantara leather finish on the dashboard, but all niacs. It gets this 13 inch floating infotainment screen, which looks really nice, though the digital cluster is surprisingly small. Of course it has a lot of information on it, but it just seems surprisingly small on the rs. You have this green stitching on the steering wheel, and the steering wheel is not too small and not too fat is just very nice. The seats are really nice and comfortable. These are one piece seats like all rss, which look really cool and again its got more green stitching on it in terms of features, you get a lot of eight as features lean, keep assist, lane warning active cruise control. All of that is there. You get a head up display with augmented reality. You have a massive panoramic sunroof, but weirdly enough, you have to open the shroud manually, its not electric, so thats the first first time we are seeing that in terms of space, even though this has got a coupe roof line, there is plenty of space at the Back the space is not compromised.

Of course, the boot is slightly smaller, but its okay, and also in terms of the way things are put together. This feels very lavish very premium, and all this green stitching does give it that sporty touch. The eniac is based on the volkswagen group meb platform. In fact, this is the first of the meb platform cars to be made outside of germany. This is made in the czech republic and, of course, its not going to be assembled in india, not anytime soon, when it dumps come to india, itll come in as a full cbu. Now the rs gets the higher output battery. So you get 82 kilowatt hour in terms of output, the rs it puts out 295 bhp and 460 newton meters of torque. It has a range of 478 kilometers, obviously its lower than the rest of the neck range, because this has been tuned towards performance. 0. 100 likes, we said in 6.5 seconds and top speed of 180 kilometers per hour to drive like all skodas. The eniac iv rs feels really nice. This is comfortable now its running 21 inch wheels, so those are massive and the roads in the czech republic, these internal roads arent the best in europe, but it doesnt crash into the road. You feel that firmness obviously – and this has been stiffened – to give it more sporty handling, but its never mad, uncomfortable. Of course, the ground clearance is also good, because this is an suv, so itll actually be well suited to our indian conditions, but when you throw it on corners, it doesnt feel as fizzy as the rss that weve known to experience and love.

Of course, it can carry a ballistic amount of speed through corners. There is a lot of grip. The body roll is well contained, four wheel, drive and, of course, being an electric. The way it apportions talk to the wheels is much quicker than in an ice. So you dont feel the power cutting out when youre going too fast through corners and four wheel. Drive also gives you a lot of traction when youre exiting corners, but it doesnt make the hair, on the back of your hand, stand up on end. There is no noise, obviously theres, no gearbox, no dsg no manual to play around with theres no revs that rise and fall no from the exhaust or maybe thats. Just me, as a dinosaur moaning about things that are going to come to an end in terms of pricing, i suspect this would be priced at maybe 60 70 like rupees. That is if it actually comes to india. The eniac is for sure coming whether the coupe rs will come. I dont know, but if you ask me, the rs will actually be a great start to skodas eevee innings. The rs badge has always been held in very high regard very high esteem, and if you bring your first electric car as an rs, i think thats a great move. In any case, these cars are going to be niche, very small numbers, so the price doesnt really matter so much. I hope this comes in, but as far as enthusiasts well, this is the future.

So so, whether enthusiasts like it or not, evs are coming and the eniac iv rs. That represents the future of the performance car one where theres not so much noise.