We can customize our own sport mode, efficient mode, expressive mode and relax and as we choose the one we want, for instance, expressive here. Youll actually see the interfaces, the menus and even the background noise of the vehicles, cabin changing to match that drive mode, im, justin prichard for driving, dot, ca and those are some of the things well be learning about in this video Music, its math time in my Tester i was able to drive my weekly 430 kilometer route from sudbury to toronto on 11 worth of hydro at todays fuel prices, thats about a third of the cost per kilometer of a toyota prius. Despite the ix weighing nearly twice as much and delivering five times. The horsepower so, basically, this gives you grand cherokee trackhawk acceleration with a cost per kilometer like a small motorcycle and green plates on the front and rear theres, no fuel gauge as a reminder of an expensive upcoming fill either, which means that you start to enjoy driving. Just for driving sake, the ix m60s energy cost per grin is a fraction of something combustion powered with similar credentials, also its surprisingly friendly, despite its 610 horsepower and a torque curve, thats, basically a giant wad of lung flattening thrust. This is a creamy cruiser on the highway, with noise levels expertly controlled even at higher speeds on board. You glide, along at a good clip with little need to raise your voice for a conversation or phone call on the roughest northern ontario back roads.

I could find ride. Quality was similarly well executed, though i found the machine most compelling as a long distance. Highway cruiser noise levels, harshness and drama were kept to a minimum, even as frost heaved pothole covered surfaces had their way with my testers springs and shocks and great big 22s. Keep your speed reasonable on surfaces like these and youll, find a ride, thats, smoother, quieter and more consistently controlled than many luxury suvs, let alone high performing models that commonly have a smashy and delicate ride on this testing route. For comparison, the highest performing. Bmw x5 variants require more care and caution on this surface and the ride is noisier, harsher and more abrupt. So the bmw ix m60 is part car part luxury, business, lounge and part rocket propelled plaything still what stood out the most on my test drive was its ability to deliver remarkably consistent ride, comfort and noise levels even across a wide range of surfaces that usually cause Issues for high performing machines like this so lets take a look at the different drive modes, how we select them and how unique sound effects characteristic of each one are used to help shape the driving experience. So my modes right here we click this and then we have this screen here so personal. We can customize our own sport mode, efficient mode, expressive mode and relax and as we choose the one we want, for instance, expressive here, youll actually see the interfaces, the menus and even the background noise in the vehicles, cabin changing to match that drive mode.

So the relaxed drive mode Music, just a slight sort of resonating chime sound in the background. So this is the expressive drive mode Music. I think you probably heard that a little bit better do one more there for you to make sure so the expressive drive mode Music. This is the efficient drive mode. There is no sound here, so some full throttle, but no noise and sport mode will do a launch control start here, just to give you the full effect and heres what things look and sound like in sport mode. This is zero to 60 in about three and a half seconds Music. My legs feel dizzy from those g forces holy geez, Music, now weve driven some cars here that can vacate the premises in a serious hurry if they have to uh, and this is definitely one of them. While parking. My testers four wheel, steering subtly shrank the machines. Turning circle, enhancing parking lot maneuverability as an all angle, camera display and radar sensors keep an eye on your proximity to things nearby. In spite of its size, which im almost certain youll find to be bigger in person than photos lead on. The ix is a bit of a parking lot ninja, but one of my favorite moments on this test drive happened when i left the gym on the very sweatiest of afternoons. Id just completed a two hour: sweat fest leg day and lengthy post workout sauna. Before returning to the ix in a highly overheated state, thanks to cabin pre conditioning, i returned to an interior that was pre cooled to full cryogenic.

A few clicks activated a level three massage from my seat, where i chilled out sipped my smoothie and checked my emails. While blasting some arkells on the megawatt bowers and wilkins stereo system its the little things, you know, the interior has a fresh new look with several daring elements and extended use of quilted surfaces and crystallized controls to help convey the visual identity of the brands latest electrics. The ixs dash and central screen are presented as a giant floating blade, complete with very crisp graphics and full customizability at the tips of the drivers. Fingers headroom is very generous even with the push to tint moon roof overhead. The infotainment system is highly responsive and logical to use in all menus its easy to back up return to the home screen and even find useful tips and information about key functions before you decide what to do compared to recent test drives of other bmw models. The experience from this new system seems to be more in line with a high end tablet or smartphone entry and exit to either seating row are accomplished using little more than a lateral bum slide sideways and in your seat over a door opening with exposed carbon fiber Rear seat, legroom is stretch out friendly and average sized occupants can even cross their legs. The rear of each front seat even have a pair of usbc charging ports mounted, making it easy to stay juiced up on the move. Also, both the front and rear floor surfaces are totally flat, enhancing the sense of space, rear seat packs fold nearly full flat with a simple click on a release button and the cargo hold, is low, wide and accommodating its nicely.

Carpeted too note that boarding and exiting canines will have to clear the rear bumper, which protrudes more than most out below the cargo opening up good boy weirdly. You fill up the ix m60s washer fluid via the flip up emblem on the front of the hood, with a transformer substations worth of electricity underneath opening. This is a dealer only affair. I would tell current bmw x5 drivers, considering the switch that the ix doesnt drive exactly like what youre used to, but that many attributes are similar, especially when it comes to experiencing a polished, feel of weight and density on the road. The overall drive in the ix is a new take on a familiar feel. I dont think itll win you over if you prefer the steering in a high performing ax5, which my testing notes revealed to be sharper more eager and more direct, while the m60s handling and braking capabilities give drivers access to some thrilling g forces delivered with that signature. Sense of point and shoot confidence you get when youre, backed up by big power and big brakes. The awkward steering wheel shape and my wish for a little more feel meant that i enjoy the performance of this machine more as a hot rod than a corner carver. You for watching my name is justin prichard for driving dot. Ca dont forget to hit that like and subscribe button down below. If you learned something new and until next time take care and drive safe.

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