Instead, the model 3 became a sales juggernaut, while the bolt just didnt flash forward a few years and the bolt has gotten a refresh but its also gotten a larger sibling. The bolt euv its larger than the regular bolt. It rides nicer than the regular bolt and it has a key piece of technology that will not be coming to the bolt and that is gms hands: free drivers, assistance system, supercruise. In other words, this is the better bolt Music. Once you get behind the wheel of the bolt euv, which starts at a very reasonable twenty seven thousand two hundred dollars, you realize that the ride quality is much better than that of the bolt its smaller counterpart. So if you have a commute that involves going over well rough roads, either around your house on the freeway or around your work, this is the bolt to get on the road. The front wheel, drive bolt. Euv does have the expected ev torque rush with 200 horsepower and 266 pound feet of torque, but once you take off its just sort of fine, its completely adequate for this vehicle and its more of an errand runner than a street racer, you shouldnt expect exciting quartering. In the bolt euv its not really made for that, instead, you have a nice calm, driving experience, which is exactly what you want from a small suv. In fact, after driving this thing around for a week, this ends up being my go to errand machine.

I just jump in it, go take care of what needs to be done, whether im shopping or picking things up or dropping things off it just does it its quiet, its easy to drive and its comfortable Music on both bolt variants. The slim seats that gm and chevy had stuck into the vehicle have been replaced with more traditional seats. The result is a more comfortable sitting arrangement for the driver and the passenger. The bolt euv is about six inches longer than the regular bolt and a lot of that space is given to the passengers to increase their comfort. That should, in my mind, add more cargo space, but according to chevy it doesnt with the rear seats folded down. It has essentially the same cargo space as the regular bolt, which is completely confusing to me, plus theres. This extra storage space, underneath so you can hide stuff from well, would be thieves, its also pretty small for a small suv with 56.9 cubic feet of cargo space. I had enough room for everything i threw at it, but your lifestyle baggage may vary. The update also brought a more traditional dashboard than what we saw on the first generation bolt. You have a 10.2 inch screen and is essentially just your regular infotainment system, its fine. What is nice, though, is that the climate controls are actual physical buttons, so for fans of actual physical buttons. You have that, plus you have a volume control which is outstanding, and this weird thing that you can use to sort of select things.

I used it once by accident im. Not a fan. Chevy does have an onboard voice assistant, but the technology is about five years old, with pre determined, scripts and youre better off, just forgetting it exists, navigate to new york, okay searching for new york. I cannot complete your navigation request right now, sorry about that. Fortunately, it supports uh amazon alexa, which you can set up with your account and then either use the button here on the steering wheel or the button in the touchscreen. How far away is new york? New york is 3046 miles away by car. It also supports android, auto and apple carplay, while the voice assistant may be well old. There is some technology here that is well probably the best in the business, and that is gms super cruise hands free drivers, assistant system. I have my hands off the wheel right now and its totally fine. It is a 2200 option, so it is not cheap. It is not available on the regular bolt its only available on the volt euv, and this system has been permeating the entire gm lineup theyve been putting it initially in cadillacs and now its going to be in a lot more gm vehicles and the bolt euv is One of them, and so, if youre looking for an ev – and you want to sort of show off to your tesla friends who have autopilot, which doesnt support, hands free yeah, you can get a bolt euv and be like hey look.

What i can do supercruise does have some limitations which are based around safety. The system only works on pre mapped roads which at this time is over 200 000 miles of roadways in the u.s and canada. Of course, you still have to pay attention to the road. This is a level two system, not level three. There are no level three systems you can buy currently in the united states, no matter what any automaker tells you youre still in charge, youre still responsible and to make sure you keep that responsibility at heart. There is an in car monitoring system in this vehicle, its right here on the steering column, its a little sensor, camera that watches my face, make sure im looking forward and if i stop it will yell at me and it will turn supercruise off and those usually Happen around interchanges and construction zones, and just when the freeways like like right now, its turning itself off, i have to take control just regular driving shots, cha cha, cha cha. That said, it works just with my regular face and its worked with multiple pairs of sunglasses that ive used over the years with this system, including polarized so dont, be concerned, its not going to work. Nope still works with sunglasses overall, its actually a great system for commuting. It is geofence so its great for highways, but i will admit that it gives me a lot of anxiety not to have my hand on the wheel.

I typically just leave my hands on the wheel, even when this system is running. That is just my default, its hard for me to trust computers. That said, were on a pretty tight turn for a freeway, and the system is doing just fine. There is a caveat, though this is not the best version of supercruise, for instance, theres. No, auto lane changing but, to be honest, im a fan of doing that on my own as for range. According to the epa, the bolt will go 247 miles before you have to plug it in during my test, where i drive the car 50 on the freeway 50 on regular roads, i clocked at 250 miles of range, so just a little bit better than the epa Either way its hitting that sweet spot of 250, which most people are looking for from an ev really the biggest downside, is when chevy updated the bolt and introduced the bolt ev theyre using the old architecture. These are not new fancy ultim vehicles. So when you go to charge them, the quickest dc fast charging, they support is 50 kilowatts, which well five years ago, was great today, not so much if 90 of your driving is around town – and you can charge this at home at night – well, its not really An issue, but if you are going on road trips, you should expect to have longer pit stops than if you were driving something newer, thats been introduced into the eevee world, then again with a starting price of about 27 thousand dollars.

The bolt euv is poised to be the perfect around town. Second car sure it looks weird but its cheaper than most other evs on the road with 250 miles of range and has room for the entire family. So if youre looking for an inexpensive ev with solid range, a proper rear seat and well, maybe youre just not that into road trips, the bolt euv is an impressive electric vehicle for more automotive coverage.