My name is derek reilly. Today we are with the volkswagen id buzz were still in copenhagen, but this is the cargo version, so the van version – so you may have picked on this because you want to get this for your business dont forget. We have a playlist of all the electric fans that are available here in ireland, so exact same on the front. Yeah youve got your sensors down low rather than up high. You dont have a front inside here, but the bonnet opens out large vw badge and then youve got your sensors in underneath as well for parking. This one doesnt have the iq lights, so these are the standard lights. So you dont have that side to side light bar youve got some air on the side down over the wheels. Then these come in 18, 19s and 20s. They dont go up to 21s on the cargo version. This is lovely candy white, with this blue two tone effect large gloss black wing mirror with your indicator, built in on the passenger side. You have your sliding door uh. This is the standard version. You can get it with a double sliding door. You can get them with automatic opening ones the same length as the passenger version 4.7 meters, its the same width about 2 meters, same height about 2 meters and the wheelbase is about 3 meters and youve got your charge flap at the back here ac at 11.

Kilowatts and dc up to 170 kilowatts, and you also have the design language hacking back to the original bully volkswagen. Nearly 60 years ago, Music, with the iq matrix lights, youll get that side to side led matrix light, but on the standard version it comes in a blacked out, plastic version. Cargo version of youve got the shark fin area at the top there glass black youve got the high level brake lights. Youve got the window wiper, which is great to see large vw badge id buzz, writing and then, like the passenger version, it is a power tail lift. You can also get that in a swing door, which is very handy if you dont need to have the overhead or, if youre, in tighter spaces. In the back here, you can fit two euro pallets between the wheel. Arches is 1.9 meters. The overall cubic volume is 3.9 cubic meters, um and ill stick the length in the dimensions up on the screen: bush lots of youthful attachment points, tie off points, etc, etc. All the way around the van and then the bulkhead can be done in this sealed. It can be done with a window and it can done with a hatch as well if youve got longer load items to put through, but really useful overall with cargo as well. The fact that you can only take about 700 kgs in the back of it. You may want to tow something, so you have the ability of putting the tow bar in underneath and that will tow up to 1000 kgs and with the all wheel drive version, you will be able to do 1800 kgs to take it away.

Press the button again and then you just kick it down as promised im going to give you some of the dimensions on screen here. But you have a load length of 2.2 meters and a width of 1.7 meters. Colors in ireland were getting only the body. Colored bumpers and the two tone so theres a couple of solids couple of metallics, and i said that two tone: blue and white, one like on the review, but in the united kingdom and maybe other markets youre, also going to get a more um. Its called a cargo commercial, where it doesnt have body, code, bumpers and im, not sure if this is a design disaster, or is it being practical and as a van driver for as long as it was. I know that it should be more practical. I just im. I, like the different colors there, the lighter colors, definitely it. It definitely stands out that front and rear bumper darker colors, not as much and on the on the configurator. If you select the uh the two tone, it says you can only get it with the body. Colored bumper, so thats, the one that i was driving today with that candy white and that navy at the bottom so yeah interesting to see. And i wasnt aware of this color option, because i was only looking at the irish market. But i just had to pop over to the uk configurator and yeah its not as nice, with the uh with the non body, color bumpers, speaking of practicality, uh.

You also have some storage hatches in underneath the floor, and this is ideal place for your charging cables. Um – and there was a another van at the place where i was filming and it had the twins lightened doors and it has a higher trim level that has the saddle bags. It also had the iq lights, which meant that had the side to side front bar and the led matrix and the more stylish rear, light side to side bar on the rear as well, really nice. Lastly, it had the twin seats captain chairs with the armrests, and this would be the trim id be going for when i was buying a van so with the id buzz cargo or passenger version, its very similar inside in certain aspects, but in the different aspects. Its not so yet the doors, the same youve got the same. Controls for the windows, the front windows and the wiper are the side mirrors. Youve got some pockets. Youve got your ability to open the power tail gift and youve got a deep bin down underneath over. My left knee is the switch gear for the the panel for the lighting. You also have where youd leave. Your key steering wheel is the exact same touch: haptic sensors same as all the id models and youve got the gear selector on the stock, but the pinnacle is separate and it has reach and rake and it has a slightly smaller screen.

Its got a 10 inch screen again with the touch panel in underneath, then we start to get a different setup to the passenger version. Youve got some large storage in underneath this comes with the smoker pack, but you also have usb type c ports here for your phone youve got some non slip. Youve got different to the passenger version. Youve got this large dash up on top where you could store with documents: lots of stuff up there, youve usb type, a sorry type c, and the 12 volt you dont have the id light on the cargo version. You also have the difference in the seats. It comes as standard with the bench seat, but you can get it in two pilot chairs. You dont have a armrest on this version, which im just a bit disappointed about non slip. Flooring in underneath, which is great hard wearing, can be washed down. You also have the ability we talked about it. This one has the glass window hatch, but this can be solid, um, so overall well finished. You could see yourself doing a days work on this and wouldnt. It feels like a car because its pretty much based on the same platform as the id 453 and the buzz passenger lets, take it out for a spin. This video is in partnership with nevo irelands dedicated eb website. Nevo is on a mission to create a seamless transitioned to electric driving for everyone browse different trim levels book.

Your test drive of the volkswagen id buzz cargo and much more on nevo ie today lets take it out for a drive whats it like driving the id buzz cargo van im in my uh happy place. For those of you who know me, you know and if youve been subscribed to the channel, if you havent already done so, please do so were on a drive to 10 000 subscribers by the end of 2022. Well, youll have not heard me talk in the past because there is an electric van playlist and i was a van driver in my past and the van that i drove for nearly half 560 000 kilometers was a volkswagen caddy, so im well used to driving volkswagen Vans a long distance – and this will replace the caddy – there wont be an electric caddy because they said the form factor. This is probably ideal for a number of different uh uses, youre going to be uh using the volkswagen id buzz. It is a permanent magnet synchronous. Motor connected to the rear axle max power is 150 kilowatt, with 204 ps, with 310 newton meters of torque. It has a top speed of 145 kilometers an hour and zero to 100 in 10.2 seconds, its definitely different to the passenger version, and so what were? Having is theres a lot more black plastics, its a it, definitely feels more up on top here, because its such a vertical dashboard cavernous space and theres pac cubby holes and storage facilities everywhere and with the steel bulkhead.

This one has the window, but even with the regular steel bulkhead, the acoustics is much lower because its only a tiny little cabinet and would be much easier to heat it as well. You do have a heated driver seat, just not a the bench im, just wondering if you have the passenger seat. I assume that will come heated as well. Size of the battery is 77 kilowatt hour max ac charging is 11 kilowatt and max dc is 170 kilowatt. Charging time from zero to 100 on an 11 kilowatt which is not the normal. Ireland is seven and a half hours so on the seven kilowatts, probably around ten hours, and then a charging time on dc of five percent to eighty percent is half an hour. If you can find a 170 kilowatt and the fact that it has the iso plug and charge capability, so youre signing into your wii charge account for volkswagen, it knows theres a payment attached to the actual vehicle uh and the sponsors are the partners for this. Video is nevo charging and nevo, and all of the chargers that theyre going to be putting in uh publicly will have the ability of this plug and charge um iso standard. So the ability to do that in a commercial vehicle like the tesla system is exactly what people are looking for. They dont want more apps, they dont want more fobs, etcetera, etcetera. They want the ability either plug and charge or tap to pay and nevo will have both of that.

When that network starts rolling out, you can put a roof box on it, and at max kg is 100 towing capacity. Braked is 1000 kgs and um breakdown is. I think its 850. front axle is mcpherson strut, which um coil dampeners and then the rear axle is the multi link suspension. The steering is the same as the id4 id5, the buzz passenger theres, a lot similarities to it, because its on that meb platform with the same battery, i wish that volkswagen would have put a bit of weight in the back of it. So the max capacity as we talked about about 640 kgs, so it would have been nice to have tested it with some weight in the back of it. On the recent ford, um e transit trip in barcelona and youll see the link for that on the screen that um, you can see that the bit of weight in the back of us really helps with the review of us wltp consumption figures slightly higher. It goes from 20.4 all the way up to 22.2 within that range um, the speaking of range, the wltp is between 402 and 425, so very similar to the passenger version. So with the id buzz, you have adaptive cruise control and you also have side, assist lane change, assistance and so theres lots of them. Drivers that are here semi, auto automated driving assistance, which is the assisted lane change load height, is 632 millimeters to the top of the floor.

In the back sliding doors, the width and the height is 777 757 millimeters wide by 1.162 meters. High steering wheel is a good size, as always, and that binical that moves up and down with the actual steering column youre always going to see it behind the steering wheel, which is exactly what other manufacturers should be looking at. Sometimes the steering wheel cuts through the actual the viewing angle of what youre trying to see the way the brakes are weighted excellently and you have uh two stage regeneration. You have d mode, which is adaptive and then b mode, which is the high st high regeneration. But its not one pedal driving saying that the brake feel is good. Its not too bitey accelerator is really nicely weighted and you also have different drive modes. So you have eco comfort, sport and individual, its interesting coming into the cargo, and it doesnt have the id light, because its something thats really handy for navigation ive turned off the sat nav. So you can hear me talking and when i was driving the passenger van at the passenger uh buzz earlier today. I could still see the lights and the indication. Another thing that i havent seen on a buzz yet is head up, display im trying to think did it have it. I think it did have it in the um concept version or the near production ready version that i had the the wrapped one on the channel im, pretty sure that had a head up display so itll be interesting to see if thats going to come to market.

I havent, i havent seen it in any of the versions today, but ill have a quick look around the car park when i get back and if i see it ill, stick the footage up here now so its not perfect by any means with regards to the Steering wheel and the buttons on that the buttons are the lack thereof on the infotainment system and you are just going to have to live with it, because this is the route that volkswagen are going down, but practicality, wise and the ability to have an electric vehicle. As iconic as this, i think, is phenomenal commercially. I think this is going to be a huge success for volkswagen um, the range of 400, odd wlt, so youre, probably talking real world with a load probably near to the 300, but thats still 300 kilometer range and there isnt much else within the space thats. Given that that the new evito is going there, but their wltp is three 450 sorry 315 before load, but in a very efficient electric vehicle, so itll be good to see uh back to back uh head to head between an evita and the id buzz cargo. Thatd. Be a great comparison and im not sure if ill be able to get both vehicles at the same time on the channel, but its definitely something that this size, a vehicle which is great for underground car parks for city, because of that roof height is less than Two meters, its exactly what people want.

Let me know in the comments, if youre thinking of getting an electric van, if this is going to be on your list, is the cargo capacity uh the weight of the cargo, just not enough for you and with the bigger battery that way, itll probably come down Again and its all to do with the overall weight of the vehicle and the license that you have hopefully, youve enjoyed my review of the volkswagen id bose cargo. If youre interested in electric vans dont forget to check out the playlist of all the electro fans, i think theres only 20 up there now and remember if you think, an evs for you leave it to me and ill review.