. The 25000 Tesla seems further away than it did before, and the cost of batteries hasnt gone down to below 100 per kWh, which is needed for price parity because of a lack of minerals.. But EVs are getting cheaper and one company that is helping to bring prices down is MG great news right, so The newly introduced MG4 EV from the manufacturer establishes a new benchmark for the quality of electric vehicles.. Is this new version looking good to you? We at TECH ELECTRIC are excited to share with you the most recent information regarding EVS.. Perhaps you are interested in purchasing one for yourself, but you are unsure which model to choose. You dont have anything to worry about, because everything you need to know about. Mg4 is right here, so lets get started. The Volkswagen ID.3, the Cupra Born and the Chevy Bolt EV are all in the same class as the MG4 EV. In the same class. Are the VauxhallOpel Corsa e Peugeot e 208 and DS3 E Tense, which are all electric cars made? By the Stellantis group. – Even though SUVs are the best selling cars in the United States and have become the most popular in Europe, compact cars are still very popular and are the best choice for a general purpose car that is mostly used in cities.. If there was one type of car that was going to lead the way in terms of value, it would be a small one and the MG4 EV has a lot of features that make it a classic of its kind.

. This is the first MG to be built on a platform that is only used for electric cars.. This architecture called the Modular Scalable Platform. Msp will be the basis for future MG, releases. Its a real skateboard system, with the batteries flat under the floor and a long wheelbase to maximize space and provide balance and a low center of gravity. MG4 EV models, how they drive and how far they can go. Additionally, the MSP architecture enables a variety of battery and motor configurations to be utilized.. The first models of the MG4 EV to go on sale are the SE Standard Range and the SE and Trophy Long Range models.. The former has a battery capacity of 51 kWh and a motor of 125 kW 168 hp, while the latter has a battery capacity of 64 kWh and a motor of 150 kW 201 hp. Both have a weight, distribution of 50 percent front and 50 percent rear, which Makes them a tonne of fun to pilot behind the wheel., Although they are not particularly quick compared to other electric vehicles, it takes the Standard Range model 7.7 seconds to reach 62 miles per hour, while the Long Range model takes 7.9 seconds, their handling is excellent and Their high torque levels make it simple to complete, overtaking maneuvers. Both of the available battery capacities provide usable amounts of range.. The Standard Range has a maximum capacity of 218 miles. Wltp rating EPA has not yet revealed their rating, while the SE Long Range has a very respectable capacity of 281 miles.

. This number is reduced to 270 miles in the Trophy version., Its interesting to note that the Standard Range automobile employs the same Lithium Iron Phosphate LFP battery thats used in the base model of the Tesla Model, 3 thats built in China., Because this chemistry is more tolerant Of being charged to 100, you will be able to make better use of the batterys full capacity across its whole range.. The Long Range makes use of NMC chemistry, which is closer to the mainstream.. These cars also have good DC charging rates, which makes it easier for them to go on longer. Trips. The maximum power for the Standard Range is 117kW and it takes ‘ minutes to charge from 10 to 80., Even though the Long Range can go up to 135kW. It only takes 35 minutes to go from 10 to 80, even though it can do more. With more rapid chargers coming out. That can provide this much power, like the new Super Hubs from Osprey in the UK, its becoming easier to think about using an EV for more than just short trips and commuting.. The MG4 EV will have a longer range and two motors. MG also plans to make two more types of drivetrains in the future.. One will have a 77kWh battery with a range of 329 miles, which is better than cars from Kia and Hyundai and will put the ID.3 Tour to the test.. The version with two 330kW over 440hp motors will be the most exciting.

MG says it will be able to go from 0 to 60mph in 3.7 seconds.. The all wheel drive could make the MG4 EV a pocket performance classic, especially if MG can do it for less than 40000 48000.. The MG4 EV is already a lot of fun with just one motor.. This car will have a 64 kWh battery and a range of about 250 miles., Both the outside and the inside of the old MG cars looked a bit dated. With a much more modern look on the outside the MG4 EV changes that. Its close to being sexy.. The front is aggressive and the back is sporty and angular, especially with the extra spoiler on the Trophy version, which may be one reason why it doesnt go as far as the SE.. The inside has also been updated.. Some of the materials used for the interior trim dont look very high end, but the look as a whole is clean and modern.. The old MGs had dials, but th e new ones have a 7 inch digital display for the instruments and a 10.25 inch display for entertainment.. This car has plenty of room for the driver and passengers, because the wheelbase is longer., Even if youre six feet tall theres enough space for your knees and head. If you sit in the back. Even on long trips, the seats are comfortable enough., But only the drivers seat can be adjusted electronically and only on the Trophy trim.

. This also doesnt have lumbar support. Cargo space is just average, though the base amount, 363 liters or about 13 cubic feet, is more than most subcompacts, but less than the VW ID.3 or Cupra Born.. When the back seats are folded down, there is a total of 1177 liters or about 42 cubic feet of space.. This is more than most subcompact cars, but it is still less than the Volkswagen Group options., But when the seats are folded down, the space behind them is flat and there is no lip. So it is very useful., Better information and entertainment, but it could still be better. Mg has also updated the MG4 EVs, infotainment and controls. It seems like the company still needs to take one more step in this area., For this car MG has gotten rid of most of the extras, leaving only a dial to control the drive, an electronic parking brake and a few buttons to defog the front and back Windows., There are also the usual turn signal and windshield wiper stalks on the steering wheel., But the 10.25 inch screen is used for everything else.. The menu system has gotten better since the first version, but there are still some problems.. For example, the interface for climate control. Doesnt stay visible long enough to make a lot of changes.. At least it would have been nice to be able to change the fan, speed and temperature with separate buttons.. However, as was already said, you can turn on the front and rear window.

Defogging. MG has at least added more features to its iSmart phone app and connected system, such as the ability to check the charge and turn on the air conditioning from a distance.. The car is also said to be able to get software updates over the air. Best value EV ever, But the price is the most important thing about the MG4 EV.. The hope was that this car would cost 25000 30000, but MG hasnt quite reached this price point.. The SE Standard Range costs 25995, which is 31000., The SE Long Range costs 28495, which is 34000 and the SE Trophy costs 31495, which is 37500. At these prices. It is much cheaper than almost all of its competitors like the Renault Zoe, Nissan Leaf and all cars from Stellantis VauxhallOpel Peugeot, and it is also much cheaper than Volkswagen Group cars.. Even the great electric cars from Kia and Hyundai look expensive in comparison.. That will be all for todays video. We will be back with more informative videos like this.