Today i have the 2023 chevrolet bolt uv euv. This is one of two different bolts that chevrolet sells. Supposedly this one is a little bit more utilitarian than the other, but we shall see im gon na put on the lift. Today were gon na nerd out on the tech. Specs see how this thing is constructed and then take it out on the road and give it a rip and rate it see how it ranks against the others. So lets get it up. I almost walked into the car. Did you see that Music wow? That is the most basic car ive ever had on this lift before this is like a trailer with suspension theres nothing to this. It makes a lot of sense why there is no option for all wheel drive, because they would have to completely re engineer the back of this car. This right here is what you call a compound crank or torsion beam, rear suspension. It is as simple as it gets not much of a performance oriented suspension, but if you are a do it yourself mechanic, this is as easy as it gets for maintaining it yourself. I think this is the first electric vehicle ive had on the lift, where you can actually see the total height of the battery compartment, and this thing would be easy to work on. You see your two bulbs right there for your reverse lights, really easy to access under the rear.

Bumper cover the chevy bolt euv by far is the least heavy electric vehicle. I have reviewed yet weighing in at 3 600 pounds in change. It has a 288 cell or 65 kilowatt hour battery pack underneath there and most of which is covered in a black steel shield of some plastic cladding, no hairy cardboard under here, its pretty thick and durable feeling its interesting. They chose steel underneath here, instead of aluminium, like most manufacturers to protect the bottom of the battery, but cost savings thats the name of the game with this car. This splash shield might actually not be plastic. Look its got fibers hairs, its like its fiberglass, almost maybe purple panel bonding adhesive interesting. As far as the front suspension goes, you can see the knuckle and lower control arms are made out of aluminium. It is a mcpherson, strut, style design. Of course, i got ta measure the front anti sway bar thats. Just a must. Am i on it 24 millimeters in diameter. This by far is the largest single underbody splash shield, ive, ever seen on a vehicle before thats all one piece, its huge, i dont know why all i can think about when i see the nose in this car is those suits that dont have any holes cut Out for your eyes, your nose and your mouth, i think theyre called suits. I cant unsee that now that i have that in my head Music time for the breaking test.

No one behind me here goes: oh jeez! Oh, i made those tires: angry uh, okay, stopping distance wise that was kind of a violent stop. That breaking was just accomplished with a 276 millimeter or 10.9 inch front rotor and a single cop cop paliker. What pot caliper the wheels theyre 17 inch wheels. I lost my train of thought: the wheels theyre 17×8 cast aluminums and you dont see 17 inch wheels on new cars that often im not opposed to it either and the tires are a 215 50 michelin energy saver all season i didnt even know that was a Type of tire, all jokes aside, though, that is what matters on a car like this, when youre trying to get the maximum amount of efficiency out of your energy, so out back things get a little bit smaller! You got a 10.4 inch or 264 millimeter rotor with another single pot caliper and the wheel and tire the same size as you get up front in the name of science. I am now going to give this thing. The e beans bolstering check. I shook the whole car it doesnt have any bolstering. The seats are ventilated and heated, which is kind of nice. Considering this is kind of an economy, car driving mode wise. There is a checkered flag button down here in the center that enables sport mode and also you can turn off the traction control in this electric front. Wheel, drive vehicle which is im doing that its gon na be great tc off now.

This doesnt have any sort of launch control, so im just gon na roll into the throttle and let it eat ready, go come on. You can feel it struggling to get traction its shifting all over, even with the track control off, though it doesnt. Let you just burn the tires off thats good yeah, its, not slow. It really starts pulling in the mid range. Where are you thats? A kind of a heavy hood? Wow lots of orange fail. No hood struts. That is an interesting looking engine bay. All the orange wires everywhere, theres three coolant expansion chambers crazy under the hood of this 22 volt euv, is a permanent magnet synchronous. Electric motor, only one of them up front, is front wheel, drive and it produces 150 kilowatts or 200 horsepower and 266 pound feet of torque at 0, rpm doesnt sound like much 200 horse and 266 torque, but at 0 rpm. That torque is very useful. This is interesting. I havent seen this on an electric vehicle, yet actually has little placards for firefighters on where exactly to cut in case of a fire, you can see right here. Theres, a little tag with a firefighter hat makes it really easy for them to see where exactly they would need to cut to alleviate the risk of further fire. Again, like i said this is front wheel drive only there is no optional. Dual motor or all wheel drive configuration for the bolt there also isnt, really a transmission per se.

With these, it is an integrated drive, module built into the electric motor housing. It has a 7.05 to 1 final drive ratio which gives it a top speed. Just over 100 miles per hour and zero to 60 in about seven seconds or thats what gm claims at least now the bolt ev version is a little bit quicker. I dont know what a yazaki is, but it sounds delicious. This has to be probably one of the more compact motor compartments out of any other electric vehicle i reviewed so far i mean things are pretty packed in here and layered on top of each other. I still think it would be kind of fun to work on one of these as a project car, so i picked a wooden roller coaster of a road to test the sun because of one thing Music. It makes the front end light over across the hills. Again, oh man, electric cars are great at this. This thing is ridiculous, so 200 horsepower and 266 pound feet of torque might not sound like a lot, but in an electric vehicle. Its definitely enough to have fun, especially when this front wheel drive the fact that chevy is selling two variants of the bolt. An eevee in an euv makes absolutely zero sense to me because the u makes people believe this is a utility vehicle like a suv, a baby suv. It is not. It has less cargo capacity than the eevee, which is supposed to be just the regular non utilitarian version.

This has more passenger volume, but that just means you can eat more food and be more comfortable as far as cargo space goes its that its pretty tight back. Here, like really tight, you can see thats the charger. For this thing it goes underneath headroom wise in the back seat, its pretty tight. My hair is touching im five foot eleven like six three six. Four in these heels, though, rear heated seats, hey thats, whats up nice looking materials, the seats do not recline, though with that said they will probably sell way more of these than the regular bolt, because people will believe this is an suv, a baby electric suv, its Not its a fat hatchback. If you compare this against the hyundai kona evie, i reviewed recently, i personally, like the looks of that one better inside and out, and i feel like that one was just a smidge better value than you get with the bolt eevee or euv. I am a big fan of the infotainment system, though that is in this. I feel its visually appealing, just the menu system and the graphics that they use in it and its kind of the same with all gm vehicles. I just think they do a good job in that department, the materials they use throughout the interior, arent bad looking either. I, like the dash treatment they have here if the little perforated fabric covered plastic biggest bonus of all with this, though, is the fact that general motors will provide free installation of a level two charger included with the vehicle in your home.

That is a huge one. Up, i feel over a lot of the competitors, especially the ones that dont even include a level one charge cable, and on top of that, the gauge cluster shows you a max a min and then just an average for your range expectancy on your battery, which is Super nice, because if youre like me and you live in a hot desert, climate or perhaps cold climate and youre running your climate control non stop because you have to youre, definitely not going to be getting the targeted peak range of the battery as advertised. So its nice that they show you that and its realistic. Also, this one is equipped with the super cruise feature, which this thing essentially drives itself. I shouldnt say it drives itself because there could be someone out there, thats be like oh, i dont have to drive. Lets go sit in the back hatch and let it dry for me as far as efficiency and charge times go on. The screen is the respective charge times for the different level of charge that you use. It does come with a level one level, two charge. Cable and honestly, i didnt have any trouble keeping the battery topped off on this thing, just keeping it plugged into 110 volt when i wasnt using the car. The overall total range you get out of the battery on here is just shy of 250 miles. However, the real question is: if your end objective is to buy a cheap, affordable economy vehicle.

Is it worth spending this much money for the cheapest ev when there are internally combustion engine powered vehicles out there for literally half the price? Still, all in all its not too bad for a little electric mobility bubble, running errands in i just wish that you actually stood for something more utilitarian than being swollen its a swollen card. Applause all right time. To give this thing some scores, starting with the bean score, which is a rating on a one to five scale, based on the feeling you get in your gut when you give it the beans, and this little bolt euv is getting a rating of 1.5 e e Beams because of the fact, this things front – wheel, drive its mildly, ridiculous. It likes to burn rubber going around corners and its got plenty of torque, its quick, ish and fun. Next is the cookie score, its assessment on a 1 5 scale based on what you get for, what you spend assessment of value, and this one at just over forty thousand dollars is getting a rating of 1.7 cookies. I know they just dropped the price on these. Recently, but i think they should have kept dropping it a little bit lower. Just after seeing this thing on the lift and looking at all the components that are used to make the actual car part, i mean theres, some cost savings down there. The interior is nice, its got plenty of tech features in there and it looks nice on the interior but uh the rest of the cars pretty simple anyway.

Next is the wrench scores assessment on a one to five scale, based on how difficult something would be to work on one being super difficult, five being easy, and this bolt euv is getting a rating of 3.8 wrenches. Underneath the car is simple as it gets. That part is highly easy to maintain. I feel and work on inside that motor compartment, though its pretty compact, and i feel there would be some shuffling around of components to get to other things in there and that kind of adds some complexity to it. Lastly, though, is the penguin scores assessment on a one to five scale, based on how much i personally like a vehicle, and this little bolt euv – is getting a rating of 2.1 penguin, its um, i dont, i dont know i just i would prefer the bolt ev Over the euv, i dont understand the point of the euv. It doesnt make much sense to me just go for the original recipe, the bolt ev, i think, thats the one to choose out of the two of them anyway.