Thanks to the arrival of this mahindras. First, electric suv, the xuv400 – and we are at mahindras state of the art testing facility in chennai. To tell you exactly what it feels like from behind the wheel: Music right off the bat, it is evident that mahindra wanted to make sure this has an eevee identity, even though it is based on the xuv300. It has been heavily modified to look the part. The front gets a closed off grille with x, motifs and the headlamps do away without the led drl that stretches to the bumper. There are no fog lamps either over to the sides. Youll notice. The proportions are better thanks to the length which is now 205 mm. More this isnt a sub 4 meter, since there are no tax benefits for evs measuring under 4 meters. What is unchanged, though, is the 2600 mm wheelbase and the 16 inch wheel size, although the design for the wheels has been refreshed at the rear. The redesigned tail lamps are the most noticeable change, along with the new logo and a familiar shape. What is an interesting touch are the copper elements throughout the car, and it is also what marks the xv400 as an ev now, why is it done that? Well, because, since electrons flow through copper, that is a vital part of electricity? Does it look good? Well, do let us know in the comments now inside the xv400. Things are not too different.

If youve seen the xv 300, you will spot a lot of familiarities, but the first one. The big change is the all black interior layout. Now it is completely blacked out. You get a blend of piano black and the traditional black, but it still looks a lot more sporty than the xuv300. You also have a lot of copper in it just like on the outside, so copper around the knobs, copper around the ac vents and yes, it does have an air of premiumness to it as well. The seats leatherette perforated dont get ventilated options, but they are nice and comfy. Support is very good as well and the new bit is this drive selector. In my opinion, it is the most premium part on this car, especially on the inside. It looks really nice as well. Other changes are the instrument cluster, which gets ev specific bits. So you get a lot of information in the mid screen and the steering which gets the new twin peaks logo and, like i said, blacked out switchgear. What hasnt changed is the touchscreen. You still get the same size, but the ui in it has been revamped, especially for the xuv400, but overall i think its a pretty nice place to be. You get a sunroof as well. No wireless charging, but i guess thats not a big problem. The backseat is something that sees a minor change, lets quickly, hop in and find that out now in the back seat of the xv4 double o.

As you can see, space is not the best, especially if youre over six feet. This seat is in my driving position and i dont have a lot of room to stretch. But if you arent someone whos as tall as me, you might have a bit more room back here. Seats are comfortable, but, as you can see under thigh support is quite weak, then the xb3 double o and there is a decent amount of space under the front seats as well. But if you are on this side of the seat, then the passenger seat gets a fire extinguisher and that does rub away some space. No ac vents back here, but overall, its not a bad place to be cushioning, is quite nice and you get a good view out of the road as well. Mahindra has also enforced the battery casing, with high tensile steel, ensuring total protection and utmost safety. The car, however hasnt been crash, tested yet for a rating. The xv40 also gets connected tech with the blue sense, app that opens the door to 60 plus functions that are quite handy and thanks to the extra length the boot space is now at a good 378 liters. Interestingly, even though the 400 is based on the 300, some features like front parking, sensors fog, lamps and dual zone climate control, havent made it to the list Music. Well enough of the sales show time to get behind the wheel, all right, so we are finally driving the xuv400 and immediately the first thing weve gone out and done.

Is this lovely bank road in the test facility? And that means we can find out exactly how fast the xv40 is now the claim top speed is 155, but the word around is that it can do a bit more, so lets just quickly find that out all right im, obviously in fearless mode, which means max Power and everything is at its best, 150 already 155 and we already crossed that one five, eight one: five, nine and thats it on the v box. It says one: five, nine and its the same on the cluster as well, so 159 kilometers is the top speed of the xuv4 and, like i said this fearless mode, you really have to be a bit fearless because it is quite quick. Response is just superb and the steering on this banking, especially has a good amount of heft as well, because with 150 horsepower on tap 310 nm coming from a ‘.4 kilowatt battery pack that powers a permanent magnet synchronous motor, that is on the front, axle and performance. Overall is really impressive: Music just cruising at 155, and it absolutely effortless no side to side movement, no floaty feel this thing is absolutely stable. I think a lot of that has to do with the retaining of the suspension. It gets frequency dependent dampers now and that definitely does help what it does for the ride. Quality is what well find out in a bit, but as far as high speed manners are concerned, this thing is spot on safe to say, then that there is no issue with the high speed stability on the xuv400.

What is an issue, though, is the steering. It is a bit too light and disconnected, and while you can change the drive modes, which in turn changes the weight of the steering, it still feels like its not really connected to the car. Now in fun mode. The steering is very, very light, perfect in city conditions. If you have to get out of a tight parking space, this mode will be just right, but, as you gain speed, it feels a bit too light on its feet. That is when you press the drive board and engage fast mode and fast is where the steering gains a bit of weight, and you also have better response from the throttle, because in front, if you press the accelerator down, you wont really get much in terms of Response the torque almost flat lines, but when you have it in fast, you get a decent amount of pull and overtaking as a result is very very easy. Fearless, of course, is the best, the most fun and responsive, but, like i said it can catch you off. Guard as well, the fearless mode is best used on empty stretches, as the sharp throttle response is a bit alarming at times. What the xv4 double o also has is an l mode, which means one pedal mode and that mode is supposed to be used in long chaotic traffic jams where you just need to trot along and dont really have to shuffle between the accelerator and the brake.

However, the resistance with the l mode isnt as much as youd like and its more effective to just use the brake as the creep is a lot better on the 400 speaking of the ride quality on the xv4 double o, it also has frequency selective dampers, which Means the bump absorption is quite nice. However, there is a hint of firmness and sharp bumps do filter through that said, this was a well curated test track, so we will reserve our full judgement once we drive it out in the real world where the roads are far from perfect. Now the xv400 also gets a single standard region mode. There are no modes that you can select, but of course it depends on what drive mode youre in so when youre in fun, you get the most region and thats perfect for city driving. Fearless gets the least regen for comfortable cruising and fast is a balance between both, but through all the modes. We would have liked a bit more resistance on the very important topic of range according to arai. The xv400 is good for 456 kilometers. However, since test figures are often far off the real world numbers and since we couldnt conduct a proper test, we would take that number. With a pinch of salt Music. Now mahindra hasnt announced the pricing for the xuv400. That is supposed to happen early january 2023, with deliveries to begin by the end of january 2023, and meanwhile they are working on creating a charging infrastructure for the car as well.

But, of course, wed love to know your thoughts on the xv. What do you think it should be priced at this drive was a good first experience of the car, but we definitely love to have it out on the road out in the real world and see what it feels like.