They have access to the Volkswagen groups, Meb platform and what we are driving today could be making it to India in 2023. This, of course, is the eniac coupe in the RS version, which is the full fat most powerful version of the enyak coupe available, its 295 BHP, almost 500 kilometers range, which skoda India, officials say, will be higher when it comes to India because of how hot our Country is, but the version that well get in India will probably not be the RS and the standard and yeah coupe fully electric, of course, and were driving it today to understand how the eniac drives, what you can look forward to and what you can expect when It reaches the Indian market in 2023., foreign Music. As far as design goes, you can obviously see the evolution of the skoda design language in the eniac. You get this big grill here, lots of LEDs, very flashy, very bright, and if you like to make a statement, the green color also helps what you also get. You know with the green color. This gloss black detailing on the iris, looks really good. You get strong shoulder lines. The VR is badging here, 21 inch wheels that have obviously been given an aerodynamic touch to make sure that the battery gives you a maximum amount of range, of course, its the SUV Coupe styling in the Antioch thats. Why you get the sloping roof line and you get a rather cut rear overhang? The tail lights would be very familiar to anybody.

Whos uh seen skoda cars before they are very similar to what is on the Octavia on the superb on the kushak and on the slavia. You also get big skoda, eniac badging at the back and overall, I have to say, especially in this green shade and the other red that weve seen the eniac cuts, a striking figure and when it reaches the Indian market next year, its sure to catch your eye. Not only with the fact that its an EV, but because its also quite striking to look at Music foreign, like the exterior of the car, which has many familiar skoda, design touches the eniac coupe inside also has touches that you will be familiar with. If you either drive a skoda or are, you know, have been using one or satin one uh. What I also like about the RS version that were driving? Is you get this Alcantara finish on the dashboard? You get this lime green, a mama green. Rather, they call it stitching the detailing that really pops up on the seats too theres great finish, and it matches really nicely with the Mamba green color exterior color that we have on our test car. You also get something that you dont, get in the other skoda. Products that we normally see in India is a much larger. I think its a 13 inch multimedia touchscreen, you get a much smaller instrument cluster, but its fully digital has a map readout. You can see where youre going and gives you all the information that you need.

You also get a heads up display it. The gear selector is a very different unit, thats, not something that you see normally and the skoda India Coupe inside the car. Despite being a sloping, roof designed, despite being a fast track, feels fairly comfortable and spacious. What also helps the eniac coupe is this lovely panoramic sunroof, which, especially in the weather conditions that we had today in Prague, is very usable. Of course, if you cant put a lot of heat into the cabin in India, so thats something we have to worry about, and overall it feels spacious. It feels very well built theres a lot of attention to detail that has gone into the design of the car inside and out. How does it drive because thats the most important point, its based on the Meb platform? This is the biggest battery pack that you can get, and you know honestly, it really really good to drive a lot of electric cars that Ive driven recently. One of the issues that you face is that you feel a lot of mass, because batteries are heavy and all said and done. Despite the advances in Battery Technology, you can still feel the weight you can feel it when the suspension works and in the kind of mixed road conditions that weve seen the Mev platform feel its rather fluid. They feel very light in its feet, so thats an obvious advantage that the platform has over many other EV Platforms in this variant.

Like I said earlier, this is the 295 BHP about 460 NM of torque and about 478 kilometers of range in the European s Cycles. The test Cycles are very different in Europe and China in the US, especially for Ev vehicles in India, too, and skoda. Officials do think that this would be over 500 kilometers when its tested in India. Our heat helps batteries form slightly better in the hotter conditions that we have in our country. Of course, part of the reason why we were in Prague was not only to drive these cars, but also to look at what the future for skoda holds. Theyve unveiled new logo. They revealed A New Concept 7s, even wield a full new design language of how things are going to be how theyre going to change the Interiors of their cars exteriors of their cars. What technology is going to drive them and over the next? Four years well also see three new electric products from the brand uh, how many of those make it to India we dont know yet, but Im expecting that we will get more electric products into the Indian Market. On the other hand, next year we will also see, at least on the global level, a brand new Kodiak, which is the next generation of the SUV and a brand new. Superb now whether the superb makes it into India or not, is still to be decided. It looks unlikely the new horror, 6 B Norms really make it difficult for some cars and some some engines to make it into India, even if theyre petrol powered so for 2023.

I think what you can look forward to from skoda is the eniac coupe its gon na give a great lift to the brand. The brand has been doing well. The India 2.0 program has worked well, theyre, doing record sales numbers in fact theyre just about to announce that theyve done their best year ever in sales ever since they entered India about 20 odd years ago. So this would be a good addition to the brand. It would also showcase uh to Indian customers that the brand wants to bring in to India their latest products, their electric range and offer more choices to Indian customers. This is a brief review of the car and I think, once we get the car in India next year, well be able to test more in Indian conditions and give you a detailed review on how the eniac fares in Indian conditions, how it deals with the roads.