The xuv400 is definitely a great machine to drive. Ladies and gentlemen, this is the new mahindra xuv400, and this is the brands first, electric suv, but not the first. In its segment now with the xuv400, there is a lot that mahindra plans to achieve. Also, this is the first of many forthcoming electric suvs from the brand. So what is this car all about? Is it just a 300 modified with an electric power train or more and what are its pros and cons, and how is it to drive all of that and more is what well find out over the next few minutes: Music, Music. Now talking about the way the xuv400 looks well, you can find a lot of similarity with the 300, because that is the platform that this is based on. But there are some significant differences that you can spot up front. The grill has been completely shut because its an electric vehicle doesnt need the kind of cooling that an internal combustion engine needs, and you also have this new twin peaks logo in a copper finish. You also have this pattern here which tries to give the vehicle a nice futuristic. Look, and it actually looks well goes along well with the design youve got nice, looking led drls here and the new copper finish, even in the bumpers overall, a slightly premium. Looking version of the 300 looks, nice looks tasteful and, of course, if you look at the rest of the design too again, there are similarities with the 300.

But there are some subtle changes on the side and rear, which will tell people that this is not just a 300 a lot more than that, in fact its an electric suv, and it looks that part now, once you get inside the cabin of the xuv4 double O well, if you are not used to the cabin of the 300, and you have looked at this vehicle from the outside first and getting inside the cabin well, it is going to take some time to settle in because the kind of smart looks that you get Outside well, this is not really in line with the futuristic design that you would tend to associate with an electric vehicle same layout as the xuv300. The only problem is that the cabin of the xuv300 already looks dated compared to its key rivals right from the day. It was started its not a great design to start with and it has been carried over to the xuv400, which is an electric vehicle and unfortunately, doesnt really give a very premium or sort of a nice vibe inside its a functional cabin for sure its got. These dark plastics all around hard plastic everywhere, so that doesnt really work well in this price segment, where this is going to be. There are cars now which come at a lower price, with much better quality of materials and design for the dashboard coming to the infotainment screen and the center console again, not a very great design.

The screen itself is quite small, just seven inches, but in terms of functionality, uh, of course, the screen works. Well, the touch response, i would say, is decent. The user interface too is good and the visibility again is decent. So in terms of functionality, yes, it works. The center console again a lot of buttons and thats, not really the trend these days, so i would have preferred a cleaner center console a cleaner dashboard but uh. I do understand that there are cost targets so probably thats why mahindra has gone in with minimal changes to the cabin you do find this new logo. Here, when the copper finish on the steering wheel, of course, the readouts are slightly different because its an electric vehicle, so you will no longer get a tachometer. Instead, you have a gauge which tells you what kind of charge or whether what kind of power youre using from the battery and beyond that. Yes, its the similar cabin that you get even in terms of functionality, for example, there is no wireless charging and the pad itself is not large enough to even accommodate a normal size, smartphone that most people use these days. So in that respect there are a lot of improvements that can be made in the xuv400 now, while in terms of design, the cabin might not be really up to the time today, but in terms of features it is decently loaded. You get climate control, you get an electronically operated sunroof, and if you talk about the rear seat itself, you get a good seat, good space.

That is one advantage of the xuv400. You can buy it even from a family perspective, no compromise in terms of space or comfort. The seat. Cushioning is nice on the bench and you have good knee room. You can easily slide your feet under the drivers. Seat, good head room as well. Youve got this nice padded cushion here and in terms of features. Well, there isnt really anything special at the back, but in terms of space and comfort, the rear seat definitely scores high in the xuv 4w. Now one big benefit you get in the xuv400 over the 300 is the boot space in this, the boot space is more than the 300 and that too, by a significant margin, its a really big boot for a compact suv, in fact its pretty spacious – and you Can easily plan not just weekend rides, but a lot more than that, so yes from a family perspective or from a touring perspective. I think this is one of the best vehicles as far as a boot capacity goes now. After talking about the exterior design, and especially the cabin which wasnt that impressive well one word thing, probably the xuv400 is not that great right, but you need to drive it to know how wrong one can be Music its only when you drive the xuv400 that you Realize how fun and brilliant this machine is now right now we are driving at the high speed test track and i am on the straight doing 156 kilometers an hour and weve got a banking approaching lets see what speed we can bank on doing 156 ill.

Try not to lift off or probably lets do this a little gentler at 147 148 and yes, its going around easily at 144 145. So, yes, its very capable and a quick vehicle. If you drive it in the right way and right now were in the fearless mode the battery. Well, if you want to know about the battery its a ‘.4 kilowatt hour battery, it might sound a little small on paper but packs a punch. Mahindra claims its the quickest in terms of acceleration, 0 100 8.4 seconds 0 64 seconds, and all of this means that you can have some massive fun with this electric car. Despite the fact that there is no sound except that of the wind and tires now thats about the power, its electric, so yes, its got all the torque right from 25 rpm, unlike a petrol or diesel vehicle, which needs to be rev to a certain point. To get to the maximum power? Well, thats, not the case here. Right from the word go: youve got amazing power, and this is what really makes the xuv400 so much fun, but thats all about power right. What about range and how much it will go on a single charge? Well, mahindra claims it will do 456 kilometers on a single charge and charging options include a 50 kilowatt dc charging which is the fastest that you can get through, and that will get your battery from zero to eighty percent in about 50 minutes, and you can of Course use the home charger, the 16 amp socket, but it will charge the car much slower.

So 456 is the claimed range right now. The way theyve configured the vehicle and its kind of strange, but we cannot access what kind of power consumption is going on around with the vehicle. We cannot even see how much charge is there in the battery. We just have been said its on full. I dont know why theyve done that, but if mahindra is claiming four five, six kilometers on a ‘.4 kilowatt hour battery, i do not expect this to go anywhere close to its claimed range in the real world. I am assuming you should be able to do about uh 270 280 at best two or maybe 300 kilometers in real world, not more than that. But yes, overall in terms of driving, i think the xuv400 is brilliant, brilliant fun and practical and easy to drive. So yes very engaging to drive, but its only the track that we have got access to right now. We will soon drive the car in the real world and thats when well bring you more details on how it is to drive and live it. Music. Now weve been driving the xuv400 for the entire day and its getting dark and its also time for us to call it a day. But before that, let me tell you in a summary what the xuv400 is all about. Well, in terms of designs, its slightly changed looks slightly better looks like an ev. Should the cabin is not that great its functional its spacious, but it doesnt really exude premium or a plush appeal, and it looks dated as well, but driving well thats, where the xuv400 redeems itself in a big manner.

It is spectacularly fun to drive. It is quick. It is a vehicle that will put a big smile on your face now, keep in mind that these vehicles that we have driven here today are not having traction control, but the ones that you will buy will come with traction control. I just hope you do get an option to switch them off completely because thats, when you can have some wild fun with the xuv400. Of course, there are things such as the excessively light steering, which could have been better. Its too light for my liking gives no feedback and beyond that, i think its a brilliant car handles well is practical, its also decent looking. It claims to be having good range now. Itll all come down to pricing and considering the cabin compromises that have been made in this car.