This video ill show you the all new mg, zs evx sight, so the x sight is more like a base model of the zscb train, so the drivetrain is the same. We get the same battery package, a 51 kilo battery or 50.6 to be exact and a 130 kilowatts, motor or power motor, and so the body sides are the same as well. The body panels are exactly the same: theres no difference on the essence, but youre missing out some fancy features here and there, which i will go through that later on, and this is a quick workaround for how the car looks like from outside. And this is the pebble black finish by the way. So at the front we have full led lights on the new mgz cv, so thats a nice upgrade from previous generation with the new led data running lights, and we also have this full grille display, as obviously no real grille. This is just a full panel with a new charging port, so you can indicate on the right and type so type 2 charger at the top and then dc charge at the bottom just over there. Just like that, and then close that cool and otherwise um other things we have, and the 360 camera thats mounted at the front on the window and at the back so yeah definitely looks quite nice compared to the live stream. On the side, we have a 17 inch wheels. This is alloy wheel inside and half caps on the bike at the from outside, plus michelin tires uh.

This this vehicle is not clean. By the way this has been. Our test drive demo uh its been away for. Quite a long time every single day, so i do apologize its not the cleanest car im gon na be able to review at the back. We have full led lights as well, so that looks nice and some black decoration and they sort of its like a sort of spoiler or anything like that at the back, uh diffuser, actually um, but its theres, no exhaust, obviously just open the boot. We have about 440 liters of boot space in the mgz cv for using the version, and you can leave this boot up towards the higher position, as well, so its too level so its nice and flat like this and open up the cover. We have the same thing as the zsev essence, so tie fixing kit with air pro compressor and fluid, and also the home charging cable that allows you to charge it through three ping in new zealand. This is again very slow charge, but youre able to charge at home for your top up. Theres, no problem on that boot cover can be removed and both seats can be dropped 40 and 60 split with anchor points at the back. Its pretty simple manual tailgate, just like that at the back exactly the same size as the zncv essence. There are no difference even on the petrol version. These are the same seats, and the only advantage youre gon na get is a very close to flat floor compared to the petrol version.

Theres no center tunnel stuff, like that and fabric seats on the on the x sight model and the x sight, will offer you very nice. Soft touch and youve got sort of different stitchings inside red. Stitchings are all the training by the way um theres its its soft theres, no premium feel to it. But again it is a very good feel at the back. We have usb a usb, a and usb c at the bottom, plus the air vents at the back, and this is how the dashboard looks like. So, apart from the seats all the things you see in in this picture, this is all the same from the sx8 to essence: theres, no difference on the buttons or the touch or the material they use or the screen the digital dash. They are exactly the same. Just like this lets open them and on all the mgcv keys and tricks start by pressing the finger over here and then this is how the interior looks like so same fabric seats at the front and just a nice softer touch and it the cushion, is quite Soft, so i dont actually personally quite like these seats theres, nothing special about them, but this is very soft, its not so cheap, feel stuff like that and manual adjustments, phone backwards, recline up and down sorry for the backwards underneath. So just one thing i forgot to mention from outside is all the roof rails. So on the zsx sight you unfortunately do not come with roof rails and you dont have the sunroof.

So roofie is definitely one thing you maybe consider if you are going to use the roof rack, but the vehicle will be able to take toll bars by the way maximum towing capacity is 500 kg, so on both vehicle trams. Just like that, and once we jump inside, we have electric wind mirrors that are heated by the way and a full digital dash, so thats the display you can go left and right up and down to change your display. Everything like that, your adaptive cruise control information, your tyre pressure information and battery information and brightness settings stuff like that, so very nice display um. Some people call it seven inch because theres only middle screen, thats gon na show, but to be fair, its more like a 10 to 12 inch display over there. So that shows you all the things that you need to know on the steering its leather wrapped. So not genuine leather, again with red stitchings around the vehicle and traditional energy logo, volume, adjustments and controls for the digital display indicators on the left. One screen wipers on the right and this one will also have cruise controls, adaptive cruise control or speed limiter settings. Its all controlled by this lever over here push button start just like we had, and in the center we have a 10.1 inch display so thats your display for all the aircon conditioning. Your map display your phone controls, your radio control music control. Everything like that.

So this is how the home screen looks like we get three big channels. First, one is the information for vehicle charging, and so you get apple, carplay, android and music control media radio stuff like that, and we have navigation. This is how the navigation looks like. So this is quite cool. You guys scroll down to the information as well and you can quickly search type. Your favorites type, your address everything over there and yeah, and we have now have two finger movements compared to the last chain that wasnt definitely voice available. So very nice screen over then we can also swap left. We have battery management again ac, which is your air conditioning, so press that you can see your air conditioning screens and you get automatic air conditioning by the way on this particular vehicle. You do not get heavy seats, just one thing: thats, not here and click home button. We have bluetooth so for phone connection, vehicle settings for your safety, for your actual lighting for your vehicle information settings its over there. These vehicles come with a complete package of mg. Pilots, apart from the blind, spot, detection or blind spot assist, and we still have the 360 camera so that allows you to see around the vehicle plus your reverse camera. You can also have a 3d, so that allows you to tap around see whats around you. So thats very handy for your parking video. You can actually play video through the usb over there.

We will talk about that later in settings, so thats to set it up. A few think other things about the brightness about the time of the things we do and use the menu to access two different things, so yeah thats how the screen looks like in case you want to know more about the screen, make sure you subscribe ill show. You all the features on the screen in the future, a detailed tour to to show you how to use everything as well. So let me know, leave a comment down below there: buttons underneath home button, so its reaching home volume and air conditioning buttons. Everything underneath we have phone storage theres, no wireless charging on this one by the way and its a usb charging, plus apple carplay and reloadable connection and usbc just for charging only and plus a 12v socket for charging other devices. Underneath we have mode button that allows you to change to different driving modes because theres a regeneration program battery that shows your battery management management, information on the top and gear lever, so reverse neutral, drive, plus park down the bottom um electric handbrake, plus the auto hold Function open this in the console. We have two couple: this and more storage in the center console and some storage in the car box, thats how the owners manual book looks like, and some storage on the cabin and some storage over here uh one small thing i forgot to talk about in the Zs ev essence model is your charging cable over here that allows you to install small dash cam on the top on the left very easy for connection, so dont need to go to the wiring through to the vehicle down the bottom.

All you need to do just mount your charge, dash cam on top of end screen, so thats pretty handy, and this vehicle is currently for sale in new zealand for 49, 990 driveway with seven year, warranty stuff like that, and you also get 8625 government rebate after You purchase the vehicle so if youre looking to purchase one make sure you contact me, my name is jerry. I work for abbott, so its jerry at abbott colonza, if youre in auckland make sure you contact us and um yeah.