What youre left with is the same g80 weve done several videos on you can go back and watch those im gon na hit you with the highlights the highlights are: this is one of the best luxury car interiors in terms of refinement, quietness assembly and material choice. You have a great blend of physical controls that dont look like theyre out of a parts bin of some generic eco box. You have great clicky physical controls for hvac, with a combination of digital displays that dont take away from the experience. Dont get hyper distracting aside from the 3d gauge cluster, which, thank god, you can turn it off and an infotainment system that has been developed to look good to function, good and is easy to read and as easy on the eyes. The seats are pretty comfortable overall. In the front, good adjustability, but where you lose a lot, is in the back seat just a little bit. That is because they had to tack on a battery pack, and that means the seats move upward and it does sacrifice your rear cargo hold area, thats right, theres, a giant hump that looks like there might be a circular beer keg in the back. I dont know, but its definitely a consideration if youre looking at this, if you dont care about rear passenger occupancy as much and you dont need that rear cargo hold to be huge. You may like this because youre getting an ultra refined and quiet experience with the addition of an ev drive train.

You might be very high on that. The last thing to talk about, if youre in the market, to lease this, they give you three years of electrify america access for 30 minute charges, which means you could probably, if youre commuting to work, use this almost for free aside from your car payment, and that Is a big draw to get this in your garage lets head into the shop im going to hit you with some of the technical parts of how theyve electrified the g80? Another genesis jack another g80, but this one is all electric believe it or not. This is the first electric vehicle genesis, announced and uh. It is truthfully a bastardization. They took an existing luxury car they already had and they swapped in some electric motors and a battery pack, which means it wasnt built from the ground up to be an eevee. But this is bespoke to genesis, unlike the gv60, which is more of like an ionic yeah thats on eb6. Yes, so this was their first foray into it and i think the the interesting part about this platform is youve seen other ga videos, g80 videos, if you havent watched those theyre taking this architecture, and they did plan to do this clearly because you can see in The front and the rear subframe specifically in the rear they did create the subframe with enough room to do all wheel, drive traditional all wheel, drive to fit an electric motor in there to fit rear wheel, steering so its very modular.

This car is very modular with this car. However, there is some sacrifices to fitting a battery pack in here, and that is you get your trunk space reduced to 10.8 cubic feet of space, which is not a lot and that hump definitely does some damage to its usability. Now there are equal electric motors on the front and the back. This makes around 365 horsepower and you can split, obviously split them. Like 500 foot, pounds of torque yeah its about 5 15 pounds of torque. So the cool thing about this is it? Can the electric motors are open diff, but it can disconnect from the physical axles themselves, so theres no parasitic load going so it can go front, wheel, drive or it can go all wheel drive it doesnt always have to be using both both motors. The other part is your battery pack is 78.6 kilowatt hours or thereabout and thats good for about 282 miles of range real world who knows, but it does have a heat pump and it does have a battery heater, which means this will be usable in colder climates. The fine print of this car, much like other hyundai and kia evs of the past, is its only for sale in eight states. At this point now that of course, thats at launch – and this is a mono spec car – you can only get it in one trim level for around 80 80 000 and it is pretty well equipped as you found out uh it.

It still has all the great things about the g80, just more weight from the electric motor theres a lot more weight. Yes, this is still in the double wishbone architecture. Yes, it has many aluminum links, sorry, not double, which one multi link front and rear, but its 5 000 and change pounds. Its a very heavy vehicle and the suspension architecture now is to deal with that extra mass thats correct the battery pack alone is 1200 pounds. Now you could argue youre getting rid of the all wheel, drive system, the mechanical, the transmission and, of course, a big twin turbo. V6. So you know thats, not you know all battery pack and motors, but it is still very heavy, and this has always been a heavy car. But i think, aside from that jack theres, a couple other fine finer points. This does have the rita head technology, where it looks using its cameras to adjust the suspension it doesnt have air ride, but the adaptive dampers can adjust individually to accommodate imperfections on the road and the other thing that this also has which started in the gv60 and Of course, the g90 is its road controlling active noise cancellation. It looks at frequency and sound from the road and then sends alternating frequencies or reverse frequencies in the car to get rid of road noise, so that makes it exceptionally quiet, plus the drivetrain, which gets rid of a lot of our complaints about transmission tuning engine tuning.

So, im curious to see how this drives jack all right mark lets. Take this thing out for a quick drive. Music evg80 mark lets see what electrification does for korea, instantaneous, torque jack theres, no doubt about it. I feel that, like this is an ev. Yes, its 60 in the very, very low fours, while it is not as fast in the quarter mile versus its fully big boy, v6 turbocharged lets call it sister drivetrain, i think, day in and day out and thats, really the conversation weve been in g80s. At this point, weve been in basically every genesis product they make. This solves the problem that i have with bm. Well, not with bmw. Sorry with genesis is more expensive drive trains, particularly when compared to its german counterparts, all right. This is 80 grand. This is a lot of money for a big sedan. The g80 is an expensive sedan as well and at its higher price point with the internal combustion engine, the drivetrain i dont think is as good as its european counterparts. Ev, however, fixes all of its problems, so you take a g80 which i think is their best car honestly platform wise and everything youre, throwing on a lot more weight. This is more of an experiment to me because this is not a dedicated platform for avs, so it could be way better, so youre slapping on battery pack and the electric motors, and all of that – and i think, would you listen to michael mcdonald here its only Michael mcdonald, that sounds like billy ocean, but anyway uh, so the the end result of this is this.

Car would be better with a real ev drivetrain if they can maintain what they did here with the g80 ride, quality isolation and somehow keep the price between seventy. Eighty thousand, of course this is eight at 80, which really now youre looking at 5 series competition. I still think this is a great car when you combine the interior part of this, which is way better than anything. Lexus is doing its better than bmw in terms of style, material choice, it doesnt feel as like generic and the tech and the physical controls are still amazing in here. This is a hell of a car that you should lease 100 uh its. I guess the final nuance really is jack is: what is the ev drive train like in here? Is it just generic to you, or was it feel good? You know this, unlike the gv60, where it cant handle all that power right. It just turns into a mess. Essentially this it still, it just feels like a luxury car. I think it honestly it does a it fits this character perfectly. Yes, you add a lot of weight with the eevee drivetrain. This thing at over 5000 pounds it heaves more, but because you dont think about the drivetrain ever you never look like. Oh, why didnt it downshift? Why does it take a second for it to spool up yeah, because this is an instantaneous drivetrain? You never think about it and it adds to the quietness and overall relaxation get behind the wheel of this car, which is, in my opinion, what makes it a good luxury car, the g80 and g90.

This is not as quiet as the g90, but its really close, and these are two of the most refined or quietest luxury cars really on the market anywhere close to this price tag, i i would say, if youre in the market, for an ev that you want This experiment, car and you dont need a ton of range uh. This is an amazing car to lease 100. This is a lease, though again yeah, as you said it in the shop. It is a bastardization when you look at it from the side, you can literally just see how they stuck yeah. You can see the the the isolation mount and the aluminum pieces to get the battery pack stuffed under here its again. They did it well for what it is its good, its its definitely in keeping with this generation of car, but i certainly would not want this more than two or three years. Do you think this is better than the bmw i4? Yes, why uh? I think its a real luxury car, because youre still taking a real luxury car, it doesnt feel like it. This was made to like a forty thousand dollar price point. The problem with the bmw that i had is it still field felt very generic budget. Bmw. It did not feel high end to me. It just felt more refined with the ev drivetrain, where this f, this started as a legit luxury car that is great and now youre, just getting rid of the you know, internal combustion problem that we had.

I think its just better suited than the the bmw is. I would choose this every time i agree with you mark and with that lets head into the final thoughts all right, sir Music, final thoughts on the genesis: g80 ev. If youve seen our other videos on this car youll know we really like this generation. It combines all the great things of high end luxury cars with something the bit more of an affordable price tag. They do a great job in terms of combining technology with physical inputs on the inside, and it is a hyper quiet and great riding vehicle. Now. What theyve done by removing the gasoline engine and transmission is now theyre, starting from ground zero. They no longer have to try to keep up with everybody else, like the germans in terms of refinement and transmission programming, and they can focus on making their evs better and as a luxury product. This makes it way better one hundred percent, because its quieter, you have instantaneous torque, you dont, have to worry about transmission tuning. All you have to worry about is understanding how to program the electric motors and the the chassis dynamics. To make this thing ride great and in our drive youll see what we did on our g90 and this video is. We drove it like normal people on straight roads, because we get a lot of complaints. Well, nobody drives fast. Nobody drives at the limit and youre right.

So, if youre driving like a normal person sedately, this is a great car, but much like all the other genesis and some of these hyundai products is when you start to drive it faster and you use the throttle and you turn the steering wheel thats, where you Notice the lack of refinement, namely compared to the german competitors, and so, if you value a driving experience where you want to feel like the car is balanced or its, not wasting energy, spinning a wheel. These are open differentials. Obviously, on the electric motors, it doesnt put the power down great when youre turning hard and it doesnt particularly handle great thats, the negative thats, the fine print of this. I dont think that they spend a terrible amount of time stressing over that part of the driving experience they stress about the other 80 percent and thats, where this car is good if youre rolling around around, and you want a solid couch on wheels. The genesis g80 is a great car to lease in this modern age of transition period. I think youre really gon na like it. Much like you would like the gasoline version as well.