Things are pretty good in the muscle car space and dodge is doing well, but the industry is changing and it is changing fast. The industry has invested a half a trillion dollars to transition to electrification, and you know what dodge didnt want to follow. Dodd did not want to follow what everyone is doing in electrification, so we literally had to make our own invention make our own way and start from scratch. We needed a car that looked like a dodge, drove like a dodge and sounded like a dodge. At the same time as being electric so were coming with an all new design, it is going to be the slipperiest car that still looks like a muscle car. We incorporated the designs from the original charger. Daytona aero treatments on the front end but still looks like a proper muscle car. We added sound back into the car with the patented fret sonic chambered exhaust system and were gon na make it drive like a proper dodge with an electromechanical shifting system known as the erupt system.