So 0 100 kilometers per hour in 8.3 seconds 456 kilometers of range zero to 80 charge in just 50 minutes impressive figures: can this be your only car? We answer that and also tell you what the difference between this 0kmph and its top speed is write down. Your guesses right now well come to it at the end of this video trust me youre going to be impressed by that figure Music. Now, when you base your pure electric vehicle on an existing ice platform, then of course you need to differentiate it somehow and well usual. Differentiators are there on the 400, of course, but mahindra has done it a little bit different. So yes, the grill is blanked out and you only have a small little air intake in there for cooling, but where other manufacturers are using blue and green to signify. An electric vehicle mandara has gone for a copper color. Now, copper is a great conductor used in almost all electronics, so that makes a lot of sense and you can see theres plenty of copper accents all around the vehicle. So the logo, like i said on the grill here and on the bumpers on the front of the car and youll, see more as we move to the side on the side of the xv. 400 is one of the places where its well really hard to distinguish. It from the xv 300, not too much change. Of course, the copper accents both on the side skirting and on the roof.

The roof. One really looks nice. In my opinion, i wish they had done something to those alloy wheels. 16 inch dual tone: alloy wheels, but doesnt really shout electric: do they one angle where the xv400 looks different from the xv300 is from the rear and thats, because that section there has grown its no longer sub 4 meter car its now millimeters long thats, because it Doesnt need to qualify, or rather doesnt qualify for excise benefits being an electric that space means well, the rear looks the same, but there is one crucial difference and when you come in, youll see theres a lot more boot space, as you can see its a much More spacious boot than the xv 300, its over 100 liters larger in size, so nice depth enough space for well plenty of luggage. Its a deep boot, though, with a high loading lip. But you do also get a space saver spare wheel under the boot. So you cant really fault mahindra too much for their packaging on the inside of the xv 400. There are a lot of things to like, but there are some misses as well. So well, first start off with the good news, so everything feels nice and solid theres. Soft materials, wherever all your touch points so on the steering wheel, armrest on the door pads here as well. Yes, its a very old school design, a lot of buttons which i personally quite like, but the design is very old still.

It feels solidly put together so thats one of the good things you do get some features so theres, auto wipers, auto headlamps as well, but then you start missing things that weve gotten accustomed to with well or rather spoiled with cars in the market right now. So no air cooled seats, no wireless charging. Yes, you have android, auto and apple carplay, but thats also wont be wireless uh. The touch screen itself is pretty old school. There is time before this car does hit the market, so that may change right now. Its still missing some software updates uh to do with the electric car, so theres very little information for battery. You just have one little indicator here, showing the battery percentage and there are some on the black and white display as well digital display, but its a monotone digital display. There are meters there, but those also are not functional yet so we cant really tell you uh. Well, how thats going to look or how it functions? So yes, lots to like, but you are going to miss out on those few creature comforts so staying with the positives and negatives theme in the rear. Well, the balance is a little more 50 50 in the rear, so start again with the positives. The good thing is that theres plenty of space here so lots of leg room a little bit of space underneath the front, a seat where i can put my feet under so its comfortable, a nice angle to the seat recline.

But one thing thats really nice is this: again – is an ic platform modified for an electric, so the batteries are under the floor there and that hasnt compromised under tight support too much. So i have a reasonable hip angle. Here we have seen other ice cars which have been adapted having very weird hip angles, because the floor has risen up in size and holding those batteries underneath there so thats, not a problem here. It is fairly comfortable, but on a hot day like this, we are missing those rear, ac vents and there are no charge sockets either no any place to keep a cell phone uh. Yes, door, pockets have space for bottles, uh full one liter bottle will fit there but, like i said its more of a 50 50 balance, so good things and a few misses as well so now time to talk about numbers on paper. So 150 horsepower 310 newton meters of torque and there are three drive modes: fun fast and fearless much more sensible drive modes than the ones you get on the xuv700 you can easily tell which one is which they also adjust: regen acceleration throttle response, etc. There is also an l drive mode now. Well, come to that part a little bit later in the driving experience ill just go through the rest of the stats, so thats a ‘.4 kilowatt hour battery and mahindra say thats good for 456 kilometers under arri test conditions.

Uh, of course, we said 8.3 seconds, 0, 100 thats. One of those headlining figures lets just talk a little bit about charge times now: uh 13 hours, if you charge from a domestic 15 ampere plug point six and a half hours. If you charge from a slightly faster from a fast charger, 50 kilowatt hour fast charger, it will go from zero to 80 in 50 minutes. But thats specs on a piece of paper lets talk about the driving experience Music, starting with the good news, all those specs on paper, the 150 horsepower the 100 in 8.3 seconds. I believe those numbers, so 0, 100 acceleration off from a standing start, is really quick. Its exciting, you can feel the car throwing you back in the seat as you go down. The tarmac um its very smooth, also so for an electric thats, a a good thing, its a nice smooth, acceleration Music in terms of that horsepower and the weight puts that power down on the ground, its quite exciting. So there is a dynamic handling track here, where you could actually push the car to its limits and those limits are quite high, so its a lot of fun to drive. Now we are driving this car in ideal conditions on specific test tracks to handle specific scenarios, but from initial impressions over here. That should translate to a very good handling car good behavior, both in the city and on the highway. So a great car to drive in real world conditions as well, so lets start with city driving.

We did do a little bit of slow driving around here as well. With some speed breakers, there were some setup potholes and in terms of ride quality. It feels quite nicely set up, so it absorbs those bumps went over the speed breakers very smoothly, no noise from the suspension. Again, i have to stress that these impressions are from simulated road conditions at a test facility, so we will reserve judgment for when we can have a proper, real world test Music moving on to the drive modes, so we have fun fast and fearless fun is the More economical mode, you could say throttle response is much more gentle, and since we had the luxury of having that high speed track, fun mode tops out at 95, 90 to 95 kilometers per hour. Fast is the normal mode that you would drive in its the car. Its the mode that the car starts up in and its a little quicker throttle response nice and easy to drive still and also uh. That tops out again on the high speed track at about 130 kilometers per hour and, if fast stops out at 130 kilometers per hour well thats already faster than its nearest rival, the nexon evmax. So that means well. Fearless is a lot faster, but we leave that figure till right at the end of the video, because i have a clip of us doing that. The other thing that we were going to talk about is the l mode, so the l mode is supposed to be that one pedal mode wherein you can just you back off the throttle and it will start regenerative braking so hard that the car will actually come To a stop, so you could use just one pedal in any traffic situation in the city.

In experience, it was okay, it did have a reasonable amount of regenerative braking, but not a true one pedal scenario like weve seen in cars, like maybe the volvo xc40 recharge, for example. Finally, we coming to that fearless mode. We had it out, of course, on the high speed track. We werent allowed to go full speed on the corners, but down the streets. We did hit the top speed and thats limited at 160 kilometers up just short of 160 kilometers per hour, so that is a very, very fast car as well. So the xv400 offers you plenty be it in terms of performance range or even the fun factor. It ranks pleasingly high.