Let me quickly show you the engine bay. Okay, I cannot call it the engine bay because theres no engine but uh. These are the Mechanicals of the XUV 400. So this one gets a ‘.5 kilowatt battery and you get a claimed range of four five six kilometers in the Indian drying cycle. Realistically, we can expect probably 350 to 400, and that is actually not bad now compared to the three double O. The 400 is 200 millimeters longer it has a bigger boot, but talking about the other charging specs now this car can do zero to eighty percent in about 50 minutes, so the 50 kilowatt fast charger and with a 7.2 kilowatt slow charger. The charging time would be around six and a half hours and with a 3.3 kilowatt home charges, the charging time would be around 13 hours. So let me give you a quick walk around with this car. You can have a look at the headlights over here, so the color I have is the white one and you have some copper inserts all around the a car to maintain the EV theme. So you have this copper inserts on the bumper near the fog lamp. But sadly this car does not have fog lamps. You get fog, lamps on the three double O and you get the same headlight unit as the regular 300. And if you come close, The Grille has been removed and you get these copper elements on the front portion of the car, along with a copper, finished, uh Twin Peaks, logo from Mahindra heres, a close look at the bumper of the car.

You can see no openings because yeah, just like any other EV. This one also has a fully closed front bumper coming to the side of the car. It actually looks very similar to the regular three double O, not a lot of changes, but you get new 16 inch diamond cut alloy wheels. This car has 205 65 16 tires and you have Bridgestone tires on this car. You get black colored body cladding and I guess thats about it. You get black colored mirrors with these indicators over here and you have this copper finished. Satin finished roof with a normal size, sunroof, no panoramic sunroof and you get these standard roof rails with the car. Apart from that uh, if I talk about the side of the car again to maintain the EV theme, you get these copper elements on the lower parts of the doors, a request sensor over here and yes now we will come to the rear of the car. So this one where the affordable has these new tail lamps, which look a bit bigger than the ones on the three double O the indicator is halogen. This is LED and it looks quite cool. I think the affordable badging, the XP for double badging, has been done up in Copper, the Twin Peaks logo again in Copper, and I guess thats about it. The lower part of the bumper is a bit different than what we have seen in the xuv300. Now, talking about the boot space, the 3w actually had a very small Boot and a lot of people used to complain about that.

This one has a much bigger boot at 378 liters. You can see the capacity very nicely shaped. There is no parcel shelf on this test car, but you will get that when you buy this car and let me show you the spare wheel so heres a look at the spare wheel of the car. You dont get an alloy wheel. You get a regular steel rim and this is a seat Tire, unlike the bridgestones that we have on the outside, so I guess thats about it. The Mahindra x34 is longer wider and taller than the Tata Nexon EV. In fact, this is the widest car in this segment. It is wider than the Hyundai Kona. Also and Mahindra Violet is targeting the next one. Ev Mahindra is also targeting some customers of the Kona and the mgz EV. So, Im now seated in the cabin of the xuv400, let me show you around all the controls and all the features. So this is the dashboard of the Mahindra xv4 developer. That layout is exactly the same as the three double O and honestly. It does feel and look a bit outdated. The quality of the materials all around is also just about average, and one thing I noticed that my watch also has this copper theme, which the car has nice coincidence, but anyway, coming back to the car, you get the new mantra logo over here the steering actually Looks and feels nice, the wrap is good.

The perforation over here is nice and the blue stitching, which they have given over here. That also looks and feels good, but otherwise the cabin looks a bit Bland, so the touchscreen is slightly updated. You get these copper theme elements over here on the volume control knob and the AC knobs on the AC vents actually and a new gear knob, but coming to that later lets check out the instrument cluster first. So this is the instrument. Cluster of the car again looks and feels quite basic. It is slightly different from the one that we have seen on the three double and the airbag warning sign is blowing on this car. For some reason, because this is a pre production car, you can have a look at the driving position, which is quite nice. The mirrors are not too big, not too small. You get a nice view of the Bonnet ahead. A few cars can be senior no Auto dimming irvm is offered theres no mirror over here and coming to this side, we have a mirror but again theres no light. You get a nice sunroof wire, regular size, but not too small. So this is slightly bigger than the one on the next one and uh. These are the cabin lights which are offered with the car. So, coming back to the cluster uh theres no tachometer over here – something that you get on the three double O and you have this charge economy and you know power display.

So that is there. The mid over here is very basic, and if you want to navigate through all the menus, you have to do it through these buttons, so Ill show you. This is the trip a meter. This is the trip B meter and you get this digital speedometer temperature display extremely hot and tonight today, and this is the cluster setting. So I guess thats about it, not a lot of stuff over here. I cannot find the distance to empty meter for some reason, and this particular car does not have a lot of battery also because it has been standing since morning. Right now, it is afternoon and yeah. This is the speedometer. It is marked till 180, but the top speed is just 150 kilometers per hour and talking about the controls on the steering wheel, you get these regular controls wire cruise control, buttons and voice commands. Apart from that, on this side, you get the volume up down button. The mute button, the mode selector and the call answer or cancel button on this side. You dont get a lot of usable buttons. You get the headlight adjuster, you get the traction, control off button and a lot of dummy buttons. This is similar to the three double O: the same power window switches and the door lock and lock switches. And this you get a lot of plastic elements in this car lots of hard plastics. The mirrors can be adjusted using this knob and talking about the center console.

This is the temperature display. So if you increase the temperature, it glows red, if you decrease the temperature, it glows blue. This is the blower control. Knob Ill switch it off right now. These are the various AC controls that you get with the car, and this is the blue sense infotainment system. So this half this also has a blue theme and Ill show you what all it has. So it has Radio Android or Apple carplay phone connectivity settings. Let me show the quality of the reverse camera. Please select the parking mode if you need assistance, okay, so this is the quality, the reverse camera. You get some parking assistance over here you can toggle the voice commands slot line there. I am switching it off right now because I dont need it and uh coming back to the Gear knob. So this is the revised gear. Knob, this one looks quite tasty: it has the P mode. This is the reverse mode, neutral drive. You also have this Lively mode, which is basically used for one pedal driving, so you know you get those hard deceleration Fields with the ax when you leave the accelerator, so this is the Lively mode for that Ill. Switch it back to parking okay. This is for parking. This is the shift lock, and this car also has different driving modes fun fast fls. So you can select the drying modes using this button here and it shows which mode is activated Fearless mode, fun mode, fast mode, so Ill.

Tell you the meaning of these modes. Technically they are Eco, novel and spot modes, but uh Mahindra has this lingo Zip, Zap Zoom fun fast CLS, which they, you know, try and apply in these cars. So I think the Bolero will get a vocal mode for some reason so anyway, coming to the modes of course well explore the modes. When you drive this car on the track, whether theres a high speed track on which I intend to touch 150 kilometers per hour and check out the 0 200 timing, also, meanwhile, this I gave you a basic layout of the dashboard of the car. This is the glow box, not too big, not too small. Some storage area is available, but I think the cabin could have been more premium. Some more soft touch materials would have definitely been welcome or you know, a major change to the design, because the design is the same as the three double O. Only the color theme is nice. It is full black which actually looks very good. You can check out the seat so here, so the quality of the upholstery is extremely good. You get this perforated leather wire with blue stitching. This actually feels premium, and you know expensive. It doesnt feel cheap at all. The armrest store here is also big in size, and this is the key of the car which I showed you in the walk around video earlier. Also, the same key has the seven double O and the Scorpio n, so I guess thats about it.

Lets move on to the rear seat of the car sitting in the rear seat of the XUV 400. Now – and the very first thing that I noticed is that shockingly you dont get rear AC vents in a car which is kind of you know surprising, because every car in this segment and in the lower segment gets this feature. You get a nice cabin light over here, grab handles are chunky and you know good quality. The upholstery is also nice, so here the squab is a bit flat. It doesnt, you know, slant upwards, so under the eye, support is lacking, and the angle of the backrest is also bit too tilted for my comfort, so Im not too happy sitting in the rear seat of this car and yeah. I think the support and the bolsting would have been slightly better. Thankfully minor is offering three adjustable headers with this car, which is a good thing. You get two cup holders in the armrest and a 60 40 split function for the seat, so all these things are good. Headroom is excellent in this car. Knee room is just about okay, this seat is set to my driving position, and three people may is a tight fit over here, but I think it wont be too bad. Also, two people can definitely travel in Comfort. The only thing is that uh, the hump here is a bit tall, so the middle passenger will have, to you know, compromise a bit on leg space, so I guess thats about it.

The windows are again decently, sized, not too small and the amines inside the cabin is actually good. I think maybe they could have given a full black layout for the top part also, and that would have darkened the cabin a bit. This is probably for the ambience and for the Airy feeling, but apart from that, not much to talk about over here and yeah come lets, drive the car and see how is the real world performance? It is now time to unleash the Mahindra XUV 400. I am on the high speed track at the Mahindra SUV, proving track mspt and Im going to drive this car in the fun mode. First then, the fast mode and then in the Fearless mode, because on the track we dont have speed cameras, speed limits anything. So we can definitely be Fearless oil and you know, check the high speed performance of the car. Now basic specs, ‘.5 kilowatt battery 310 newton meters of torque 0 100 claimed 8.3 seconds. We will check the real world timing over here, and the claim range is 456 kilometers. Real World Range would be slightly lesser than that enough of talking time to do some driving. So let me just get on the track. First, there are lots of Scorpio sparked over here, Im actually tempted to drive one of those also the classical side. The end also so we are now on the track. Lets do a nice launch in fun mode, so the car is in fun mode right now.

Instrument cluster is glowing in blue okay in fun mode. The power is a bit constrained and the car does not feel very responsive Punchy, but again it does the job very nicely. So I think for driving in the traffic or city day to day driving mode to suffice, because the range on this mode would be better and the car would also feel a bit more controlled. So I think fun mode is decent for that. The delivery of all the torque is very smooth and linear. One thing that I noticed while driving the sport below is that the engage levels are very nice, so not a lot of outside noise filters inside the cabin and overall the car is, you know, very easy. Going the steering wheel is extremely light in fun mode, theres, no feedback, also whatsoever, and it actually makes the car drive in an effortless manner, so enough about fun mode. Lets switch to fast mode because we are on this banking over here and let me just get on the third lane, driving in fast mode and theres, definitely a much improved surge in the performance. The car is offering very nice performance and it is going faster. Definitely Im doing almost 130 kilometers per hour right now. It is effortless in the way this car drives and in fact I really like how the affordable and the next one EV Max drive. Both the cars are Splendid in terms of performance, and yes, that is definitely a very nice thing.

In fast mode. The car is topping out at slightly less than 140 kilometers per hour. Steering has weighed up a bit compared to the fun mode, and it feels more confident now and time to switch to fls mode. Now fuel is more activated instrument. Cluster is growing in red. The car feels a lot more responsive than the fun and fast modes and wow very, very nice performance. I am touching 130 kilometers per hour on this banking. Let me increase the speed a bit and check the top speed on the straight patch that will come after some time. Until then, the steering also feels better than what it was in both the previous modes. It does offer decent confidence in this mode and at these speeds so yeah. That is indeed a very good thing. The car is now maxing out at 160 kilometers per hour on the speedo. The claimed top speed is 150. So yes, there is some speeder error, but wow it goes very nicely. But of course, if you drive like this all day long, the range would also go down so quickly. But again the 4w does offer extremely good performance. The driving Dynamics are sorted, of course, being a compact SUV. You do feel some body Roll, But apart from that, the ride quality also, I found it to be good, not on the track but outside. When I drove the car, you know in those different areas at the mspt, so yes definitely good performance, nice driving fun.

Actually, so that aside, I think there are also a few things which are kind of missing in the xue affordable. Also, first of all, I could not locate the distance to empty meter on this car for some reason, maybe because this is a pre production car, so it has not been activated or something like that, because I just could not find it. I scrolled through the instrument cluster, the touchscreen, all that and apart from that, the all the other EVS, including the Tata. Next, one EV come with different levels of recuperation, which can be manually adjusted, so you can select level one level, two level, three. Whatever you want on your own on the xv4w, you cannot manually select the Regeneration level. It happens automatically, so this car also has multiple levels for regeneration, but those are selected on their own. So if the car is in the front mode, the region level is at the highest point in the fast mode. The region level goes a bit lower and in the Fearless mode the region level becomes the lowest. So that is the thing manually. You cannot do it. This car also has an L mode, which is basically a lively mode that is used for one pedal driving. So in Lively mode will use the accelerator and without pressing the brake brakes. Also, the car just comes to a halt on its own, which Ill just show it to you. So the car is in Lively mode right now and I am leaving the accelerator not pressing.

The brake pedal and the car has come to a halt on its own, so this is a useful feature. When youre driving the car in stop go traffic, it is now time to do a Gymkhana run with the XUV 400. We are in CLS mode and going flat out. Oh, this is fun, so the best time for this uh lap is 72 seconds. Some of my media friends have done the same in 78 or 79 seconds. Lets see what timing I get a bit confusing, also because Im trying here for the first time – and some of me are a concert, but we can do it. I think I might have taken a wrong turn over here, because I dont know if I come. Okay, no, I think we are going perfectly fine see what timing we have, but we have got a timing of 80 Seconds. Okay. This was decent. Not that great. I wanted something in the 70s probably 7870s and I think the Mahindra actually affordable is a pretty decent effort. As a first electric SUV from the house of Mahindra, the car looks decent. The interior could have been better for sure it could have been more premium feeling. The performance is very nice, the comfort is nice. Space on the car is okay, so now I think, as a package it is decent. It can be compared to the Tata next one and the Hyundai Kona, but of course the mgz EV is much more premium.

Now we dont know the price of this car prices will be out only in Jan and deliveries will also start after that. So A Lot depends on the pricing, but I think if the pricing is in the range of the Nixon EV Max, I think this car should also sell in pretty decent numbers, so well. Try this car out on the road also a comparable with the next one. Ev will come soon so watch this space for more. Thank you guys watching this video. I hope you liked it. If you have any questions about this car.